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Terms of service

Motorcyclevalley.com is the information based website where anyone can get the latest or details information of motorcycle or bikes all over Bangladesh. Before the registered or free visitors of this fantastic site, you have to read thoroughly these terms of services. When you have to agree with our terms of services, it is better to move ahead to our site (motorcyclevalley.com).The terms of services of us (motorcyclevalley.com) are given below:

Motorcycle valley.com, totally based on providing information about motorcycle, is the creation for users only. The aim of us (motorcyclevalley.com) is to satisfied our users by giving them the desirable information what they want. It is the most reliable and most visible website all over Bangladesh. All types of motorcycle and their details are stored here with great perfection and in trustworthy style.

Services and contents
We (motorcyclevalley.com) expose the latest trends of motorcycle and their all overview details for our users or viewers betterment. The terms what you have to know are given below:

01. Our service is unique and copy protected.
02. Our customers reviews are all real and must be unique, I mean those reviews are only for us.
03. These reviews are original and from experienced persons.
04. The other providing information in our different section like News or Compare, Importers is all reserved only for us and copy right protected.
05. The images in the entire website is reserved for us and prohibited for any kind of misuse.
06. All the information and writings are copyright reserved. Any kind of copy paste or taking information for other works is great offense.
07. Our registered users contact information are stored with great safety and well protected. We do not give any of our user’s information to others or any third party.
08. We only store the viewers IP address and passing time to know their great choice so that it can be easy to find out what the customers most visible choice
09. The entire information in the website (motorcyclevalley.com) can be changed and this right is also reserved for us only.
10. This website is a non paid website. So, there is no question of fund or re fund.

We (motorcyclevalley.com) use cookies that mean you have cookies enabled in your pc for all functional work does properly. These cookies are very little data files that are written to owner hard drive while the person visits any websites. These cookies files contain specific information, like random number ID which the site gives to a visitor s to track the pages visited. These cookies cannot read data of your computer or read other cookies files created by other websites.

All the registered users have to submit their valid email address, before to join in motorcyclevalley.com. These email addresses of registered users will not publically showed. The honorable users all kind of information will be reserved in high security and protected.

Motorcyclevalley.com does not guarantee continuous or secure access to the website always. This websites is permitted “as is” and as and when available.

Motorcyclevalley.com contains links or reference to third party (other websites). Motorcyclevally.com is not responsible for those contents which are run by those third parties (other websites). But it is soured that these third parties do not investigate or monitored us (motorcyclevalley.com). In these events of third parties, users have to leave motocyclevalley.com and redirecting to the third parties sites. The users have to do whatever they like in those site at their own risks.

Advertisement and users wishes to post in motorcyclebd.com that requires payment and that is detailed in our (motorcyclrvalley.com) advertisement page. All the rights of these kinds of advertisements are reserved by motorcyclevalley.com authority only. Any time the payment prices can be changed or updated. Also this kind of paid ads are followed the other terms and condition. After publishing any paid ad, then under no circumstances it is no possible to refund that payment. So users who wish to give us paid add they have to be sure before given it to us. There is a another thing that is if any paid ad or content ids deleted or replaced by others, it is soured that it will not published anymore without the permission of the main owner of that paid ad or content.

Motocyclevalley.com takes no responsibility for any kind of activities, injuries, claim, liability, or resulting any kind of thing happened like an errors of motorcyclevalley.com or the contents, errors of technical or typographical, any third party websites or content directly or indirectly come through the links of us () , the unavailability of motorcyclrvalley.com, your use of motorcyclrvalley.com or the contents, your use of any elements such as software in connected with motorcyclrvalley.com.
Advertisers and the users agree to indemnify Motocyclevalley.com with its employees, agents, directories and against all lose expenses, damages, and cost.
Motocyclevalley.com reserves the right to modify and update these terms of services .But it is obvious that such kind of modification will be posted immediately. You’re so much use of Motocyclevalley.com shall deemed your acceptance and accomplish us to modify the terms of services.

We (Motocyclevalley.com) again recommend the users to read thoroughly the terms of services of Motocyclevalley.com before the going to use it(Motocyclevalley.com).But they have to keep in mind that Motocyclevalley.com is always and be always friendly for users. After above all the information if you want to know more or have any question in your mind then you can email us in info@motorcyclevalley.com. Also our full address is given below:

Motorcycle Valley
337, Boaliapara, Alokar More, Station Road, Rajshahi
Email: info@motorcyclevalley.com