1st January 2018, MotorcycleValley has inaugurated first ever motorcycle zone in Bangladesh. This zone is the right place for the bike and bikers it is consist of facilities to examining the performance of a bike at several road conditions, Traveler's Zone for the motorcycle riders, Sports Zone and space for the motorcycle companies to display their bike through motorcycle fair and most importantly motorcycle driving training schools to teach how to ride motorcycle properly by following rules and regulation.


Motorcycle Test Lab : Facilities to examine the performance of a bike at several road conditions from user point of view.

Traveler's Zone : proper provision for the bike travelers to get clean entertainment at cols to the nature.

Sports Zone: first special sports zone for the motorcycle riders. Riders will get the opportunity to display their motorcycle related sports talent in front of the spectators.

Motorcycle Fair Zone : good enough space for the motorcycle companies to display their bike through motorcycle fair to the potential buyers.

Motorcycle Driving Training: Driving without proper documents is an offence. It is mandatory to have proper bikes documents as well as driving license. Moreover you have to pay handsome amount of fee in terms of braking traffic and road's rules and regulation. Therefore it is compulsory to have proper knowledge about traffic rules and regulation with good driving skill. Besides it is better to have knowledge about basic maintenance of own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Valley has taken complete initiative to generate the consciousness about motorcycle driving rules and regulation to the existing riders as well as teach the new riders to drive motorcycle properly by following proper instruction of the roads and traffics. Moreover, riders will get adequate advice and support in the time of making driving license.

Curriculum of training is as follows-

  • - Motorcycle driving
  • -Introduction of several motorcycle parts
  • - Maintenance lesson
  • -Idea about traffic rules and regulation
  • - Discussion on driving license procedure


Please contact: Mahedi (01739102410)

New Students

Motolab News
  • Suzuki Test Ride Campaign 2020 Held on Motolab
    Last 15th March Sunday on the Motolab (Free Motorcycle Training Center by MotorcycleValley) Suzuki Test Ride Campaign 2020 is completed with festive look. On this occasion, there were present all the students (Approx 60) of Motolab (Free Motorcycle Training Center by MotorcycleValley) same time there were more including Suzuki’s probable customers and so many bike lovers. This program started on 3.00pm and ended on 6.00pm. On the following ... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Hayate Test Ride Event at MOTOLAB
    Suzuki Hayata Test Ride event was held at Motolab premises at 10 am on 1st November 2019. The event was organized to test Suzuki Hayate's performance and introduce Suzuki's technical excellence to interested buyers. Attending the event current motorcycle training program members of Motolab and members of Team MotorcycleValley were present. At the Suzuki Test Ride event, Md. Mostafizur Rahman, business developer of Motorcyclevalleysp... English Bangla
  • Lifan Sports Day 2019
    Last Saturday (16-03-2019) a grand sports day sponsored by Lifan and organized by team motorcycle valley was held on the field of Motolab. That program was named “Lifan Sports day 2019”. There all the core team members were found from team Motorcycle valley and few games were played among the Motolab students. Motolab is another concern of Motorcycle valley. On that ground team motorcycle valley does few innovative things which are ... English Bangla
  • Class held at Motolab about Importance of Traffic Law and Driving License
    Yesterday 14-12-2018 another successful theoretical class was organized by team motorcycle valley and sponsored by Lifan. This program was held in the field of Motolab, own training zone of motorcycle valley. Based on few basic important parts while learning motorcycle riding or after being purchasing motorcycle different things users must know. And to inform this things team Motorcycle valley and Lifan Motorcycle Company organized t... English Bangla
  • MotorcycleValleys 2nd Skill Development program completed
    2nd round of Skill Development program of Team MotorcycleValley completed on 07-05-2018. Where each member of team MotorcycleValley comes to know about their work in a whole new way. In the workshop, whole team member mainly discussed with the matter of bike brands and those models same time, about the Article writing means Content Development. Meanwhile, Team MotorcycleValley mentioned with some of the topics that time demands. Found... English Bangla
  • MotorcycleValley organized a theory class at Motolab
    Last Friday a theoretical class based on motorcycle was organized by the team MotorcycleValley at their new project MOTOLAB area. One of the largest and oldest information providers about motorcycle is known as MotorcycleValley in Bangladesh. Nowadays team MotorcycleValley is not only providing the whole information about motorcycle which is required for a rider but also started to research about bikes and to do that their one of the major st... English Bangla
  • MotorcycleValley Skill Development Program
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  • 21 Sports by MotorcycleValley had been celebrated with joy
    Today (21-02-2018) an interesting sports event with the motorbikers has been organized by MotorcycleValley and the event was uphold on the MotorcycleValley's own ground. Thousand of visitors were present at MOTOLAB. There were mainly 3 events (Paddle push, Slow riding and Balloon blast) same time, an attractive motorcycle stunt was displayed to amaze the audience. An exciting paddle push riding (pull the motorcycle using legs by sit... English Bangla
  • MotorcycleValley stepped into its 7th year
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  • Motorcyclevalley starts Free Motorcycle Driving Training School
    Motorcycle Valley has officially inaugurated free motorcycle riding training school with admitting students in the 1st of January 2018 and the last 12th January it begins for the students in their own training ground. At the start, the Founder and CEO of “Motorcyclevalley” MR. Abu Syeed Mahmud Hasan uphold the endeavor, necessity also the background as well. At the first day of the training, students were introduced with the basics ... English Bangla
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