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  • লিফান কেপিআর ১৬৫আর (কারবুরেটর) ফীচার রিভিউ
    স্পোর্টস বাইক! আমাদের বাংলাদেশে এক ধরণের স্বপ্নের বাইক হচ্ছে এই স্পোর্টস বাইক! বাংলাদেশে বাইকের জন্য সিসি সীমা বা অন্যান্য অনেক সমস্যার কারণে আমরা বাইকপ্রেমীরা টাকা থাকলেও আমাদের কাঙ্ক্ষিত বাইকটি কিনতে পারি না। এ কারনে আমা... Bangla   English

  • ইয়ামাহা স্যালুটো স্পেশাল এডিশন ফীচার রিভিউ
    বাংলাদেশে ইয়ামাহা বাইকের জনপ্রিয়তা কোন সন্দেহ নেই কারন ইয়ামাহা এমন একটি ব্রান্দ যারা অনেক আগে থেকে বাংলাদেশে ব্যবসা করে আসছে এবং অত্যন্ত্ব সুনানমের সাথে বর্তমান প্রজম্নের সাথেও মানিয়ে নিয়েছে। একইসাথে তাদের প্রতিটা বাইকই ... Bangla   English
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Bike News

  • Logical Fee will be imposed to register a Motorcycle – Minister of Industries
    To enrich the foreign invest directly on the Motorcycle industry and to balance with the neighbor countries there will be a change on fees on the Registration of the motorcycles and this whole process will be done in the hands of Ministry of Industries. To reconsider this matter by comparing with reality, Ministry of Industry will send the proposal to associated ministry and Organization. Today a meeting held through the virtual communicati... English Bangla
  • Runner August 2020 Discount & offer
    The joy of Eiduladha is not ended and yet again Runner come up with new prizing for their available bikes. Runner is giving up to TK 30000 discount on their products. Among all the popular bike manufacturer in Bangladesh, our domestic brand is never fall behind. They always try to provide quality items with lots of variations. Most importantly they always care about the budget friendly price tags. Which is why runner is now giving another disco... English Bangla
  • TVS gives up to TK 20000 discount on this Eid
    TVS is one of the popular motorcycle manufacturer from Indian, more importantly very popular in Bangladeshi motorcycle market. We are heading towards to EID-UL ADHA and TVS will now provide up to TK 20000 discount on their products for this Eid. We all know about the popularity of TVS bikes in Bangladesh, most commonly about RTR series. Including all the Entire RTR series, all the other available bike from TVS will now have a discount price ... English Bangla

Bike Tips

  • What to do to keep the bike off for a long time
    Every machine has its own expiry and it is also admired that without using them they become damaged earlier. Bike is also in that lineup and that is why it requires proper care and use. Thus, sometimes for different circumstances we are not able to ride our most loving vehicle. As a result, our bike becomes damaged and performance gets downwards our expectation. So, what we can to do overcome ... English Bangla
  • Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?
    In general we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. In this case, the tire pressure increases slightly on a hot weather and in the winter the pressure gets slightly reduced. Also in every month, the normal tire pressure is reduced by about 1 psi. Therefore it is required to see the tire pressure measure regularly; it last... English Bangla

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