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  • Prices reduced of Bajaj Pulsar series
    Bajaj Pulsar series are now available on less prices. There are a few bikes of Pulsar series in Bangladeshi market including Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twine Disc and Bajaj Pulsar NS160. These all bikes price range is in the margin level for all short of bikers as the sole distributor Uttara Motors taken the price range on that level. Bajaj Pulsar 150’s previous price was 1,74,900 Taka and this one’s recent price is 1,70,900 Taka.... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Mega Cashback Offer 2019
    Yamaha now comes with an exciting offer on the some specific models. This brand’s most popular models in the recent models are Yamaha FZ and FZS V3 is now in the offer of 18000TK cash back. Same time, one of the most popular bikes in the 125cc segment Yamaha Saluto is now on 7000TK cash back. Not only that, Yamaha’s scooter segment’s Yamaha Ray ZR is also in the offer of 6037Tk. Popular brand Yamaha’s motorcycles are largely known... English Bangla
  • Hero Offers Cashback and chance to have a trip to Thailand
    By purchasing the bikes of Hero, you are going to have sure cash back and exciting chance to travel Thailand. Hero is one of the best motorcycles in the Bangladeshi market and this brand always switches their products according to the demand of the customers and flow of the time. They not only focuses to sell their bikes but also to serve the best services to their customers. According to this aim, this time Hero is offering Cash back and Tha... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Sharodio Offer 2019
    On the occasion of Durga Puja this year, Yamaha brings in the special cashback offer. This special offer is kept on all the bikes available inside the local market of Bangladesh. It doesn’t matter whether it is the eve of Puja or Eid, Yamaha always thinks about their respected users and provides astonishing offers. As we are heeding to the eve of Durga Puja, therefore it calls for a celebration indeed and to make that happiness more inten... English Bangla
  • 4000 Taka discount on Bajaj Discover 110
    One of the most popular bikes of Bajaj is Discover 110cc and now this model has 4000 Taka discount. There is hardly anything new to say on the matter of popularity of this bike. All short of people even the rural and urban bikers specially those who have to keep themselves busy with traveling love this bike mostly. Excellent engine performance, strong structure and its brand value make this one of the top of its segment. The sole distribu... English Bangla
  • 16000 Taka Discount on Runner Bike
    Great News from Runner! They have decided to launch an offer for their customer which is the incensement of the EID special offer. And that is why they are saying EIDER KHUSHI CHOLUK BOCHOR JURE. All the companies are in a race to satisfy their customers and especially inside the motorcycle market that is not a new thing. All the manufacturing and providers always tries to give superior facilities for their customers for having a good s... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Fest 2019
    Suzuki comes in with great offers and cashback through the Suzuki fest! Discounts and cash back offer from Suzuki was almost ended a few days back but now they have started a new offer yet again. This offer includes both scratch card and instant cashback offer for the Suzuki lovers. Looks like Suzuki always thinks about their customers and they are not stopping their offers. Inside this offer by buying the newly added product Suzuki GSX-R... English Bangla
  • September to remember from Yamaha
    Yet again Yamaha comes with an appealing cash back offer with their three renowned products which are running successfully in the local market. Eid offers are over but Yamaha will give the same pleasure for the whole month of September. No doubt that Yamaha is one of the leading motorcycle companies across the world as well as in Bangladesh. Alongside that they are also one of the leading brands who give best deals for their customers. Ei... English Bangla
  • Cashback Offer on Yamaha R15 Monster Energy Edition Booking
    One of the well known Japanese brands in all over the world is Yamaha and this brand is always active to present quality product to their customers which totally different from the others brands. They always presented the products according to the customers demand including the fact of customer’s choice and also the budget of the different categories customers. At the same time, they replete their bikes with ultra modern features and perfor... English Bangla
  • Eid Excitement continue with Hero
    The Joy of Eid will continue with Hero. The blissful time of eid has started a few days back and that will be more joyful with the ongoing new price of hero bikes which was started before the Eid eve. Niloy Motors the authorized provider of Hero motorcycles has announced that their Eid special price will go on till 31st August 2019. From 21st July 2019 Hero announced Eid Special Price for selected models. Inside that Eid special price for... English Bangla
