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  • Lifan K19 Feature Review
    lifan-k19-feature-review.jpg At the first sight of the K19, cruiser lover will surely be appealed. It is one of the classic cruiser available at 165cc segment. It is combined with modern features, trendy outlook, with a hint of sports in the retro. The overall appearance of K19 is based on smooth and dynamic look. The overall exterior of the K19 does not emphasize on the regular type cruiser, it pays more attention to the overal... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Bandit Feature Review
    1598424715_suzuki-bandit.jpg Another gift from Suzuki has been introduced for the Suzuki lovers, which they are calling Suzuki Bandit. With the tagline of “The Street king” Suzuki Bandit is now available in Bangladesh. New Suzuki Bandit is designed to provide a comfortable ride for all type of riders who love to ride bikes with comfort, but requires speed and concern about the trendy outlook. Suzuki applies the characteristi... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Samurai Feature Review
    1598082866_suzuki-samurai-main.jpg Suzuki motorcycle manufacturers are having a blast in Bangladesh. Already a bunch of new models are introduced and recently they bring in another product in their lineup, namely Suzuki Samurai 150. This newly launched standard category 150cc bike has all the charm to attract its users. It is simpler, but loaded with excellent features. Moreover, the brand value of this bike make it specia... English Bangla
  • Suzuki GSX 125 Feature Review
    1596004940_suzuki-gsx-125.jpg If we mention the popular bike brand surrounding the world we have to bring in Suzuki. They are one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer from Japan. No doubt, they introduced classy bikes over the year and they are still doing. They are mostly known for sports category bikes, like Suzuki GSX series. But countries like Bangladesh requires commuter segment bikes as well. So, they are offering a few... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS Feature Review
    1595250696_Gixxer SF FI ABS.jpg Ever since the gixxer series has launched, it created a new craze among the 150cc segment. A new fan base was made by Suzuki. In Bangladeshi market we were hearing a news that new edition of Gixxer series is about to arrive, which was launched earlier in India. Therefore, all the Gixxer and Suzuki lovers were waiting for the new era and finally the much awaited all new Gixxer series arrived in ... English Bangla
  • Aprilia GPR 150 Feature Review
    1593951854_Aprilia-GPR-150-Featur-Revieew.jpg Aprilia is one of the biggest and common names in the world motorcycle market. This company is not only popular, but also trusted and produces trendy bikes with all the up to date features. They are also famous in racing tracks. In MotoGP racing, we saw varieties and stylish Aprilia bikes. However, in Bangladesh we have a cc limitation for selling and importing motor... English Bangla
  • Runner Bolt 165R Feature Review
    Runner-Bolt-165R-Feature-Review Runner! One of the trusted names in the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. They are the very own Bangladeshi manufacturer. They have a perfect combination of the bike price with the quality. Because of their dedication, within a concise time, they earned the trust of our country biker. The Very first alphabet of Runner is “R” and R for “Respect customers’ feelings” that is why they... English Bangla
  • H Power GP 165 Robot Z Feature Review
    H-Power-GP-165-Feature-Review Riding a bike for a rider always feels like a journey to paradise. Riding bikes not only allows us to feel the thrill but also it is one of the most convenient and reasonable vehicles that a person can afford. If we talk about passion and attraction, then most of the riders want a budget-friendly bike that can offer all the modern features and comes with a stylish outlook. On that note, toda... English Bangla
  • Victor-R Cafe Racer 125 Features Review
    Victor-R-Cafe-Racer-125-Features-Review Human demand and choice are changing with flow of time at the same time, eagerness about the modern science and technology is rising with the same flow. Now the people are engaging with the ultra modern technology along with the whole new look bike. When to purchase a motorcycle, a buyer consider the look of a bike at first then about the price. By considering all these f... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Saluto Special Edition Feature Review
