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Lifan Bike Price in BD 2021

In this Lifan page, here you will get all official Lifan bike price In BD list with all Lifan motorcycle Bangladesh showroom address & latest or upcoming Lifan bikes as well as user reviews and video.


Lifan Bike Price in BD 2021

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Lifan Bike price in BD 2021

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S.N. Bike Name Engine CC Price in Bangladesh
1 Lifan K19 165cc Tk. 260000 Details
2 Lifan KP 165 165cc Tk. 150000 Details
3 Lifan KP Mini 150 149cc Tk. 155000 Details
4 Lifan KPR 150 149cc Tk. 185000 Details
5 Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor 165cc Tk. 199000 Details
6 Lifan KPR 165R CBS 165cc Tk. 204000 Details
7 Lifan KPR 165R Fi 165cc Tk. 215000 Details
8 Lifan KPR150 CBS 150cc Tk. 190000 Details
9 Lifan KPT 150 150cc Tk. 260000 Details
10 Lifan KPT 150 ABS 150cc Tk. 275000 Details
11 Lifan KPV 150 149.3cc Tk. 300000 Details
12 Lifan Xpect 150 150cc Tk. 175000 Details

Why Lifan?

Motorcycle Valley's Choice
Features of Lifan
1. Advanced features
2. Stylish and Modern design and graphics
3. Reasonably priced
4. Excellent build quality
5. Admirable long lasting performance

Lifan Bikes (Presently Not Available)

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Bike Name Engine CC
Lifan Glint 100 ES 99 cccc View Details
Lifan KP150 149cc View Details
Lifan KP150 V2 149cc View Details
Lifan KPR 150 White Red 150cc View Details
Lifan KPR 200 198cc View Details
Lifan KPR150 149cc View Details
Lifan KPS 150 149cc View Details
Lifan Lime View Details
Lifan Pony 100 99.3cc View Details
Lifan Razor 100 cc View Details

Lifan News

Lifan KP 165 is now 36 Months EMI
Lifan KP 165 is now 36 Months EMI
MotorcycleValley 2021-10-03
Popular bike Lifan KP 165 can now be bought for 36 months with 0% interest on EMI facility! Lifan continues to strive to make Lifa...
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Lifan Bike Price in BD September 2021
Lifan Bike Price in BD September 2021
MotorcycleValley 2021-09-14
Since the very begging of the journey, Lifan has been providing their customers with an excellent range of two wheelers across the...
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Lifan Bike Reviews

Lifan K19 User Review 2600km by Khondokar Mohsin Apu

Today I will try to highlight my first 2500 km riding experience with Lifan K19. I am Apu Khandaker, a heavyweight amateur motorc...

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Lifan KPR 165R User Review 3500 km by Razi

From the year 2005 I have started biking. The journey was started with a 50cc motorcycle and I am now using Lifan KPR 165 carburet...

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Latest Video of Lifan

Lifan KPR 165R
10,000km riding experiences
reasons to buy and other discussions
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Lifan Showrooms Bangladesh

About Lifan
Lifan is now becoming very popular brand at the automobile sectors because of their exclusive and well produce products. Lifan Group Company Ltd. (Lifan Group) is a personally owned Chinese motorbike and automobile company. . Lifan was established and founded by Yin Mingshan at the year 1992 as a motorcycle repair shop with only nine employees. Mingshan has some of disagreement with Chinese government authority but at present they have good relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. At the very beginning this company was originally called "Chongqing Hongda Auto Fittings Research Centre which becomes the fifth-biggest Chinese motorcycle manufacturer in only seventeen years. After few years this company was renamed as Lifan Industry Group in 1997. Their activities expanded into some other purpose such as construction of buses in 2003. At the year 2004, Lifan was declared as the largest private motorcycle manufacturer in China.

At the year 2003 Lifan Group acquired Chongqing Special Purpose Use Vehicle Manufacturing Company LTD. And I at the year 2004 Lifan obtained Anuhi Huayang Auto Manufacturing Company. At 2005 they started automobile production with the LF6361/1010 minivan and pickup based vehicles. In December 2005, without help Lifan group developed car entered production for the first time, named 520 sedans with a Brazilian Tritec engine. As of 2011, number of user where increasing and Lifan was able to fulfill their regular demand.

After few years Lifan go into an agreement with Italian motorcycle company MV Agusta, in July 4, 2014, to be MV Agusta's sole distributors in China. Lifan now have a number of Agusta models on show at selected dealerships, including the F4 RR motorcycle. Lifan is doing very well with MV Agusta products for increasing their market values as high as possible.

Now at present days Lifan motorcycles are becoming popular at the Asian countries also. AS Lifan is one of the top listed Chinese motorcycle brands since their begging, this motorcycle manufacturer is trying to make a well stable position at outside their country. And day after day they are getting close to their target. Lifan LF150-10S (KPR 150 is now known as Lifan's popular small-displacement street motorcycle, and Lifan LF250GY-2 Cossack in known as Lifan’s Dual-sport motorcycle that utilizes a cooling system of oil pumped through its frame. In those countries where Lifan motorcycle is available, without these two motorcycles few other models can be found. In Bangladesh, popularity of Lifan motorcycles is increasing very rapidly because of its stylish looks and reasonable price. Rasel Industries Ltd are the sole distributor of Lifan Bike. Lifan group of company combines a perfect arrangement of the bike value with the class. That is why riders are getting stylish motorcycles in their ability range and this is one of the main reasons of the popularity of Lifan motorcycles to different countries.

With around 13,653 workers Lifan groups manufacturing list include passenger cars, micro vans, Dirt motorcycles, engines, entry-level motorcycles, mini-vehicles, without vehicles Lifan produces sports shoes and wine. Outer surface of China, Lifan is currently best known for its small passenger cars and motorcycles and its headquarters is located at Chongqing, china.
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Best of Lifan

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