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Hero News
  • Hero, TVS and Yamaha brings 10 new bikes
    In recent days we have seen that different brands are launching their new bikes for the users. Recently from three different brands ten new motorcycles are added in the product list of our local market. Two of Indian motorcycle brands TVS and Hero launched their eight products on the very same day 8th of April 2019. Other side renowned brand Yamaha introduced their two bikes a few days back and officially those are in stock and available for ... English Bangla
  • Hero launched three new bikes in Bangladesh
    In keeping with its aggressive growth strategy for the Bangladesh market, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer, yesterday (08-04-2019) launched its three highly popular global brands in the country- the Passion XPRO and Splendor iSmart + motorcycle and the Maestro Edge scooter. The new two-wheelers have been priced attractively, with the passion XPRO at TK 106990, Splendor iSmart + at TK 101990 and Maestro... English Bangla
  • Hero for all
    These days every single brand is trying to provide their products for their consumers as much easier as they can. On that list Hero is also marching and they always tries to offer their every single product as much as they can. For that reason they are saying Hero is for everyone and they are offering their bikes within very reasonable prices. They have strong line up of bikes and they all are very popular indeed because Hero is one of the tr... English Bangla
  • Hero New Year Gift 2019
    Just leaving the past year in the past and welcoming the New Year, Hero offering exciting gifts for the Bike lovers. As gifts Hero representing wholly new and excitingly decorated Hero Hunk and less price in the previous models. By considering all, Hero offering exciting offers to the bike lovers in This New Year. Hero Hunk is one of the most popular motorcycles in Bangladesh and for a long time, this one is gaining the market with its ... English Bangla
  • Hero reduced motorcycle price
    In the recent time, each of the motorcycle brands in Bangladesh is producing their bikes combining with the ability of the customers. Same time, there is a serious competition with the brands of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and some are more. If one company reduce the price of their bikes then they always have an excellent selling rate along with the brand value. Hero is one of the most well known brand in Bangladesh and most amazing matter ... English Bangla
Hero motorcycle reviews
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  • Bajaj Discover 125 user review by Hero
    I have been using Bajaj Discover 125cc from the last 6 months and ridden it around 4000 kilometers. This motorcycles graphical design is totally new and wholly different from the others. Current Discover 125cc is very much different from the previous one not only in the look or graphical design rather this one has digital meter that was absent on the previous discover same time, this one’s h... English Bangla
  • Hero Splendor Plus 7000km riding review by Tohidul Islam
    Just after having my job, I feel the need of a motorcycle and same time; I have to travel a lot due to my job purpose. This is why I was looking for a motorcycle with remarkable mileage range. I discussed this matter with my colleges and they advice me to made my decision with Hero Splendor 100cc. this is good to mention that this one is the first motorcycle of my life. I have been using this ... English Bangla
  • Hero Splendor Plus 100cc review by Rezaul Karim
    I have bought this Hero Splendor Plus 100cc motorcycle in order to travel for my official purpose. Thought he motorcycle is small in size but I like its design. This bike is very fuel efficient. It suits with my body. I have bought this bike almost 5 months before and already ride 3000km. it is the first bike of my life. In both wheels it has drum break which perform very well. I ride at night... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour 4500km riding review by Anamu Haque
    I’m using this Hero Glamor bike since 8 months. It is my daily companion. I can’t move for a single moment without this bike. Without any major problem I already ride 4500km. its graphic design is very attractive. The plastic parts of its body is very strong and its fuel tank makes it more attractive. Sit is very wide and two person can sit easily. After holding the handle bar from the sit... English Bangla
  • Hero Hunk Matt Edition Features Review
    We all know about an Indian motorcycle brand and that is Hero. When Hero and Honda used to work together one of their popular products was launched in 2007, with the name of Hero Honda Hunk 150. Few days later Hero started working alone and in 2011, Hero Moto Corp gave the Hunk a minor update, making it available with the option of a rear disc brake and slight change at the graphics as well. A... English Bangla
  • Hero Hunk Matt Edition user review by Zahid Hasan
    I have seen so many reviews that most of the bikers learnt to ride motorcycle through some of the legendary bikes and I am same one like those people. I learnt to ride motorcycle through “Honda HS” and this was the time of 2010. Just after learning riding motorcycle, my eagerness faces the top level of having a motorcycle of my own. When I got my job, I have to ride Hero CBZ Extreme which ... English Bangla
  • Hero Splendor Plus user review by Mehedi Hasan
    I personally think that a motorcycle is very important to a busy person to maintain all of his/her daily tasks in time. This line is strictly followed by my father as he is a businessman and he always have to move here and there for different reasons. By following the mentioned line he purchased “Hero Splendor Plus” all of a sudden to move freely on the road. My father purchased this motor... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour user review by Tipu Sultan
    By welcoming you all I want to introduce my motorcycle just after introducing myself at first. My name is MD. Tipu Sultan and I am a businessman by my profession. The motorcycle I am using currently its name is “Hero Glamour 125cc”. It’s a long cherished wish of me to have a motorcycle of my own but I can’t make my wish come true for different reasons. Although a motorcycle was badly n... English Bangla
  • Hero Glamour user review by Rafikul Islam
    In Bangladesh motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles these days. Using this thing we can save our time and move as fast as we want. Even we can ride with freedom and our transportation becomes easier. We don’t have to wait, as we have to do for public transports. Based on all these reason numbers of motorcycle users are getting higher every day. They understand the importance of moto... English Bangla
  • Hero HF Deluxe user review by Masud Ali
    Every human being has some dream or hope to live the life in a positive way same way, I had only once and it is to have a Motorcycle in a reasonable price along with outstanding mileage range. As I have to ride bike mostly in the rural areas that is why I always been serious on the matter of mileage range and from same point of view, I made my decision with such bike by which I might have exce... English Bangla
Hero MotoCorp Limited ( formerly Hero Honda ) is manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. Hero Motors is the largest bike manufacturer in India. In 1984 India's popular bicycle manufacture Hero and Japanese Honda jointly started their journey with the name Hero Honda. In 2010, when Honda decided to suspend the joint venture with the Hero. Hero purchased rest of the share from Honda and started with the name Hero.