    Yamaha-Saluto-Special-Edition-Feature-Review There is now doubt about the popularity of Yamaha bikes in Bangladesh. They have started their journey long way back in our country and still they have the same impact as a trustworthy brand. In their lineup they offered several motorcycles for our country people and this is still ongoing trend. If we look down to the commuter sector which is really popular and ... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor Feature Review
    lifan-kpr-165r-feature-review Sports bikes! These are kind of dream bikes in our Bangladesh, because of cc limit or many other issues we the bike lovers cannot buy our desired bike, even if we have money. Therefore, we have to buy which we had in our local market, and if we look down into our local market then one of the most affordable and eye catching sports bike in Bangladesh is Lifan KPR 165R. The bike’s sporty out... English Bangla
  • Benelli 165s Features Review
    Benelli-165s-Features-Review Trendy design and up to date features are always required for motorcycle market. Every company tries to cope up with these two aspects and meanwhile, different companies are also raising giving effort for these two sides. When it is about fashionable design and features then we cannot leave Benelli behind. They always try to put great effort for their customers and to hold on their attention.... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKR 165 Features Review
    Keeway-RKR-165-Features-Review These days when the modernity has already touched everywhere motorcycle market is also being rising progressively with the trend. All the companies are trying to offer trendy models for the customers because people are getting more interested to have a stylish bike. Among the trendy bike provider’s keeway maintains a good reputation and so far people has appreciated their bikes because o... English Bangla
  • Yamaha MT-15 Features Review
    Yamaha-MT-15-Features-Review Showing the class Yamaha motorcycles has a huge fan base and numerous users. These days they have launched several products and the all-new Yamaha MT-15 is in the lineup. It has been a long- awaited model and brings the Hyper Naked & dynamic design with the same sporting performance of the R15. In fact, the foundations on both motorcycles remain the same. Yamaha brings this bike for giving mor... English Bangla
  • Honda CBR 150R ABS Motogp Features Review
    Honda-CBR-150R-ABS-Motogp-Features-Review One heart Honda! Most popular Tagline among the motorcycle industry is this. Reason behind that is the popularity range and mass number of users of Honda. Across the world Honda motorcycles are well-liked and countries like ours it is the first-class one. Among their product list Honda CBR 150 cc is one of the premium bikes in Bangladesh. Recently they have introduce... English Bangla
  • Honda CB Shine SP Features Review
    Honda-CB-Shine-SP-Features-Review More or less we all know about the quality of Honda Motorcycles. Across the world this manufacturing company has a vast number of users and users are satisfied with the performance of Honda’s products. The all new CB Shine SP (Special) is Honda’s premium 125cc motorcycle. It is an addition to the existing CB Shine model and uses the same engine and targeted to catch the attentio... English Bangla
  • Keeway K Lite Features Review
    Keeway-K-Lite-Features-Review Modernity has touched the every single side of our resources. More or less everything is getting the touch of modernity where style and spectacular designs are added to everything. At the motorcycle world it is also applicable. Manufacturing companies are trying to give the best effort to their bikes design and features for their customers. Talking about those manufacturing company one of th... English Bangla
  • Hero iSmart+ Feature Review
    Hero-iSmart-Plus-Feature-Review There is an aristocracy inside the name of Hero. Not only in Bangladesh but also in many other countries across the world knows about the product of Hero. In Bangladesh there is a large number of popularity of Hero among all the segments we have 100-150cc. regarding that inside 110cc segment Hero has Hero iSmart which is one of the most popular one. Based on the features and performance... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Lets Scooter Feature Review
    Suzuki-Lets-Scooter-Feature-Review Undoubtedly the demand of scooters is increasing across the world. Every motorcycle manufacturing company is trying to offer a scooter for their users. If we talk about the brand Suzuki they have a few list of scooter in their product line up. Among those Suzuki Let’s is one of the popular one. The Lets is the entry-level scooter from Suzuki. Suzuki Lets are one of the lightest ... English Bangla
  • FKM StreetFighter 165 SF Feature Review
