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  • লিফান কেপিআর ১৬৫আর (কারবুরেটর) ফীচার রিভিউ
    স্পোর্টস বাইক! আমাদের বাংলাদেশে এক ধরণের স্বপ্নের বাইক হচ্ছে এই স্পোর্টস বাইক! বাংলাদেশে বাইকের জন্য সিসি সীমা বা অন্যান্য অনেক সমস্যার কারণে আমরা বাইকপ্রেমীরা টাকা থাকলেও আমাদের কাঙ্ক্ষিত বাইকটি কিনতে পারি না। এ কারনে আমা... Bangla   English
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  • Bajaj Driving License Fee Free Offer
    One of the most popular brand is Bangladesh is Bajaj and now you are going to have you driving license fee free by purchasing any model of Bajaj. This exclusive offer offered by Bajaj only make you concern of the matter of Traffic Rules. As because road accident is increasing day by day most often these accidents caused by the over speed of the vehicles. So if the rider is well known with traffic rules then it can be hoped that unexpected... English Bangla
  • Runner Bijoy Utshob – 0% down payment, 16% discount and 16 free services
    In the month of victory the popular brand runner has brought huge offer for their customers. From now you can get 0% down payment facility on runner bikes and, 16% discount on spare parts and 16 free services. This offer is applicable on every bikes of Runner. Runner is one of the famous brands in the market of Bangladesh and they have fixed the price of their bikes on the basis of the ability of their customers. They have bring this h... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Winter Offer 2019
    Win an exciting discount offer by purchasing the bikes of Yamaha in the month of Victory. Yamaha presenting their each popular bike with Mega Cash Back Offer and also Special Gifts. Here are the bikes those are including in the Yamaha’s Winter Offer: -Yamaha R15 Version 3 MotoGP bike has less of 5000tk only for the students and also has the Driving License Support of 3060/-. Same time, there is an excellent gift of Yamaha riding suit. Sa... English Bangla

Bike Tips

  • Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?
    In general we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. In this case, the tire pressure increases slightly on a hot weather and in the winter the pressure gets slightly reduced. Also in every month, the normal tire pressure is reduced by about 1 psi. Therefore it is required to see the tire pressure measure regularly; it last... English Bangla
  • Safety tips for riding at thunderbolt
    Report says that people are facing more death in natural calamity like thunder bolt then the heavy flood. Last few days ago report of Red Crescent Society shows that in this year (January - April) 84 people lost their lives due to lighting and by keeping this as one of the concerning matter, Government and others welfare community warning people about what they should do while thunder bolt beg... English Bangla

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