As to say about the Indian sub-continent, Hero bikes will see in a large number in all the countries of the Indian sub-continent. Bangladesh is a country which has a huge market of the bikes including national and international brands. If we take a look on the roads of Bangladesh we will find a large number of Hero companies bike. The bikes of this company have a special feature that makes it position very strong in the Bangladesh. You cannot choose any other bike but the Hero motors if you are looking for a fuel efficient bike. As we have to mention the mostly use of this brands bike, representatives of the marketing companies. On the road situation of the Bangladesh, you know the reason why we mention the name of Hero Moto Corporation. Some of the bikes of this company are only made for the long ride with fuel efficient capability. As a largest selling brand of the world, they have all the category of the bikes in their production list.
On the question about the importer in Bangladesh? It is Nitol-Niloy group who imports the whole brands models in our country. This company started their business in the starting of the 1980s. This company spread their name in the whole subcontinent in just 20 years or so. Now this company becomes a group of company and makes its business with various branches. At the same time, they got the warm praising of the customers.
Niloy Motors Limited is the sole distributor of the Hero MotoCorp and the Niloy Motors is the part of Nitol-Niloy group. We have already mentioned some information about the Nitol-Niloy group. This company mainly deals with the heavy vehicles like truck, bus and such vehicles. Most of the product of this company from the TATA Motors limited, it means Nitol-Niloy group's main business with the TATA Company. As we were talking about the Niloy Motors, they are the sister company of this group. They provide the total Hero motorbikes in Bangladesh. We know about the Hero Company, they are the largest manufacturer as well as largest bike seller in the world. Bangladesh is also inside this ratio. You can see in the road that, what the number of Hero bikes in the road is?
Very few of other brands have such a large number of bikes in the roads of Bangladesh. You cannot deny that, Hero is not only in a huge number but also it is a famous bike in the root level of our country. Another reason behind the popularity of this bike, the price of this bike is very much affordable for the common people. The most interesting matter of this company is, they have all the category of the bikes that no one has to think that they have no bike for them.

Hero Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
A.B Auto TradersDhakaDetails
Aarham Motors MuseumGazipurDetails
Aayan MotorsBargunaDetails
Abdul Mabud Auto PartsChittagongDetails
Adit Motorcycle GallerryNoakhaliDetails
AK MotorsMeherpurDetails
Akbar Motor Cycle WorksChittagongDetails
Akbar Motorcycle WorksChittagongDetails
Akota MotorsTangailDetails
Al Amin EnterpriseDinajpurDetails
Al Amir & SonsDhakaDetails
Al Barak MotorsBarisalDetails
Alam MotorsRajshahiDetails
Ananna MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Anowar TradersNoakhaliDetails
Arif MotorsTangailDetails
Asha EnterprisePanchagarhDetails
Asha Enterprise Niloy HeroPanchagarhDetails
Auto King Bike PointDhakaDetails
Auto WorldJessoreDetails
Ayesha EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Ayman EnterpriseThakurgaonDetails
Babul Engineering WorkshopBargunaDetails
Bengal MotorsBograDetails
Bike CollectionDhakaDetails
Bike GalleryCoxs BazarDetails
Bike MuseumChittagongDetails
Bismillah AutoPatuakhaliDetails
Bismillah Bike GalleryFaridpurDetails
Bonolota AutosNatoreDetails
Boshundhora MotorsSylhetDetails
Chaklader MotorsJessoreDetails
Chowdhury MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Deen EnterpriseBograDetails
Desh MotorsJessoreDetails
Eastern MotorsSunamganjDetails
Ekram EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Elin MotorsDinajpurDetails
Elin Motors FulbariDinajpurDetails
Ettadi MotorsSylhetDetails
Fair LookKhagrachhariDetails
Gausia MotorsChittagongDetails
General MotorsHabiganjDetails
Gofur ShowroomChittagongDetails
Golden Liberty Limited.DhakaDetails
Good Luck AutomobileManikganjDetails
Green Trust MotorsMaulvibazarDetails
Halim MotorsDhakaDetails