    FKM-StreetFighter-165-SF-Feature-Review People are switching their demand and choice as the time flows and changing. Now a day’s most of the people are very much sincere to all short decision they made. Recently most of the people are always thinking to have their own transport media ignoring the public transport why because we all somehow or someway try to save our time and money. By measuring this point and... English Bangla
  • Yamaha RAY ZR Street Rally Feature Review
    Yamaha-Ray-ZR-Street-Rally-Feature-Review Yamaha is presenting the all new Ray ZR Street Rally. Before introducing this model already a same type of product named Ray ZR was in a good response. To make the roads more comfortable and easier this thing just arrived. It is a sharp, shiny, swift and stylish machine for those who live life on the edge. So, if it feels to be just a scooter, you are making a mistak... English Bangla
  • Hero Hunk Matt Edition Features Review
    Hero-Hunk-Matt-Edition-Features-Review We all know about an Indian motorcycle brand and that is Hero. When Hero and Honda used to work together one of their popular products was launched in 2007, with the name of Hero Honda Hunk 150. Few days later Hero started working alone and in 2011, Hero Moto Corp gave the Hunk a minor update, making it available with the option of a rear disc brake and slight change at the... English Bangla
  • Speeder Big Monster 165 Fi Feature Review
    Speeder-Big-Monster-165-Fi-Feature-Review Speeder is one of the emerging brands in Bangladesh which begins its journey with 165cc’s fuel injection technology engine and that bike is a “Café Racer”. Now they are to introduce another one and it is the “Speeder Big Monster 165FI”. This one is a complete and whole new package with Exceptional Design, Powerful Engine and also with Modern Features. Let... English Bangla
  • UM Runner Renegade Sport Feature Review
    UM-Runner-Renegade-Sport-Feature-Review “UM Runner Renegade Sport” this bike has produced jointly by the domestic brand Runner and American company UM. At least in Bangladesh, there is nothing new to say on the matter of Runner. On the other hand, UM is world widely known brand and Motorcycle company. These two companies jointly made a bike for the bike lovers of Bangladesh which is replete with ultra m... English Bangla
  • Victor-R V80 Xpress Features Review
    Victor-R-V80-Xpress-Features-Review The demand of motorcycles is increasing day by day in our country with the flow of time same time, each of the company is in hard line on the matter of competition. In the current market Chinese brands are now become a heavy competitor of the Japanese and Indian brands. In recent times customers wish to have bike with excellent features less than in reasonable price and from ... English Bangla
  • Victor-R Classic Feature Review
    Victor-R-Classic-Feature-Review These days in Bangladeshi motorcycle market 80-100 motorcycles are getting popular and it is reality. In both city and village we can see these 80-100cc motorcycles. Different brands and companies are trying to put some new features and design to these bikes for their own betterment and also for the demand of the users. Among those motorcycle companies one name is at the list and tha... English Bangla
  • UM Runner Renegade Commando Feature Review
    UM-Runner-Renegade-Commando-Feature-Review Runner has a remarkable reputation among the domestic brands of Bangladesh. If we take a close look to the roads of Bangladesh, we will see mostly Indian and Chinese bikes are lot more in number. But the Runner is much more ahead as a local brand with the compare with others local brands. On the other hand, UM is an American brand which always produce vehicle by... English Bangla
  • Benelli TNT 150 Feature Review
    Benelli-TNT-150-Feature-Review Benelli is known as one of the oldest and popular Italian motorcycle manufacturing. In 1911 they started manufacturing motorcycles; they manufacture 75cc to Super bikes as well. Among their popular bike series TNT (Tornado Naked Tre) is marked. For many days people were taking about the arrival of Benelli motorcycles at our local markets. After a long wait tenth June to full fill the dem... English Bangla
  • Lifan KPR 165R Features Review
    Lifan-KPR-165R-Features-Review After a long wait finally last year our government increases the CC limitation in our country and for that reason many of interesting, well featured and extreme looking motorcycles are headed to us. worthy and classy motorcycles are offered from the Japanese, Indian and Chinese motorcycle companies at the new 165cc segment for our country and if we have to talk about those classy and eye... English Bangla
  • Hero Ignitor Feature Review