  • 10000 Taka CashBack offer at Yamaha bikes
    To take the excitement higher this Season Yamaha Brings Exciting cash back offer for their customers! In this season the other manufacturing companies are trying to make their customers happy, so why Yamaha will stay behind in this run. Yamaha is one of the most trusted motorcycle manufacturing brands across the world. They have a large number of users and bearing that in mind Yamaha always try to make their customers happy with gifts and off... English Bangla
  • Honda EID CashBack Offer
    We are very close to the 2nd big festival of our country Eid-Ul-AJha and before it arrives Bangladesh Honda Private Limited brings amazing Cash Back Offer for this Eid! Instant 12,000 Taka cash back on CB Hornet 160R Single Disc purchase and instant 6000 Taka cash back on CB Hornet 160R Double Disc purchasewill be provided along with a chance to win another Hornet every week. Undoubtedly Honda products has their own Value among the motorc... English Bangla
  • Haojue EID Offer. Registration Fee Free
    Eid is knocking at the door therefore already the bikers are eyeing on discounts and gifts from the manufacturing companies or the providers. Regarding that Haojue is now giving TK 12073 with the every purchase of their motorcycles. We are marching towards the second biggest festival in our country and Haojue has already started their Eid offers from 21st July 2019, which is precisely a good news for the motorcycle buyer, especially for t... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Eid offer before Eid
    As the Eid is coming so it is time to enlarge the excitement of Eid with Yamaha. From now on buyers will get a good number of cashback amount on every Yamaha bikes. We all know the popularity of Yamaha bikes and when it comes to big offers Yamaha always stays at the top as well. Regarding the festive of Eid-Ul-Ajha ACI motors the authorized distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh has given huge number of cashback amounts with the e... English Bangla
  • Buy a Bajaj bike, win a Suzuki Alto AC car
    Bajaj Eid Ul ADHA Offer is declared by Uttara Motors Ltd. On this eve of Eid Ul Adha 2019 Bajaj Lovers will have a good amount of discount with all the popular Bajaj bikes. This offer is not ended yet among the buyers 5 lucky winners of raffle draws will get a chance to have a brand new Suzuki car! Uttara Motors, who is the official distributor of Bajaj Motorcycles have decided to make the Eid pleasure double for the Bajaj bike lovers. A... English Bangla
  • Hero EID Special Price 2019
    Hero announced Eid Special Price for selected models. From 21st 2019 this new prices for the selected motorcycles will be valid. The Eid Eve is about to arrive and now on every motorcycle company will try to offer something special for their users and would be customers. Bearing that in mind Niloy Hero announced new Eid special price for selected models and eight models of available Hero motorcycles are inside this offer. From bellow the ... English Bangla
  • Haojue EID Offer
    From 21st July 2019 Haojue has announced Eid-UL-Ajha offer. With the every purchase of Haojue motorcycles buyers will have TK 12073 free as the Registration fee. This offer is applicable on every Haojue bike. The second biggest festival in our country is about to begin therefore it is time to have some gifts and offers from the motorcycle companies. Haojue has started their Eid offers from yesterday and it is precisely a good news for the... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Eid Utsob Lakh Taka Offer
    To make your Eid Happiness double, Suzuki is offering you Gixxer is only at 1 Lakh. One of the most well known and popular brands of Bangladesh “Suzuki” is offering an exciting offer in this Eid for the bike lovers. So if you are thinking to purchase bike recently then this News is only for you. Suzuki’s topmost popular model and flagship product “Suzuki Gixxer” and Suzuki’s this Eid offer mainly surrounded with this model whe... English Bangla
  • 12073 Taka Registration Fee Support at Honda Bikes
    For quite sometimes our motorcycle market has been running with various offers like, free registration on new bike purchase, instant cashbacks, and other gifts. From now on with others Honda Joins the Party. From now with the every purchase of Honda CB Hornet, CB shine, Livo and Dream neo buyers will get the registration fee support up-to 12,073 taka. According to model, the price and registration support amount are given bellow - H... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Cashback Offer. Expand the excitement
    To expand the excitement of Eid Yamaha is giving this whole month of June cash back offers. Inside this offer Yamaha Buyers will have a big amount of cash back on some of the selected products of Yamaha. When the other offers are coming to an end Yamaha is trying to give their customers extra excitement. From the 5th June 2019 Yamaha Buyers will have a big amount of cash back on Yamaha Saluto & Saluto SE, FZ-S FI V2 Single Disc & Double Dis... English Bangla
