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  • RLP for safety breaking
    bajaj-avenger-rpl RLP stand for “Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection”. Basically it is a safety feature like ABS, CBS, Stability control etc. On those bike, which has single channel ABS, or CBS, this feature is placed to act better with ... details Bengali
  • Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?
    Why-use-nitrogen-instead-of-air-in-tires In general we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. In this case, the tire pressure increases sligh... details Bengali
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating
    Advantages-and-disadvantages-of-ceramic-coating In modern days we the motorcycle or Car lovers try many things to make our vehicle look good to ourselves or make that attractive to others. To increase the... details Bengali
  • What mileage which motorcycle provides?
    What-mileage-which-motorcycle-provides Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle with the flow of time. Countries likes ours have lo... details Bengali
  • 10 things you should know about your bike
    10-things-you-should-know-about-your-bike Riding motorcycle is always pleasurable and especially for those who not only ride motorcycle for their need but also for their passion about it. This small size vehicl... details Bengali
  • Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle chain cover
    motorcycle-half-chain-cover Motorcycle is now become one of the most important vehicle for transportation among all. We have been introduced with motorcycles many years back. We are also familiar with different parts of moto... details Bengali
  • Motorcycle Servicing Guidelines
    motorcycle-servicing-guidelines Which things must be fixed at motorcycle servicing, what should I tell, to whom will I fixe my bike, which will be better etc questions are very common before we service our motorcycles at... details Bengali
  • Types of motorcycle suspensions
    Types of motorcycle suspensions Motorcycle suspensions were introduced at the starting of 20th century. At the very beginning suspensions were seen at the front wheel of a motorbike Motorcycle suspensions are also known as shock a... details Bengali
  • What is break-in period of motorcycle?
    Motorcycle-Break-in-period Though the engine parts of a motorcycle is build with great smoothness and all are fixed perfectly into the engines but sometimes the outlines can be unsmooth. Especially the piston rings need to be v... details Bengali
  • History of motorcycle suspensions
    history-of-motorcycle-suspension Two wheeler start with bicycle and only through the curiosity people set engines to it and the time was “Internal combustion engine's” it was really amazing for those people and they s... details Bengali
  • Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle eFI system
    Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle eFI system At these days almost everyone is surrounded by the new technologies. Peoples of every age and sector need the new technology for their own purpose. No one can say that I can go beyo... details Bengali
  • Types of Motorcycle Handlebars
    motorcycle-handlebars Motorcycle handlebar is one of the major controlling parts of a motorbike. Along with comfortable ride it does play vital role in term of biker safety. There are several types of handle bars are available in th... details Bengali
  • Synthetic Vs Mineral engine oil. Which one is better?
    Synthetic Vs Mineral engine oil. Which one is better?There are many sort of engine oil in the market in our country. Some of them are authorized distributor and some them import by self. According to the grade, quality and activity we have 3 kind of engi... details Bengali
  • What engine oil should you use in your motorcycle?
    What engine oil should you use in your motorcycle?The main function of the engine oil is keep the engine slippery and cool by which it can make this easy to move and normally. You will find more function of it if you research further. Its a interesting matt... details Bengali
  • ABS, CBS, DCBS and CABS breaking systems
    ABS, CBS, DCBS and CABS breaking systemsHonda is only a brand name but we often made mistake by calling motorbike as Honda. Only because of its excellent performance not only this mistake done by the ignorant people but the educated people also made this mistake. But this brand now lost its ... details Bengali
  • Types of motorcycle helmets
    Types of motorcycle helmetsThis is the first duty of a biker to put on the helmet in the head before start the engine. Its like a crown on the head as like a King. You know the reason to give such importance on the helmet. Head is the most sensitive part of the body and from thi... details Bengali
  • Problems and solution of a running bike
    Problems and solution of a running bikeIf you compare the safety and speed on the motorbike then you will have the speed in first position on the compare with the safety. And for this reason bikers have to manage their safety measure. You can solve the problem of you... details Bengali
  • Steps to Take When Your Motorcycle Wont Start
    Steps to Take When Your Motorcycle Wont StartStarting with my own experience, one day in the early morning I tried harder and harder to start my bike but failed. In that moment I was very anxious and tens. Moreover at that time it was quite... details Bengali
  • Motorcycle Tire Codes
    Motorcycle Tire CodesHave you ever been lost you footing because of crumble shoes or you just survived this type of disgusting situation? What do you suppose at that type of situation? No more postponement, need to change my shoes today. Almost every person imagines like that and it is usual. Generall... details Bengali
  • When should I change my motorcycle tyre?