Halim MotorsDhakaDetails
Hera MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Hero MotorcycleSylhetDetails
Hero PalaceGaibandhaDetails
Heru PalaceGaibandhaDetails
Huda MotorsDinajpurDetails
Ifty MotorsChandpurDetails
Ismail AutosSylhetDetails
Iswardi MotorsPabnaDetails
Jahin EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Jahin EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Jamuna MotorsMadaripurDetails
Jamuna MotorsNetrakonaDetails
Jamuna MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Janani AutosJhenaidahDetails
Janata MotorsBholaDetails
Japan MotorsRajbariDetails
Joint AutoChapai NawabganjDetails
Joy MotorsDhakaDetails
JS EnterpriseThakurgaonDetails
Kamlesh TradersPanchagarhDetails
Karnaphuli AutosDhakaDetails
Kasba MotorsBrahmanbariaDetails
Kashbon MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Kazi MotorsGaibandhaDetails
KD MotorsThakurgaonDetails
Khokon TradersKurigramDetails
M/S Chowdhury EnterpriseBrahmanbariaDetails
M/S Komlesh TradersPanchagarhDetails
M/S New Nafisa MotorsGopalganjDetails
M/S Orin MotorsSirajganjDetails
M/S Samit AutoRangpurDetails
Madina MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Mahi MotorsFeniDetails
MAM MotorsThakurgaonDetails
Mamim EnterpriseJamalpurDetails
Mayer Doa Palki AutosRajshahiDetails
Molla MotorsChuadangaDetails
Muna AutosMymensinghDetails
Murad AutomobilesDhakaDetails
Nahar EnterpriseDhakaDetails
National MotorsFaridpurDetails
New Alom MotorsNatoreDetails
New Bike Center MohammadpurDhakaDetails
New Chowdhury & BrothersFeniDetails
New Moheshpur AutoJhenaidahDetails
New Motorcycle CenterJessoreDetails
New Motorcycle MartKhulnaDetails
New Salman MotorsMymensinghDetails
New Sundarban MotorsDhakaDetails
New Yell AutosKushtiaDetails
Niassn MotorsNaogaonDetails
Niloy HeroDhakaDetails
Niloy Hero RajshahiRajshahiDetails
Niloy Motors LtdBograDetails
Niloy Motors LtdMymensinghDetails
Niloy Motors LtdChittagongDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd - KustiaKushtiaDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd ComillaComillaDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd TangailTangailDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd- TejgaonDhakaDetails
Niloy Motors Ltd-ShantinagarDhakaDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyDhakaDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyDinajpurDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyNaogaonDetails
Nitol Marketing CompanyNaogaonDetails
Nobel ElectronicsChapai NawabganjDetails
Ovi MotorsDhakaDetails
Ovi MotorsDhakaDetails
Parsha MotorsManikganjDetails
Polash EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Popular Auto WorksSylhetDetails
Potit MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Prime MotorsKurigramDetails
Progati DistributionGopalganjDetails
Promila MotorsKhulnaDetails
Raju TradersDinajpurDetails
Romim TradersDinajpurDetails
Royal AutoKushtiaDetails
Royal AutoDhakaDetails
RS Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
S B MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
S D MotorsNilphamariDetails
S M MOTORSKhulnaDetails
S.T EnterpriseRangamatiDetails
Sadia MotorsKurigramDetails
Safa MotorsDhakaDetails
Sahanaz Zaman MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Sahera MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
Salma TradersBholaDetails
Salman EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Samad MotorsSylhetDetails
Sarkar MotorsDinajpurDetails
Saudi AutoChuadangaDetails
Seyam Motors & ElectronicsPabnaDetails
Shah Darbedhia AtumobilesChittagongDetails
Shahazalal MotorsChittagongDetails
Shamim MotorsTangailDetails
Shamin MotorsDinajpurDetails
Shareen MotorsSherpurDetails
Shuvo EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Sofik MotorsMymensinghDetails
Sohel MotorsRangpurDetails
Sonargaon MotorsDhakaDetails
Sonia MotorsBholaDetails
South Bangla MotorsPatuakhaliDetails
SR MotorsManikganjDetails
Talukder MotorsMymensinghDetails
The Sonargaon MotorsComillaDetails
Tista EnterpriseNilphamariDetails
Towki MotorsMymensinghDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
Vai Vai MotorsBagerhatDetails
Yamaha CenterPabnaDetails
Zarif MotorsDinajpurDetails
Zinan MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Ziran MotorsKishoreganjDetails

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