    Hero-Ignitor-Feature-Review Introducing new designed and featured motorcycles are becoming a trend these days. Various companies are introducing new motorcycles with upgraded features and new look. If we have to talk about that kind of bikes then at the 125cc segment Hero recently offered a new bike for the commuter lovers and it is named HERO IGNITOR. According to the manufacturing company both power and thrill will be in... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc feature review
    Bajaj-Pulsar-150-Twin-Disc-Feature-Review By selling more than three lakh pieces of Bajaj Pulsar 150 this bike holds the position of the highest selling motorcycle in Bangladesh. Though that position is taken by TVS Apache RTR with the flow of time but because of the decent outlooks, excellent design and build quality, powerful engine and its performance Bajaj Pulsar still remains one of the most attractive b... English Bangla
  • Speeder Countryman 165cc Cafe Racer Feature Review
    Speeder-Countryman-165cc-Cafe-Racer-Feature-Review New cc limitation means new bike and that also means new segments and categories of bike. Before the new cc limitation of motorbikes in our country different categories of motorcycles were seen in the lineup and currently few more are coming. Among those categories of motorcycle a new one is added in our country and that is known as Café racer. Curr... English Bangla
  • Honda CB Hornet 160R Feature Review
    Honda-CB-Hornet-Features After the new cc limitation range for motorcycle has been announced in Bangladesh bike lovers were expecting new arrivals which can take place to their hearts. While discussing about new arrival of new segments one bike was top of the list and that was Honda CB Hornet 160R. More or less everyone at the motorcycle community was talking about tit and wondering that what will be the performance of this n... English Bangla
  • Honda Aviator Feature Review
    Honda-Aviator-Feature-Review No introduction today for one of the most top listed motorcycle manufacturing brand HONDA. We already know what is Honda and what are they capable to manufacture for the motorcycle lovers. Alongside motorcycle lovers Honda produces Scooter segment two wheeler and they are really demandable as well. Talking about the demandable Honda scooters Honda Aviator must be mentioned. Honda Aviator gets ... English Bangla
  • Honda Activa 125 Scooter Feature Review
    Honda-Activa-125-Scooter-Feature-Review There is nothing to say special about Honda motorcycle manufacturing company. That person who loves to ride two wheelers for their daily lives or because of their passion already knows about the reputation of HONDA. This Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company never compromises with their product quality and that is why they are renowned worldwide. This company not on... English Bangla
  • Lifan Glint 100 Feature Review
    Lifan-Glint-100-Feature-Review Motorcycle has make the life easier and besides motorcycle is a comfortable vehicle. Because of the traffic jam and to maintain time motorcycle is used more now a days. One can move one place to another very easily with a motorcycle and now many people are traveling abroad with motorcycles. In Bangladesh there are good competition between different brands. Beside Japanese and Indian bran... English Bangla
  • Runner Royal+ Feature Review
    Runner-Royal-Plus-Feature-Review Motorcycle has make the life very easier. Now most of the people use motorcycle for their own transportation. People are focusing on motorcycles for their own liberty and for problem free moving. According to the road condition of Bangladesh many company is providing very qualified motorcycle to the customers at very low price. Many brands has come to build motorcycles in our country... English Bangla
  • Suzuki Intruder Features Review
    Suzuki-Intruder-150-Feature-Review By the inspiration of the Japanese famous Kawasaki Eliminator, Bajaj is the first company to introduce Cruiser of “Avenger” series in the time of 2005. the characteristic of Avenger series is, it almost look like the same. “Bajaj Avenger 150cc” is their entry level cruiser which is cheap in price. In the same time, it is successful to attract the young customers as it tar... English Bangla
  • Hero Pleasure Features Review
    Hero-Pleasure-Features-Review In Bangladesh market Hero is a popular name. The old name of Hero was Hero Honda but now the contract is over thats why Hero has come back with its old name “Hero”. All the motorcycles of Hero are very popular and achieved the trust of the customer. There are many motorcycles of Hero on the road of our country some of them are Hero Splendor, Hero I-Smart, Hero Hunk and many more. Besid... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Feature Review