    Damaged TyreIn every vehicle tyres are one of the most important and essential parts. Without good tyres your vehicle will not run properly. Sometimes because of tyre puncture, lack of tyre pressure and for other reason many accidents occurs. In motorcycles tyre section is... details Bengali
  • Some common motorcycle problems and solutions
    Usually we can see a motorcycle rider faces many problems during their riding with their bike or sometimes in other time. This type of situations becomes worst when they occurred at the middle of the road. At bellow the lines those problem and their solutions are given which a rider can faced during his riding. Engine stopped and not starting up In general this problem is faced b all kind of... details Bengali
  • Fuel Saving Tips for Bike
    Motorcycles are loved by all the teenagers or young peoples. Not only young people’s but also the service holders, businessmen and many more other peoples from different occupation ride motorcycles. Most of those riders didn’t know how they can reduce their fuel cost or they had no h... details Bengali
  • 10 reasons to reduce bike mileage
    Your motorcycle can’t provide the mileage as you expected? You want to reduce the carburetor fuel by the mechanic to solve this problem? It is not a perfect decision or solution of this problem, because you will not get the expected mileage after reducing the carburetor oil. Th... details Bengali
  • Motorcycle Engine Oil (Lubricants)
    There are many essential parts available in our motorcycles among them the most important and vital thing is its engine. Without good engine no motorcycle or any vehicle can run properly. And if any rider wants his motorcycle engines performance properly they have use good and suitable eng... details
  • Which one is better for your bike? Petrol or octane?
    Fuel is known as the blood of the bike. Without fuel bike can not be run. Though nowadays we have seen some bikes to run by electricity but most of the bikes run with fuel in our country. Two types of fuel engine bike are available in our country. In our country most of the bike lover have a common question. Question is which fuel is better for my bike? Petrol or octane. Generally there ... details Bengali
  • Motorcycle dry cell vs wet cell battery
    Battery are used for back up of electricity, especially in the portable device which cannot run without electricity. In the recent time, Battery's has a great importance in those places where main power/national greed is merely available. Before we put our sense in the deep of dry cell and wet cell battery, lets should take a look on ... details
  • Motorcycle breaking tips
    Motorcycle riding is one of the most enjoyable subject to people of any ages. During bike riding most important thing is breaking. Sometimes breaking system can be a reason of dangerous accident and sometimes it can save your valuable life. So every rider should have knowledge about the breaking system. Nowadays at our local marke... details
  • Types of motorcycle tyres
    Types of motorcycle tyresAs a two wheeler vehicle motorcycle one of the best vehicle across the world. After introducing this vehicle at 19th century the popularity of this vehicle has increased bay by day. Now this vehicle has become a part of our regular life. This vehicle is built up with stylish and charming l... details Bengali
  • Type of Motorbike
    Type of MotorbikeMotorcycle is one of the two wheels popular motorbike in the world. It has been using as a medium of transport for almost 100 years. We have seen various types of bike and every bike has own features. According to their features and use motorbike can be divided in several categori... details
  • What is ABS (Anti-lock braking system)?
    We all like to drive our bike with speed but it can be dangerous sometimes. So it is very important to control your bike speed appropriately. We used braking system to control speed and brake is the most important safety device of our bike. What is break ? A brake is a mechanical system that use to control the speed or power of... details Bengali
  • What is NOS?
    There are some brand those are so much popular as a result original products are known in that brand name. For example: most of the people known motorcycle in the name of Honda. Similarly engine lubricant known as Mobile. Same as NOS(Nitrous Oxide Systems) is a brand name and main product of this brand is Nitrous Oxide supply system. What is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous Oxide is a colorless gas ... details
  • Useful tips to save fuel cost of your motorbike
    Fuel is known as a blood of any motorbike. In Bangladesh fuel price has been raising gradually for last five years. Now it is around 100 taka. Its become almost double compare to last few years. Now a days, Increasing fuel cost is become a matter of concern for the bike owner. What ever the brand it is but fuel cost is one of the essential matter of a bike. There are some bike, that generally... details
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