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Bike Tips: Bike Legal Issues

Motorcycle Registration Process
calender 2018-11-28

A. Information about Motorcycle registration: 1. Application paper with the signature and completely filled up from the owner a...

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Motorcycle digital number plate
calender 2017-05-28

Nowadays in our country every motorcycle is containing digital number plates after the announcement of our government. To pr...

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What to do if motorcycle registration paper is lost?
calender 2017-05-24

Riding motorcycle is very enjoyable to all and especially for the young age riders. For our daily needs we use motorcycles a...

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Motorcycle ownership transfer process
calender 2017-04-16

Purchasing range of motorcycles is rising day after day in our country. It is very important to have the legal ownership of an...

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Motorcycle Registration in Bangladesh
calender 2017-04-09

At the present time we all need better transportation system for our own need. We use different types of vehicles for our tran...

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How to get motorcycle driving license?
calender 2017-03-24

Whether it is car or motorcycle legal driving license is compulsory for driving. Riding motor vehicles without license is ...

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Bangladesh Traffic Signs
calender 2017-03-20

Any kind of sign give information, an instruction, or a warning to others. Traffic signs or road signs are signs placed at t...

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Bangladesh traffic and road sign – Information Signs
calender 2013-05-01

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to provide information to road users. An informati...

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Bangladesh traffic and road sign - Warning Sign
calender 2013-04-02

Roadway signals in Bangladesh progressively use symbols rather than words to express their note. Symbols supply instant commun...

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Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA)
calender 2013-04-01

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) was established under section 2A of Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1983, (Amendment-1987) ...

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Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangladesh
calender 2013-03-10

If you violate any traffic rules in Bangladesh, you will have to pay a fine and a list of them is mentioned here. The fine wil...

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Bike Tips

Bike Maintenance Tips In Lockdown

At present, Bangladesh is plagued with corona problems. The Government of Bangladesh has formulated and implemented various poli...

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Causes and solve for motorcycle accidents on the roads of Bangladesh

Motorcycle accidents have become a daily occurrence in our country. Despite the various measures taken by the government, the nu...

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How to increase your motorcycle performance

Previously we shared tips on how to increase the mileage of your motorcycle, or to save Fuel, here is the link - Useful tips to ...

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11 Tips to enhance your motorcycle riding skills

If we look into the regular scenario of our day today lives Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular in our country. Their...

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Two important Tips for bike riding

These days motorcycle has now become a vehicle of choice for many and a daily commuting partner. In Bangladeshi context, there a...

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