    Bajaj-Pulsar-NS160-Feature-Review As we already know that motorcycle CC limitation has been moved up in our country and now it is 165cc instead of 155cc. That means new CC limitation, new bikes as well. And at present days among the entire 160cc segment bike which are about to come in Bangladeshi local market peoples are talking about Bajaj Pulsar 160NS the most. Reason behind that are their brand reputation and th... English Bangla
  • SYM Symphony S 125cc Feature Review
    SYM-symphony-S-125cc-Feature-review There is nothing to say special about the rising motorcycle market of our country. Within no time many of new brands and products are regularly being introduced for us at the motorcycle world and they are now getting available in our country as well. No wonder that not only the motorcycles but also the scooters are also getting popular in our country and they are demand is also i... English Bangla
  • Beetle Bolt Alligator v2 Features Review
    Beetle-Bolt-Alligator-v2-Features-Review Nowadays we all know that our motorcycle market is rising, various motorcycle manufacturers from different countries are supplying their motorcycles in Bangladesh and they are also getting popular. Amongst those motorcycles manufacturing company we already know about Brand Beetle. This American motorcycle manufacturer already started their journey in our motorcycle ma... English Bangla
  • TVS XL 100 Feature Review
    tvs-xl-100cc-moped When we will discuss about the Bangladeshi motorcycle market we must mention TVS motorcycle manufacturing company from India. This brand has now become very popular amongst the bike lovers. With their products they are able to satisfy the users and gain trust. All of their products are reasonable in price and very users friendly for the users. They have a long list of their products at the commuter, scooter, s... English Bangla
  • KIDEN KD150-F Feature Review
    KIDEN-KD150-F-Feature-Review In our country reputation and popularity of motorcycles rising very fast and with the flow of time manufacturer and provider of two wheelers are also seen in good number at the local market. Different manufacturing company from different countries offers well configured motorbikes within reasonable price and those can fulfill all the demands of the motorbike users. Plentiful companies are fo... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 125 Features Review
    Keeway-RKS-125-Features-Review Now these days we have recognized that except the popular Japanese and Indian motorcycle many other motorbikes are also performing amazingly. Talking about those bikes we must say about Keeway motorcycles. Already we have seen many of their products features, prices and along with that many of their users review as well. Based on those we can easily find out the performances of those bik... English Bangla
  • Beetle Bolt Mustang Feature Review
    Beetle-Bolt-Mustang-150cc-white When we look on to the Bangladeshi motorcycle market we will see lots of motorcycle brands which are rising quickly. These motorcycle manufacturers are trying to fulfill the requirement of motorcycle riders in their every attempt. Different companies from different countries are offering their products for our motorcycle lovers. As we far now we all know that among those motorcycle br... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 150 Sport CBS Features Review
    keeway-rks-150-Sport-cbs Without the Indian and Japanese motorcycle brands few other motorcycle manufacturing company is getting into a good position with the flow of time because they are providing excellent featured motorcycles within very reasonable price. Amongst them we must mention KEEWAY. Few of their quality products already catch the eyes of motorcycle lovers and they are admired by all at the motorcycle market. Ke... English Bangla
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 Feature Review
    tvs-apache-rtr-160-feature-review At present time two wheeler vehicles are popular worldwide. Along with popularity their product quality is also getting classy day after day. Those companies which already kept the trust of the users are having great business at the local market and reason behind that is their superior quality product. TVS motorcycle manufacturing company is one of those who are reliable and at bot... English Bangla
  • Kiden KD150-K Feature Review
    kiden-kd150-k-full-body Countries like Bangladesh where traffic and population is big issue motorcycles are perfect for daily transportation. Numerous companies are found at these days for providing high class motorcycles and they are doing well for the motorcycle lovers and users. In a regular run new brands and motorcycles are introduced for the country people and most of them fulfill the demand of motorcycle lovers as wel... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Ray Z Feature Review
