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Motorcycle Fuel Tank Maintenance Tips

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Motorcycle Fuel Tank Maintenance Tips


A fuel tank is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle, because we all know that without fuel no motor vehicle will run. We can reserve and carry fuel in here for traveling and for that it is necessary to take care of this essential part. If we don’t do that then it can damage the performance and if we have to change it as we haven’t take proper caring then we have to pay lots of money to change it. So if we can maintain the fuel tanker with a little amount of money so why would us have to pay a bigger amount for changing it. So let us know how we can take care of a fuel tanker and how to maintain this thing properly.

How the fuel tank does get rusty?
We all know that after a certain time every metallic thing get rusty and so the same thing also goes for the fuel tanker as well because it is a metallic object. Not only the rust but also there are some other things that can damage the fuel tanker such as sand, water, mud etc. For these reasons it is necessary to take care properly. Without that in our country petrol pumps don’t offer good quality fuel and because of that the dirt of the fuel gets in the tanker and remains there. Sometimes when we wash the bike water gets in to the fuel tanker or riding in the rain also does the same thing and both can damage like the same way.

What problems we will face?
The first thing what will happen is the life time or the durability will decrease of the tanker. Then because the dirt is in the tanker it will flow through the fuel passing pipe into the engine and carburetor which will cause damage for them both. If the engine starts to create problem then few other things might happen such as, self start will stop working, bad throttle response, spark plug will be dirty, over flow at the carburetor etc.

How to get rid of this problem?
All of us who has bikes might take care of the fuel tanker. Within every six months or one year washout the fuel tanker properly from an expert mechanic and also from a good servicing center. Few people uses diesel or kerosene to wash the inner part of the fuel tanker, they thinks it will save money but it is not the right thing to do. Always prefer octane or petrol for cleaning the fuel tank. There are few steps to follow for cleaning this thing, and those are given bellow:

Step 1
Fuel tank should be separated from the bike.
As the fuel tanker is larger in size so it is quite impossible to clean up when it is attached with the bike so we have to separate this thing to clean up.

Step 2
Tanker hole must be closed.
After separating the fuel tanker when we will start cleaning we have to be sure that the tankers face is closed, after putting the octane or petrol and the ball bearings inside we have to close the fuel intake hole of the tanker. After that we have to shake the tanker properly to clear the dirt from the tanker walls. This cleaning process can be done by tank flashing technique, doing this will clean up all the rust and darts inside the fuel tanker.

Step 3
Attach the fuel tank again.
After cleaning the fuel tanker properly, it needs to be placed at the exact place where it was before separation.

So these are the three steps how the fuel tanker cleaning process is done. So we must take care of this precious thing and also clear the fuel tank after a certain time on regular basis. It will offer better performance and durability.

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