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How to carry extra fuel with your motorcycle-stay fueled

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How to carry extra fuel with your motorcycle-stay fueled

With a motorcycle you can travel anywhere you want, it allows you to travel free. There are many places of interest where four wheelers, or other vehicles cannot be taken but motorcycles can be taken easily. Bikers can take that advantage of travelling. There are many places in Bangladesh where bikers have been able to reach with their favorite bikes and the number of fuel stations / gas stations is negligible on those roads, because large vehicles do not ply there. In this case, the bikers need more fuel with them without their fuel tankers. There are many bikes in our country that have a lot of fuel holding capacity and there are many bikes that have less fuel capacity than they need. In this case, bikes with low oil fuel capacity need extra fuel to run. Today we will discuss how you can carry extra fuel with your bike.

Stackable liquid storage container:

Stackable liquid storage container is a container that is very strong and durable. This container is triangular in shape and has a hole in the middle for loading fuel near the mouth hole. Fuel storage capacity varies from 1 gallon to 4.5 gallons. Fuel is much safer and does not pose any risk in stroke able liquid storage containers. The strong structure of this container does not allow fuel leakage, or other problems even after riding the bike on the bumpy roads. It is crash resistant and resistant to cracking or leakage, which makes it much safer to carry fuel. There are various stackable liquid storage containers on the market including Rota packs for motorcyclists, ATV riders and off-road.

Aluminum fuel bottle:

Aluminum fuel bottles can be an alternative if you do not want to carry large amounts of fuel / gas. There are many aluminum bottles that can carry water and look the same as water bottle, but it is not that they cannot carry fuel. Bottles for water can easily leak while carrying fuel, whereas bottles made of aluminum fuel are leak-proof. This aluminum bottle can hold a small amount of fuel, so it is suitable for short distances. The fuel holding capacity of aluminum bottles is about half a gallon.

Flexible fuel bladder / gas bag:

Flexible fuel bladders have been used for long time by the military and in boats with adequate capacity. It is a modern method of carrying extra fuel. Flexible fuel bladder is more convenient for carrying fuel in case of cross country, world travel, or long adventure. Fuel bladder is light and flexible in weight and is highly resistant to leakage. Its capacity ranges from 1 gallon to 5 gallons. The outer part of the bladder is protected by a ballistic nylon sleeve. To load fuel on the bike, there is a nozzle attached to this fuel bladder by which the fuel bike can be loaded very well. This flexible fuel bladder bag is also extremely easy to carry. It can be carried on the side of any bike, or attached to luggage. When this bag runs out of fuel you can easily fold it and put it in your convenient place.

Plastic gas cans or containers:

Plastic gas containers are extremely readily available and an easy way to carry fuel. These containers are available in bike, or car garages around us. Plastic is the main ingredient in making plastic gas containers. It is not very convenient to use on a motorcycle as it requires a lot of space to carry and its handle is not suitable for use with motorcycles, but it is better if you can modify this plastic container for your convenient ride. Not all types of plastic containers are suitable for riding. You need to check the quality of the plastic container before buying it and then buy. The use of low quality plastic cans increases the risk of gas leakage which increases the risk. So high quality plastic containers can be helpful for holding your fuel otherwise it is not helpful for riding. There are different sizes of plastic containers available in the market. You can choose any size container according to your capacity, but yes we have repeatedly said that the quality of plastic containers should be high.

Auxiliary tanks/ secondary tanks:

The auxiliary tank can be called the second tank/ reserve tank. That means you are adding another tanker to your bike's stock tanker. Basically this method is called as auxiliary tank. Many people keep these auxiliary tanks permanently attached to their bikes for additional fuel reserves. You can place this tank on the front of the bike, or by selecting a convenient location and attach it directly to the engine or to the stock tanker. Such helpful tankers are available in bikes, or car shops in our country's market. For those who want to go on a long trip where it is not possible to take fuel in any way, this tank is a very useful. The main feature of the auxiliary tank is that it will help you in a longer ride after running out of fuel in your stock tank. You can open or refill this tank at the end of the ride. You can install the auxiliary tank at home and if you can't, you can install it by a skilled mechanic. Before buying this tank, make sure that it is not a low quality tank. If the tank is of low in quality then the risk of leakage is much higher.

Attachable side mounted fuel canister:

Another solution to the problem of carrying extra fuel with the bike is the attachable side mounted fuel canister. This canister is used for a little back up, as it does not contain too much fuel. This applies to those who do not ride very far and those who have side mounted bikes. This canister can be tightly attached like the side bag and the process of attaching it is much easier. A good quality canister will make your ride safer and easier and will also be safer on more risky roads if connected well. There are different brands of fuel canisters available in the market. You must use good quality and good branded fuel canisters, so that your ride is becomes hassle free and safe.

Some precautions to carry extra fuel

- The container you buy must be good in quality and used only to carry fuel. Avoid using anything else.
- Fuel bags/ containers should be kept at a safe distance from the bike's exhaust pipe.
- It will be a good idea, if you can place the auxiliary tanker in the middle of the motorcycle.
- If the container is attached to a motorcycle, it is best to wrap it with any other remaining bag. It will save you from uncertain leakage.
- It is not advisable to take more fuel than the amount of fuel in the fuel bag.
- Stabilizers must be attached to the tanks to prevent damage.
- Choose bags and containers containing good quality fuel according to your needs and bike location. Cheap or inferior bags/ containers should not be used at all.
- Before using the container/ bag, make sure that they are not leaking, or have any defects.
- Avoid using anything other than containers/ bags, such as water bottles, cheap water containers, etc. and buy and use fuel containers from the market.
- Gas containers or bags must be kept at a safe distance from the burning part of the bike.
- If the container/ bag gets damaged while using it, it must be rejected and a new container must be used.
- It is better to keep a small part of the mouth hole empty without filling it full.

There are many favorite bikers that use these for long tours. Bikers who use these things, or who have not used them at all must take into account the above factors and use the equipment containing extra fuel and be careful not to cause any nasty situation.
Good luck with your biking.

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