    yamaha-ray-z-front-right Yamaha, one of the trusted motorcycle brands across the world. This motorcycle manufacturing company has always provided high class products and there was no doubt about their products quality and durability at the past and not even at present. At these days to hold onto that reputation Yamaha is adding numerous products at their product list. They always try to bring in well and updated featured tw... English Bangla
  • Honda Livo 110 Feature Review
    honda-livo-feature-review These days we all know that Bangladeshi motorcycle market is growing swiftly and it is also getting larger because of the demand of this vehicle. To fulfill that demand and Keeping the need of the customers in mind the many manufacturing companies are available. Among those Japanese motorcycle companies HONDA is the most trusted and reliable motorcycle providers who offer suitable motorcycles for ... English Bangla
  • Honda Dio Scooter Feature Review
    Honda-Dio-Scooter-Feature-Review Every single person who loves two wheeler and want to have a two wheeler has faith in Japanese manufacturers. Whether you want scooter, cruiser, commuter or sports category motorcycles everyone prefer Japanese motorcycles first because of their quality products. Among those Japanese brands which we are taking about Honda is always at the top of the list. This manufacturing company al... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 Feature Review
    keeway-rks-100-v3-features Nowadays next to Japanese and Indian motorcycle manufacturers few others are also getting their popularity because of excellence of their products. In the middle of those rising manufacturers and motorcycle providers Keeway is now a big name. This European company produces different categories of motorcycles and many of them are now available in our country all the way through their importer a... English Bangla
  • Beetle Bolt Stinger Feature Review
    beetle-bolt-stinger-150cc As we all know numerous motorcycle brands are available at the local market and among them many are new. Because of their quality product these motorcycles are getting fame quickly. We already know that list and also are familiar with about Beetle Bolt. Before this article we have already discussed about the two finest collections of Beetle Bolt motorcycles, which they have launched in Banglades... English Bangla
  • Beetle Bolt Alligator Feature Review
    beetle-bolt-alligator-feature-review We all know different motorcycle manufacturers are providing their motorcycles in Bangladesh and they are also getting huge amount of popularity. Reason behind their popularity is the demand of motorcycle lovers. And to fulfill the demand of Bangladeshi motorcycle lover’s new motorcycle Brand Beetle Bolt is arrived at the local market. Beetle Bolt is an American motorcycl... English Bangla
  • Beetle Bolt Corbet 150 feature review
    beetle-bolt-corbet-full Observing the Bangladeshi motorcycle market we all know that it is rising swiftly. That’s because there are many motorcycle manufacturers whom are trying to fulfill the requirement of motorcycle riders. Different brands from different countries are offering their products for our motorcycle lovers and they are getting good response. Amongst those motorcycle brands a new arrival is noticed and that ... English Bangla
  • Keeway Magnet 100 Features Review
    keeway-magnet-100-features-review We already know that Japanese and Indian motorcycles have good reputation in our motorcycle market but nowadays alongside them other manufacturers are also surprising with their products. Among those rising manufacturers and motorcycle providers Keeway is found, this European company produce commuter, sports commuter, cafe racer, Cruiser etc different categories of motorcycles an... English Bangla
  • Hero Pleasure 2017 Features Review
    hero-pleasure-full-body-design As we all know before 2009 Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero and Japanese manufacture Honda was combined and at joint venture they produced lots of two wheelers in their banner. At the two wheelers category they made commuter, sports commuter and scooters. Different category of two wheelers is scooter and this company was able to establish this category with their quality product at th... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour Fi Features Review
