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Bajaj News
  • Bajaj 100% Cash Back Offer
    On this Eid the celebration will stay for the whole month of Ramadan by buying each Bajaj bike. Buyers will have up to TK 2000 to TK 20000 cash back! If they are lucky enough then they might get 100% cash back that means a full free bike. Ramadan is yet to start and before it comes Bajaj Brings in an especial offer for their users. To increase the happiness of the holly Eid Bajaj is offering up to 100% cash back offer and TK2000-20000 c... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Boishakhi Offer 2019
    Bajaj brings instant cash back offer regarding this Boishakh. On several Bajaj bikes up to TK 20000 cash back will be provided. Not only is that TK 10000 reduced on the price tag of Bajaj Pulsar NS 160. There is nothing to say special about the renowned motorcycle brand Bajaj; in Bangladeshi market it has its own build reputation. From the very beginning of this year we have seen that different motorcycles brads provided gifts and offer... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Scratch Card Offer
    2018 is just gone and 2019 is on its start and Bajaj offering a scratch card in each of Bajaj Pulsar NS160 where customers are going to have sure cash back in different range. This offer is only available on the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 but this offer is not applicable on the others models of Bajaj. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is one of the major and popular motorcycles in Bangladeshi market. Just after enhancing the power limit on motorcycles, Baja... English Bangla
  • Buy Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, Save uptop Tk 10000
    Bajaj now comes with good news for the Pulsar lovers. Pulsar lovers going to have the chance of discount 5000 – 10000 Taka just by scratching Scratch card. It is good to mention that Bajaj’s Pulsar series is worldwide famous to among the bikers. In a short Bajaj has sold out 10 million Pulsars worldwide. Just to celebrate this golden achievement on sell, Bajaj is now on the way to make Pulsar’s price reasonable for the root leve... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar Stunt Fest & Service Camp at Jessore
    Pulsar stunt fest and Service camp had held in Jessore organized by Bajaj and Uttara motors where the bikers and general remain in charm with the wonderful performance of the expert riders for the whole day. Just after the same program in organized in Chittagong, Dhaka and Sylhet, Jessore was the host this time and the main program shown on 8th December, 2018 in the place of Upasohor College Field (New Market Upasohor). The following prog... English Bangla
Bajaj motorcycle reviews
    10 Reviews found
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Santosh Kumar Biswash
    Frankly speaking, in this days if we don’t have a bike in our house it seems that there is a vital furniture missing in our house and because of this I’m facing lot of problems. Mainly it is quite impossible to move without bike. Because of this I’m thinking to buy a bike for my personal and familial use. At the same time I need a bike for my official use. After considering all these sub... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Shofikul
    I think there is no substitute of bike to move with everywhere freedom. We can move independently with bike. Bajaj Discover 110 is always very fond of me and I heard that it gives great mileage, its design is very decent and we can go anywhere with this. After considering all of this I have purchased Bajaj Discover 110 and I was also very much weak on Bajaj Brand. I’m using this bike for one... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 125 user review by Rasel Babu
    It was my childhood desire to ride bike. Now the dream comes true because I’m riding my own bike. Last one month ago I have purchased Bajaj Discover 125 Drum. Before purchase this bike I have seen the features of this bike on online. Over all this bike seems good to me. Till now I have ride almost 400km.Today I’m going to share my short experience through Motorcycle valley to you. Fi... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Harun or Rashid
    I mainly purchased Bajaj Discover 110 only for my personal use. I’m using this bike for almost 1 month and almost ride 500km. I have ride this 500km very smoothly and the engine also performs well. Usually I don’t ride bike that much. I have gain good experience with this bike. The design of this bike is decent and it suits with people of every age. Today I’m going to share some good and... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 user review by Juwel Rana
    I always have to move a lot due to my office and personal purpose and to communicate this long distance I have to spend a lot time on the way so I thought to have motorcycle to reduce this time distance and to have proper comfort while on the road. So I choose Bajaj Pulsar 150 and by the mercy of Allah, I am very much comfortable while I am on outside of my home. The most amazing matter of my ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 125cc user review by Sajedul Islam
    After getting good reports from the people around me about the motorcycle of Bajaj Company I have purchased Bajaj Discover 125cc about 6 months ago. Till now I have ride 3000km without any accident. I am getting good mileage from it. The graphic design of this bike is totally new. Its body plastic and built quality is very strong. It has digital meter which was absent in all the previous versi... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Platina 100 user review by Mahabub Hossen
    The bike mentioned in the headline was chosen by me for a long time ago and I purchased this one around a year from now. It is good to mention in the same time that this one is the 2nd bike of my life. The main reason to purchase this one is this one has self switch which was not in the previous models of Platina. By considering this, I made my decision to purchase this motorcycle. My current ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 110 user review by Ershad Ali
    Everyone likes motorcycle. I was a motorcycle lover from before. I mainly bought Bajaj Discover 110cc with the desire of good mileage. It is also come in the market with whole new features. After seeing this I have decided to buy this bike. It has digital meter which was absent in also previous version. I’m using this 110cc bike from almost six months and during this time I have ride almost ... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 125 user review by Saifur Rahman
    Bike became compulsory for me because my office is very far from my home and I was thinking from a long time to buy a commuter bike. Bike is not only a media for communication but it is a vehicle to move according to the time. After considering all of this subjects I have purchased Bajaj Discover 125 disc and till now I have ride 800km.yes, it is right that this distance is not sufficient to u... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Discover 125 user review by Anis Ahmed
    In order to maintain communication for my job purpose I have purchased Bajaj Discover 125cc about 1 month ago. It is the first bike of my life. Till now I have ride almost 700km without any accident. I like Bajaj Discover from before. The graphic design of this bike is very attractive. I think the plastic of its body is strong enough. I can travel with my family comfortably because of its wide... English Bangla
Motorbikes becomes one of the major road transport vehicle in the recent days, as to say about the road transport, no other but the motorbike takes its place top of the list for the single or double road transport. The most important reasons behind the fame of the bike are: reasonable price, easy to keep/park/riding, suitable for any roads in country, best for ride for a standard family. At the same time, one of the most important question is, which brand of the bike is the most famous in the recent time?
To find out the answer of this question, we have to make a survey on the road then we can get the exact answer. The matter of fact is, we know the answer of this question by the motorbike showroom. You know, Bajaj motorbikes is one of the best-selling bike in this time. You also can get the answer of this question observing the traffic. The bikes of the Bajaj are seen on the road in a large number which are more than any other vehicle. You know the outlook design and the specification of the Bajaj motorbikes.
Most of the bikes of the Bajaj are standard and the models are very much suitable for any class or age person. We can say, this feature of the Bajaj motor helps it to take top place in the market. On the other hand, its engine is also performing better than any other bike; you cannot deny the fame of the Bajaj motors. Rather you are bound to make admire of this company.

