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Lifan News
  • Lifan came forward to protect the bike and biker
    The first time ever in Bangladesh, Rasel Industries Limited brings insurance coverage solutions for the customers in partnership with This offer provides Life Insurance Coverage and Accidental Hospitalization Coverage for the owners of Lifan, Victor-R, and Motocross motorcycles purchased from authorized dealers of Rasel Industries Limited. It also provides Coverage for Accidental Damages to the motorcycle for replacement of damage... English Bangla
  • Grab your winter with Lifan
    2019 is not finished yet, at least not from Lifan! Winter has arrived and so does Lifan’s winter offer. This season grab your winter joys with Lifan Motorcycles and enjoy massive cashback throughout this winter. Yes! Rasel industries the official distributor of Lifan motorcycles Bangladesh is offering up to TK 11000 cashback on their popular bike series KPR. Lifan KPR series is one of the most attractive and budget friendly sports catego... English Bangla
  • Lifan Sports Day 2019
    Last Saturday (16-03-2019) a grand sports day sponsored by Lifan and organized by team motorcycle valley was held on the field of Motolab. That program was named “Lifan Sports day 2019”. There all the core team members were found from team Motorcycle valley and few games were played among the Motolab students. Motolab is another concern of Motorcycle valley. On that ground team motorcycle valley does few innovative things which are ... English Bangla
  • Lifan showroom is now in Rajshahi
    Today, 15th August, 2018, inaugurated at center of Rajshahi (Sagarpara, Battala), Rajshahis only Rasel Industries Ltd authorized dealer New Shuvo Enterprise. The program starts at 1.30 am local time. The program started with recitation, prayer from the Holy Quran. Mr. Aminul Islam, the proprietor of the New Shuvo Enterprise, and Mr. Nurul Abser Rasel, Managing Director of Rasel Industries Ltd was present in the inaugural ceremony. Ra... English Bangla
  • 15000 Taka cash discount at Lifan KPR 165R Motorcycle
    Lifan is one of the well known bikes brand in China. When this brand started to came in Bangladesh, this one got a huge response from the bikers. Specially for its price range. There are no other bike in Bangladesh has this price range and premium look and the bikers amazed mostly for this reason. After using this one, bikers become sure about its quality and this brand got a golden place among the young people of Bangladesh. Lifan's one an... English Bangla
Lifan motorcycle reviews
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  • Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor First Ride Review by Younuse
    As I am an employee and due to my job, I have to travel a lot for different reasons. Same time it was tough for me to complete all the tasks through the public transport so I decided to have a motorcycle. All though the main reason is to transport but as a young personality, I was searching a bike that suit with my age as well so I was mostly thinking to have a motorcycle that has something li... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor user review by Mohaiminul Islam
    When to think about the current bike market, there are so many brands we can see by which it is somehow tough to choose the correct one for me by considering the budget and price range. One of the most amazing matters in this point is, you are going to have all short of bikes according to your budget and choice. From this point of view, I have chosen Lifan KPR 165 Carburetor which I have been ... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 150 v2 17500km riding experiences by Bappa Raj Dash
    When I have decided to purchase a bike, I start finding a bike which will become suitable for me. I have ride a lot of bike and from that experience I always give importance to the design, engine performance and features etc. After that I have found Lifan KPR 150 because I think it is best sports bike in this budget. The design of this bike is very attractive and I must say in this budget the ... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Carburator user review by Rifat Jahangir Jingo