  • Haojue EID Offer 2019
    Haojue offering their Eid special offer as the Eid-ul-Fitter is knocking at the door. Haojue upholding very attractive offer to each of their models and it is the 2 years registration fee (TK 12073) free offer and this offer will continue till day before Eid. It is good to mention that Haojue is one of the well known Chinese brands in Bangladeshi market which has made its place among the well known brand running on the market by its quali... English Bangla
  • Runner EID Double Offer 2019
    Runner Brings Eid double offer for their customers. Now with the every purchase on a runner bike buyers will surely have not only Up to TK 12000 cash back but also they will have a few interesting gifts as well. Eid-Ul-Fitr is near at the door and Runner is trying to make this especial for their customers. They brings in Eid Double offer. While most of the other motorcycle companies are giving cashbacks and scratch card offer runner is th... English Bangla
  • Runner Discount & Offer price May 2019
    Besides all the renowned motorcycles brands across the world one name is also rising in Bangladeshi local market. And that is Runner, this domestic motorcycle brand always tries to offer bikes within the most reasonable price as they can. In recent days lots of their products are getting popular because of good features and performance. Recently Runner decided to offer some discount at all their available motorcycles. So let us not waste time... English Bangla
  • Suzuki EID Dhamaka Offer 2019
    Motor bike companies are making their offers more attractive for the bike lovers with the flow of time. This time Suzuki offering extremely exciting offers on the models of Suzuki Hayate, Suzuki Gixxer and also on Suzuki Gixxer SF. Now a bike buyer will have up to 20,000 Taka Eid bonuses (Cash back) along with a free helmet. As the Ramadan and upcoming Eid festival different companies are offering so many exciting offers including the o... English Bangla
  • Speeder EID Special Offer 2019
    For Celebratingthe Holy Month of Ramadan and the Eid-Ul-Fitr Speeder brings in Cashback Discount and Special Eid Gifts. Get TK 15000 cash back on Speeder Big Monster 165 Fi and free registration on the first Café racer of Bangladesh speeder countryman. On this Eid Eve ever motorcycle companies are trying to make the Eid special for their customers. In this run Speeder joins recently. From now on with the purchase of every Speeder Big... English Bangla
  • Upto 15000 Tk Discount at TVS Bikes
    TVS EID Uthsob 2019 For spreading the gratification of Eid among all TVS Brings in EID Uthsob 2019, this is astriking offer from TVS and Now users can get up to TK 15000 discount on TVS bikes during this offer. Ramadan has already started and the Holy EID-Ul-Fitr is about to come. Different bike companies are trying to make this Eid special for their customers with their offers and gifts. Now TVS joins them and offering a good amount o... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Eid Utshob 2019
    Eid is getting closer and the offers from different companies for the bike lovers are getting more interesting. One This Eid eve Suzuki brings an ultimate offer on Suzuki Hayate to make their customers Eid more exciting. Now with every purchase of Suzuki Hayate users will have TK 20,000 cash back reward and an exclusive helmet. For the month of Ramadan and the time around EID most of the companies are giving various kinds of offers a... English Bangla
  • Yamaha EID pecial cashback offer 2019
    EID special Cash back Offer announced by Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh on all of their available motorcycles. Up to TK 20000 cash back will be provided on popular Yamaha Motorcycles! As we all know Eid brings happiness and for that the month of Ramadan and the time around EID is one of the most important times for both the bikers and the companies. Bearing that in mind ACI Motors – Yamaha Motorcycles Bangladesh is giving eye-catching ca... English Bangla
  • Bajaj 100% Cash Back Offer
    On this Eid the celebration will stay for the whole month of Ramadan by buying each Bajaj bike. Buyers will have up to TK 2000 to TK 20000 cash back! If they are lucky enough then they might get 100% cash back that means a full free bike. Ramadan is yet to start and before it comes Bajaj Brings in an especial offer for their users. To increase the happiness of the holly Eid Bajaj is offering up to 100% cash back offer and TK2000-20000 c... English Bangla
  • Hero offers discount upto Tk 9000 on this EID
    The holy Eid-ul-Fitr is knocking to the door. To make the EID more happy, Hero offers attractive discount on their motorcycles. Hero motorcycle can be available only from 7000 taka to 9000 discounts. This lucrative offer applies to almost all bike models. Both types of Hunk and Hunk matte editions have a discount of 7000 taka. Hero Ignitor, Glamour, newly arrived Passion XPro, Deluxe Kick, and iSmart have discount 8000 Taka, Hero Del... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Boishakhi Offer 2019