Bajaj Auto Ltd, the Indian two wheeler and three wheeler manufacturing company. Bajaj Auto produces Motorcycle , Scooter,and Auto rickshaw .The company was founded in 1930 in Rajsthan, India . Bajaj Auto is the world's third-largest motorcycle maker and the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers.

Now, let’s take a look on the agency that exporting the Bajaj motorbikes in Bangladesh. In our country this brand is exported by the Uttara Motors Limited (UML). This company was established in 1972. At present Uttara Motors limited becomes a group of company. They make a wide range of their business with the flow of time. Our topic is not about the Uttara group. Let’s see the profile of the Uttara motors Limited: maximum products/parts/materials of this company are been exported from the following companies along with the countries:

AMW Limited, India
Bajaj Auto Limited, India
Force Motors Limited, India
Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan
Isuzu Motors, Thailand
SML Isuzu Limited, India
Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan
Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India
Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation Limited, Pakistan
PT. Indomobil Suzuki Int'l, Indonesia

The most important thing about the Uttara motors is, they are the only dealer of the Bajaj motors limited. You may ask a question on the models of the Bajaj; let’s see the popular models of the Bajaj which are available in our country:

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i
Bajaj Pulsar AS150 (upcoming)
Bajaj Pulsar 135
Bajaj Discover 150
Bajaj Discover 125
Bajaj Discover 125 ST
Bajaj Discover 100
Bajaj Platina 100
Bajaj CT-100