    hero-glamour-fi-125 There is nothing to say special about India’s one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer company Hero Motocorp. With the flow of time there two wheeler products gets fame and gradually upgraded. They not only upgrade the design but also the inner condition of the engine. Many of their previous popular motorcycles are newly launching with new shades, design and features. Among them one of the popular Hero m... English Bangla
  • Hero Achiever 150 Feature Review
    hero-achiever-150 In our country there is a good reputation and popularity of Indian motorcycles and with the flow of time that popularity is increasing. Indian motorcycle manufacturer’s offers well configured motorbikes within reasonable price and those can fulfill all the demands of the motorbike uses. That’s why they gradually introduce different category motorbikes along with different segments. Among those Indian companie... English Bangla
  • Hero iSmart 110 Features Review
    Hero iSmart 110 Features Review Hero Moto corp. is one of the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. They provide their motorcycles not only in their own country but also in Bangladesh. At the commuter segment many of their popular bikes are running at the country roads of ours. A few years back one of their 100cc commuters was launched named Hero Splendor iSmart 100. Good response of that bike was heard in India and f... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Fazer Fi Version 2.0 feature review
    yamaha-fazer-fi-v2 In Bangladesh many motorcycle manufacturing brand are available but few of them are trustworthy. Japanese motorcycles always had good impression at the Bangladeshi local market along with internationals. Three of the high class Japanese motorcycle manufacturer provides their motorcycles in our country and one of them is Yamaha. Yamaha motorcycles are very popular for their all category motorcycles and especiall... English Bangla
  • Yamaha FZS Fi Version 2.0 Feature Review
    yamaha-fzs-fi-version-2 From the very beginning Yamaha motorcycles are preferred by all. With the flow of time reputation of Yamaha gets better and better. Countries like Bangladesh where 150cc bikes are very popular because of sped limitation, Yamaha offered many outstanding bikes which touched the users heart. Among them Yamaha FZS included and not only Bangladesh this bike also got great popularity in India. Ever since i... English Bangla
  • Yamaha Saluto Features Review
    Yamaha-Saluto-125 Yamaha motorcycle is one of the most trustworthy names in motorcycle market all over the world. This motorcycle company provides their outstanding motorcycles to several countries and the responses they get are satisfying. In Bangladesh numerous motorcycles of Yamaha are being used since their arrival and still now they are standing tall at the local market with their motorcycle quantity and popularity. Along wit... English Bangla
  • Haojue TR150S Features Review
    haojue-tr150 Beginning with Haojue Cool the last arrival is Haojue TR150S motorcycle. For the last few years Karnaphuli industries are importing one of the best Chinese Haojue motorcycles. Better to know that this motorcycle brand is very famous and well acceptable in European countries so let us be familiar with the feature of the newest motorcycle. English Bangla
  • KEEWAY Superlight 150 Feature Review
    keeway-superlight-150 KEEWAY is a multinational motorcycle manufacturer company by which the famous team of “Italy” and “Argentina” engaged with. And for this reason each of the bike from Keeway designed as the best. In Bangladesh they already have marketed their Cruiser bike “Keeway Superlight 150” along with others commuter bike. There are hardly any cruiser bike in the world under 200cc but the limitation in... English Bangla
  • Bajaj V15 Features Review
    bajaj-v15 Recently Bajaj has launched new series of commuter bike called “Bajaj V15”. This is the first bike of V series and hopefully model will continue with V20, V25 etc. Unlike other bike this series is related with the history. INS Vikrant, Majestic-class aircraft carrier, was the part of Indian Navy. In recent past, Bajaj purchased that historical class aircraft carrier to use in manufacturing new motorbike series called “V”.... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Avenger 150 Street Features Review
    bajaj-avenger-150-street-review The first and foremost characteristics of cruiser bike is to drive it comfortably. As to say about “Avenger” series, all the bikes of this series are almost same. From the inspiration of the success of “Eliminator” (Kawasaki) Bajaj marketed their own product “Avenger” in the year of 2005. at first it was 180cc then 200cc and 220cc. They had increase the quality of this bike w... English Bangla

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