    Bajaj brings instant cash back offer regarding this Boishakh. On several Bajaj bikes up to TK 20000 cash back will be provided. Not only is that TK 10000 reduced on the price tag of Bajaj Pulsar NS 160. There is nothing to say special about the renowned motorcycle brand Bajaj; in Bangladeshi market it has its own build reputation. From the very beginning of this year we have seen that different motorcycles brads provided gifts and offer... English Bangla
  • Speeder Boishakhi Jhoro Offer
    On this Boishakh bike lovers are getting special gifts or discounts from the bike companies. On that run speeder countryman just joined. Now get TK 10000 cash back on the first Café racer of Bangladesh. Speeder countryman was the first cafe racer category bike which was launched a few days back. After the CC limitation was increased for our country this exclusive motorcycle started its journey and got pleasing response. This 165cc Café ... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Baishakhi Ullas 2019
    On this eve of Boisakh Yamaha Lovers again got surprise! Yamaha brings in Boishakhi ullash offer for their buyers. Four of popular Yamaha bikes have instant cash back facility on their purchase. As we are watching from the very beginning of this calendar year motorcycle companies are giving so many surprises for the buyers. Yamaha is also staying on that chase. Following that run Yamaha brings is Boisakhi Ullash offer for their customers,... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Hayate now at 99950
    The price drops of "Suzuki Hayate" model. Prior to the arrival of the Bengali New Year, the prices of Suzuki Hayate have been reduced to the occasion of Baishakh. The previous price has been reduced from 1,14,950 to just 99,950 taka. The new price will not applicable to Suzuki Hayate Special Edition. Suzuki Hayate is a modern commuter bike with good mileage made of 11.8.8cc powerful engine. This commuter bike is excellent for regular use... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Cash Back Offer
    Suzuki is one of the most renowned brands in Bangladesh and to maintain that fame they always offers something new for their users. Right now they are offering two years free registration or instant cash back with three of their most popular bikes inside the local market. Suzuki established themselves as a superior bike company with their trendy and quality products. Not only that they also think about the betterment of the users. Bearing... English Bangla
  • Yamaha March Special Cash Back Offer
    The surprise continues from Yamaha! Now not only the regular spring fest offer is available but also get instant cashback on three of Yamaha bike while purchasing. So purchase Yamaha bike get the feel of Excitement on the month of Independence! From the very beginning of this year almost all the motorcycle companies offered something especial for their customers. Yamaha is also in that list and for the month of independence they are givin... English Bangla
  • Dhaka-CoxsBazar air ticket on Houje Bike booking
    From tomorrow 5th Dhaka Bike Show -2019 is going to be arranged by CEMS and Haojue motorycles are the Gold Sponsor here. This bike show will be spotted inside the arena of International Convention City Bashudhara – ICCB placed in the capital. Haoujue will display some of their demandable bikes which are in stock and might arrive in recent days. Hopefully Haojue DR can be seen here. They are arranging a promotion campaign. Here customer... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Spring Fest 2019
    Again good news for Yamaha lovers, it seems like the offer is not ending this year. One of the most popular motorcycle brand Yamaha is constantly offering gifts for their customers and this spring they will not be disappointed at all because Yamaha brings in spring fest for them. During this fest time Yamaha buyer will get different kinds of gifts with their chosen product. Yamaha has several products in their line-up for our country and ... English Bangla
  • 2 years free registration on Yamaha FZS
    Fabulous February is running and offer is not stopping from the renowned brand Yamaha. Buy any FZS single disc series bike of Yamaha and you will get two years free registration totally free. No conditions applied save up to TK 12073. This year almost all the motorcycle companies are giving new gifts and offers with their motorcycle for making their impact inside the motorcycle market. Not only that they are also thinking about the deman... English Bangla
  • Exchange your old bike with Yamaha
    Now Yamaha bikes can be yours by exchanging old bike! Yes it is true. Bring in Yamaha or any other branded old bikes and get a new Yamaha motorcycle for yourself. By giving this opportunity Yamaha is filling up many bike lovers’ dream who wants to have a bike from Yamaha. We all know how much popularity Yamaha motorcycles have all over the world and how much crazy peoples are in our country when it is about Yamaha bikes. Because few cer... English Bangla
  • Get free registration on Suzuki bikes
