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Bike Tips: Buy/Sell
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 or RKS 125. Which one should buy?
    Keeway-RKS-100-v3-or-RKS-125.-Which-one-should-buy As a vehicle motorcycles are getting popular in our country. Not only the young age riders but also the people of every age are using motorcycles for ... details Bengali
  • Steps you should follow when you are purchasing a motorcycle
    The-steps-you-should-follow-when-you-are-purchasing-a-motorcycle Those who want to purchase a bike or thinking so, this article is for them. I am from my experience and from the experts a... details Bengali
  • Pros and cons of cruiser motorcycle
    cruiser-motorcycle-hasin-hayder Hands in the high handle bar, legs spread in the front and kept in the comfortable footrest. Cap in the head or open face helmet, front wheel high in accordance with the rear wheel, a big an... details Bengali
  • Popular Motorcycle Helmet Brands
    Popular Motorcycle Helmet BrandsIt is known to all bikers that helmet is mandatory for the bike riders of our country but this is a matter of sorrow that most of the bikers are not willing to stick with it and most of the accident cases bikers face serious trouble due to ha... details Bengali
  • Motorcycle Vs Scooter: which is right for you?
    Motorcycle Vs ScooterAs a mostly common vehicle of the road Motorcycle merely have any competitor wherever you go and there is nothing new to say about this vehicle among the two wheelers. There is one more two wheeler vehicle we know as the “scooter” with some structural differen... details Bengali
  • Why you should purchase Chinese bike?
    Made in ChinaThere is a believe/proverb in our community that Chinese products are not so durable or quality-less. Is it really true? Lets take a look on the back, what were the condition of Chinese products in the past: The people who are senior citizen, they had seen a bicycle name "China Phoenix" t... details Bengali
  • Important Tips to Buy a Motorcycle
    During purchasing a new motorcycle you should keep following points in your mind: For purchasing a new motorcycle a rider should keep many important things to his mind to know the condition about the motorcycle. Because those motorcycles which are in better condition will give the riders better service. First of all check your motorcycle very smoothly at the showroom during purchasing it. Y... details
  • Importance of Motorcycle Seat Height
    Importance of Motorcycle Seat HeightMotorcycles are one of the most fashionable and enjoyable vehicle. But if we won't ride it comfortably we can face many difficulties. Riding motorcycle comfortably depends on many different things among them saddle height or seat height is most imp... details Bengali
  • Why do you purchase electric bike?
    Motorcycle Group RideOne of the most populated country like Bangladesh people need a comfortable ride to see the hole country with satisfaction, and for this which ride is better then electric bikes. If you want to remove your all business and frustrations by riding, elec... details Bengali
  • What should you do before buying a motorcycle?
    Guidelines for purchasing a bike Generally we all face a common question during the time of purchasing our first bike .The question is that, which bike is perfect for me? In that situation we mostly want suggestion from various bike holder but problem is that their suggestion create more difficultie... details Bengali
  • Choose your favorite motorcycle
    Choose your favorite motorcycleGenerally we all face a common question during the time of purchasing our first bike. The question is that, which bike is perfect for me? In that situation we mostly want suggestion from various bike holder but problem is that their suggestion ... details Bengali
Bike Tips
  • RLP for safety breaking
    bajaj-avenger-rpl RLP stand for “Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection”. Basically it is a safety feature like ABS, CBS, Stability control etc. On those bike, which has single channel ABS, or CBS, this feature is placed to act better with ... details Bangla
  • What to do to keep the bike off for a long time
    What-to-do-to-keep-the-bike-off-for-a-long-time Every machine has its own expiry and it is also admired that without using them they become damaged earlier. Bike is also in that lineup and that is why it re... details Bangla
  • Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?
    Why-use-nitrogen-instead-of-air-in-tires In general we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. In this case, the tire pressure increases sligh... details Bangla
  • Safety tips for riding at thunderbolt
    Safety-tips-for-riding-at-thunderbolt Report says that people are facing more death in natural calamity like thunder bolt then the heavy flood. Last few days ago report of Red Crescent Society shows that in this year... details Bangla
  • Motorcycle Registration Process
    A. Information about Motorcycle registration: 1. Application paper with the signature and completely filled up from the owner and importer/ dealer (H form). In case of company authorization signature and stamp of authorized executive; if that motorcycle is related with any bank or that kind of organization then and application paper to the authority and that must be in the official pad paper. ... details Bangla

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