    As the demand of the people is changing with the flow of time same way, motorcycle market is changing with the following the same way. Bangladesh motorcycle market is now replete with so many international brands. This is why when a customer thinks to purchase a motorcycle, he has to make a long choice list and make his decision with eagle eye. As I am a professional Advocate and a young perso... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 160 Fi short ride review by Main Uddin
    When I thought of a bike I always wanted to purchase a bike which will become a new arrival because I believe on latest technology. After that I have found Lifan KPR 165FI. I like the latest features and technology of this bike on the other hand I have heard from the users of this bike that it is a very good bike. After purchasing this bike I’m also getting good feedback from this bike. I ha... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R user review by Arifur Jaman Mamun
    I am a bike lover especially sports bike always make me impress whenever I see this. From this point of view I always thought to have a sports bike whenever I think to have for my personal use. But it is tough to go with the prices of the sports bike so I keep searching through online and offline about the bikes on Bangladeshi market that which would be the best one for me according to my budg... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor Feature Review
    Sports bikes! These are kind of dream bikes in our Bangladesh, because of cc limit or many other issues we the bike lovers cannot buy our desired bike, even if we have money. Therefore, we have to buy which we had in our local market, and if we look down into our local market then one of the most affordable and eye catching sports bike in Bangladesh is Lifan KPR 165R. The bike’s sporty outlo... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R user review by Rahat
    I was very much fascinated towards sports bike from my childhood. Whenever I saw any sports bike I stare at that and analysis that. The price of sports category bikes in Bangladesh in high on the other hand the performance of KPR 165cc is just like a sports bike. In this budget I think Lifan KPR is the best sports bike. That’s why I have purchased Lifan KPR Carburetor without thinking of oth... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165 Carburator user review by MRK Sabuz
    Suddenly I have purchased Lifan KPR carb edition on 22 June 2019. After maintaining break-in I have ride 2000km in 14 days. During this time I also go for one 250km and another 1100km tour and the rest I have ride in the city. In this 2000km I have changed the engine oil for 4 times with ptt 20w-40 grade mineral engine oil and also clean the oil filter. I am going to discuss the fe... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 9999Km riding review by Asif Jubayer
    Previous bike riding experience: The bike was Apache RTR 150 V2 and it was with me around four years. Reason behind giving the past experience is it will be better to know about my riding skills and comparing with KPR will be easier, because if I say negative words about KPR then people will say I have my own problems with my driving. Whatever let us not waste time, my personal opinion is give... English Bangla
Lifan is now becoming very popular brand at the automobile sectors because of their exclusive and well produce products. Lifan Group Company Ltd. (Lifan Group) is a personally owned Chinese motorbike and automobile company. . Lifan was established and founded by Yin Mingshan at the year 1992 as a motorcycle repair shop with only nine employees. Mingshan has some of disagreement with Chinese government authority but at present they have good relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. At the very beginning this company was originally called "Chongqing Hongda Auto Fittings Research Centre which becomes the fifth-biggest Chinese motorcycle manufacturer in only seventeen years. After few years this company was renamed as Lifan Industry Group in 1997. Their activities expanded into some other purpose such as construction of buses in 2003. At the year 2004, Lifan was declared as the largest private motorcycle manufacturer in China.