    Two years free registration is now free from Suzuki for their three products. Suzuki Bangladesh is giving two years free registration which will save up to TK 12073 for the bikers who loves Suzuki bikes. This offer is on Suzuki Gixxer series and Suzuki Hayate. We are seeing that from the very beginning of this New Year offers and gifts are not ending at the motorcycle market, bikers are getting many facilities that they do not get on regu... English Bangla
  • Fabulous February offer by Yamaha
    Nothing to say about the brand Yamaha, they always have something special for their customers. For this February Yamaha presents "Fabulous February Offer" for all the bike and Scooter lovers. In this offer, Yamaha customer will get free Registration which is near around TK 12000 with every purchase of FZS FI V2 Single Disc. For the R15 V3 Racing Yellow & R15 V3 Racing Black they are offering Yamaha Riding Suit. For their latest R15 V3 M... English Bangla
  • 10500 Taka discount on Speeder Countryman 165
    New Year begins with the new offer from speeder. They are giving a big price discount on their countryman 165 motorcycle. To make their premium product more available for their customer’s speeder is offering TK 10500 discount from today. At the motorcycle market speeder already created spot with their countryman motorcycle. Speeder country man is a Bangladeshi brand and their products are assembled in china. Talking about the speeder ... English Bangla
  • 6000 Taka Discount on TVS Motorcycles
    One of the most popular brands in Bangladesh is TVS and this brand is offering an amazing offer in the lieu of “Bangladesh Premier League” BPL. Any customer will have up to 6000 Taka discount on the bikes of TVS of he/she purchase this brands bike under 31st January. So let’s see what the new price ranges are set on the bikes of TVS. TVS Apache RTR 160: This one is one of the key motorcycles in the market and this is not g... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Lets and Access in new look and price
    In our continuous life and to make it easy while on the road Motorcycle’s are the best company which is often considered as the sign of aristocracy but now this is become must needed company. At the same time, this motorcycle shows the inside of ours by changing its face and same time our personality. This is why we can see so many types of Motorcycle’s on the road. Scoter is one of the motorcycles which nicely match with any rider ... English Bangla
  • Yamaha New Year Offer 2019
    As the New Year 2019 began and to make it more enjoyable for the bike and Yamaha lovers, Yamaha offering some exciting offer to make their bike easy for the root level bike lovers. At first, they offering an extra ordinary Yamaha branded attractive Jacket with their each of the bike and this offer is applicable on the each bike on their stock. Currently they have around 5 models in the market and the most amazing matter is, these 5 models... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Scratch Card Offer
    2018 is just gone and 2019 is on its start and Bajaj offering a scratch card in each of Bajaj Pulsar NS160 where customers are going to have sure cash back in different range. This offer is only available on the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 but this offer is not applicable on the others models of Bajaj. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is one of the major and popular motorcycles in Bangladeshi market. Just after enhancing the power limit on motorcycles, Baja... English Bangla
  • Hero New Year Gift 2019
    Just leaving the past year in the past and welcoming the New Year, Hero offering exciting gifts for the Bike lovers. As gifts Hero representing wholly new and excitingly decorated Hero Hunk and less price in the previous models. By considering all, Hero offering exciting offers to the bike lovers in This New Year. Hero Hunk is one of the most popular motorcycles in Bangladesh and for a long time, this one is gaining the market with its ... English Bangla
  • Buy Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, Save uptop Tk 10000
    Bajaj now comes with good news for the Pulsar lovers. Pulsar lovers going to have the chance of discount 5000 – 10000 Taka just by scratching Scratch card. It is good to mention that Bajaj’s Pulsar series is worldwide famous to among the bikers. In a short Bajaj has sold out 10 million Pulsars worldwide. Just to celebrate this golden achievement on sell, Bajaj is now on the way to make Pulsar’s price reasonable for the root leve... English Bangla
  • Yamaha reduced Saluto price
    Yamaha’s popular 125cc commuter bike Saluto’s price has been reduced. In this segments 2 models price has been reduced to give these bike a reasonable price to make it easy for the customers and these 2 models are in the top of the mileage in the same segment. Yamaha is the topmost brand world wide as because they never consider anything less while producing their motorcycle even they add all the features to their bike which often c... English Bangla

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