At the year 2003 Lifan Group acquired Chongqing Special Purpose Use Vehicle Manufacturing Company LTD. And I at the year 2004 Lifan obtained Anuhi Huayang Auto Manufacturing Company. At 2005 they started automobile production with the LF6361/1010 minivan and pickup based vehicles. In December 2005, without help Lifan group developed car entered production for the first time, named 520 sedans with a Brazilian Tritec engine. As of 2011, number of user where increasing and Lifan was able to fulfill their regular demand.

After few years Lifan go into an agreement with Italian motorcycle company MV Agusta, in July 4, 2014, to be MV Agusta's sole distributors in China. Lifan now have a number of Agusta models on show at selected dealerships, including the F4 RR motorcycle. Lifan is doing very well with MV Agusta products for increasing their market values as high as possible.

Now at present days Lifan motorcycles are becoming popular at the Asian countries also. AS Lifan is one of the top listed Chinese motorcycle brands since their begging, this motorcycle manufacturer is trying to make a well stable position at outside their country. And day after day they are getting close to their target. Lifan LF150-10S (KPR 150 is now known as Lifan's popular small-displacement street motorcycle, and Lifan LF250GY-2 Cossack in known as Lifan’s Dual-sport motorcycle that utilizes a cooling system of oil pumped through its frame. In those countries where Lifan motorcycle is available, without these two motorcycles few other models can be found. In Bangladesh, popularity of Lifan motorcycles is increasing very rapidly because of its stylish looks and reasonable price. Rasel Industries Ltd are the sole distributor of Lifan Bike. Lifan group of company combines a perfect arrangement of the bike value with the class. That is why riders are getting stylish motorcycles in their ability range and this is one of the main reasons of the popularity of Lifan motorcycles to different countries.

With around 13,653 workers Lifan groups manufacturing list include passenger cars, micro vans, Dirt motorcycles, engines, entry-level motorcycles, mini-vehicles, without vehicles Lifan produces sports shoes and wine. Outer surface of China, Lifan is currently best known for its small passenger cars and motorcycles and its headquarters is located at Chongqing, china.
Lifan Showrooms Bangladesh

Lifan Showrooms/dealers list in Bangladesh

70 showrooms
Showroom NameLocationDetails
FM ElectronicsRajshahiDetails
M.R EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Alhaj Salauddin AutomobilesDhakaDetails
GearX BangladeshDhakaDetails
Moto SolutionDhakaDetails
New Bike CenterDhakaDetails
New Bike CenterDhakaDetails
One Motor CorporationDhakaDetails
Rasel Industries LtdDhakaDetails
Fakir AutoKhulnaDetails
Venus Autos Ltd Rail RoadJessoreDetails
Bismillah MotorsGazipurDetails
Rafa ElectronicsGazipurDetails
KDA MotorsChittagongDetails
Nayeem MotorsChittagongDetails
NM EnterpriseChittagongDetails
Rafin ElectronicsChittagongDetails
Raising EntrepriseChittagongDetails
Sunflower MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Hashib MotorsPabnaDetails
Rabbi MotorsPabnaDetails
Golden MotorsSylhetDetails
Motorcycle MuseumSylhetDetails
Bappy TradersBograDetails
Ridoy EnterpriseBograDetails
Karma UnnayanBarisalDetails
Tarunno EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Walid MotorsManikganjDetails
Salman MotorsMymensinghDetails
Zilani MotorsMymensinghDetails
Anik Electronics & MotorsTangailDetails
Race EnterpriseTangailDetails
Nabil MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Mizan MotorsPatuakhaliDetails
M M R MotorsChandpurDetails
Brothers MotorsComillaDetails
Lucky MotorsComillaDetails
Mamun EnterpriseComillaDetails
Rakib MotorsFeniDetails
Rafin ElectronicsLakshmipurDetails
Tisha MotorsFaridpurDetails
Bismillah MotorsGopalganjDetails
Alam MotorsMadaripurDetails
SA MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Green Power EnterpriseNetrakonaDetails
D.M MotorsShariatpurDetails
Arafat MotorsBagerhatDetails
Honda ServiceChuadangaDetails
Shorojganj MotorsChuadangaDetails
General AutoJhenaidahDetails
Elite AutosKushtiaDetails
F M MotorsMeherpurDetails
Venus Autos LohagoraNarailDetails
Mohidurl MotorsSatkhiraDetails
Arefin EnterpriseJoypurhatDetails
Nasim EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Dhaka MachineriesNatoreDetails
Oyshi MotorsSirajganjDetails
Mithila MotorsDinajpurDetails
Honda CornerGaibandhaDetails
Sarkar MotorsKurigramDetails
AK EnterpriseNilphamariDetails
Mayer Doa EnterpriseNilphamariDetails
Asia MotorsPanchagarhDetails
Mahir MotorsRangpurDetails
Rokeya TradersRangpurDetails
Antaz MotorsThakurgaonDetails
Eiva MotorsHabiganjDetails
Jubayer MotorsMaulvibazarDetails
SA TradersSunamganjDetails

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