These all models are imported by the Uttara Motors Limited. It is a matter of fact is most of the bikes that we see in the road. Maximum of the bikes are in these models that we mentioned above. This is easy to understand now, how big the company Uttara motors is. You can take a look on their own website: for more information.
Bajaj Showrooms Bangladesh
Showroom NameLocationDetails
Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
3R AutoJessoreDetails
A N TradersTangailDetails
A R MotorsBholaDetails
A R S MotorsJamalpurDetails
A.S. TradersPirojpurDetails
Abdullah BajajComillaDetails
Abdullah MotorsKhulnaDetails
Afredy MotorsDhakaDetails
Aftab TradingBograDetails
Aftab TradingBograDetails
Akhaura BajajBrahmanbariaDetails
Akira Bajaj MotorsLakshmipurDetails
Akota MotorsLakshmipurDetails
Akota MotorsJamalpurDetails
Al-Amin MotorsNaogaonDetails
Alfa ImpexNaogaonDetails
Alif EnterpriseRajbariDetails
Alkaif MotorsMeherpurDetails
Ambala Social EnterpriseDhakaDetails
AMCO Bajaj InternationalSylhetDetails
American MotorsDhakaDetails
Amin BajajRajbariDetails
Amin MotorsMaguraDetails
AMS MotorsRangpurDetails
Anik MotorsMaguraDetails
Anika MotorsGazipurDetails
Anika MotorsJessoreDetails
Anis BajajMymensinghDetails
Anonna MotorsGopalganjDetails
Anowar MotorsChapai NawabganjDetails
Antor BajajKurigramDetails
Arif MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
Arifin TradersRangpurDetails
Arya MotorsDhakaDetails
Atrai MotorsNaogaonDetails
Auto BitanBograDetails
Auto King Bike PointDhakaDetails
Auto MobileKhulnaDetails
Ayan MotorsDinajpurDetails
Ayebul MotorsSirajganjDetails
Ayman BajajSylhetDetails
Azad AgencyDhakaDetails
Azad MotorsChandpurDetails
Azhar MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Azmiri AutoJessoreDetails
B S MotorsDinajpurDetails
Babul TradingNilphamariDetails
Bachchu MotorsMadaripurDetails
Bagdad BajaiTangailDetails
Bagdad BajajTangailDetails
Baishakhi BajajComillaDetails
Bajaj AnginaSatkhiraDetails
Bajaj Auto CentreJhenaidahDetails
Bajaj BazarGazipurDetails
Bajaj BazarNoakhaliDetails
Bajaj CentreCoxs BazarDetails
Bajaj CentreShariatpurDetails
Bajaj CityDhakaDetails
Bajaj CollectionDhakaDetails
Bajaj ConnectionChittagongDetails
Bajaj CornerSherpurDetails
Bajaj DreamManikganjDetails
Bajaj Eden AutosDhakaDetails
Bajaj Eden AutosDhakaDetails
Bajaj GardenDhakaDetails
Bajaj GoldDhakaDetails
Bajaj HeavenDhakaDetails
Bajaj kanonLalmonirhatDetails
Bajaj MelaDinajpurDetails
Bajaj MotoKushtiaDetails
Bajaj MotorsShariatpurDetails
Bajaj MotorsChuadangaDetails
Bajaj MotorsDhakaDetails
Bajaj MotorsDhakaDetails
Bajaj PalaceGaibandhaDetails
Bajaj PlusNarayanganjDetails
Bajaj PlusSylhetDetails
Bajaj PointBograDetails
Bajaj PointDhakaDetails
Bajaj PrangonKhulnaDetails
Bajaj Sales CentreSatkhiraDetails
Bajaj UtshobNetrakonaDetails
Bajaj UtshobNetrakonaDetails
Bajaj ValleyKhulnaDetails
Bajaj ViewFaridpurDetails
Bajaj VillageShariatpurDetails
Bajaj WorldDhakaDetails
Bajitpur BajajKishoreganjDetails
Bhairab BajajKishoreganjDetails
Bhairab BajajComillaDetails
Bikes & BikesDhakaDetails
Biplob BajajComillaDetails
Bismillah BajajChittagongDetails
Bismillah MotorsChittagongDetails
Bismillah MotorsNatoreDetails
Biswash EnterpriseKushtiaDetails
BM MotorsPirojpurDetails
BM MotorsChittagongDetails
Bonus MotorsPabnaDetails
Borura BajajComillaDetails
Brothers EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Brothers MotorsSatkhiraDetails
C.S. BajajKhagrachhariDetails
Chetona AutoNarailDetails
Chittagong BajajChittagongDetails
Chowdhury Bajaj CornerPabnaDetails
Company Gonj Haji BajajComillaDetails
Darning Bajaj CentreSylhetDetails
Desh Trade LinkJhenaidahDetails
Dinar BajajRangpurDetails
Dragon BajajJessoreDetails
Eden AutosDhakaDetails
Eshan MotorsCoxs BazarDetails
Eshan MotorsGazipurDetails
Ettadi MotorsSylhetDetails
Exclusive MotorsDhakaDetails
Execlusive MotorsDhakaDetails
Extreme BikeComillaDetails
Fatema MotorsTangailDetails
FM BajajGazipurDetails
Forhad EnterpriseNatoreDetails
Fosier Motor Cycle CentreJhenaidahDetails
Friends AutosSirajganjDetails
Friends MotorsChittagongDetails
Gofur ShowroomChittagongDetails
Golden Liberty Limited.DhakaDetails
H P MotorsFeniDetails
H. R MotorsPabnaDetails
H.I.S. MotorsMaulvibazarDetails
Haidar EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Hajee EnterpriseGaibandhaDetails
Hajee TradersNaogaonDetails
Harikesh MotorsKurigramDetails
Hasan TradingLakshmipurDetails
Hasan TradingJoypurhatDetails
Haydar MotorsPanchagarhDetails
Hena EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Hena MotorsJamalpurDetails
Himadree MotorsPabnaDetails
Himel AutoDinajpurDetails
Himu MotorsSirajganjDetails
Hossain & BrothersKhulnaDetails
Hossain AutoJhenaidahDetails
Idris AutosBograDetails
Islam EnterpriseLakshmipurDetails
J U MotorsChittagongDetails
Jamalpur BajajJamalpurDetails
Jannat BajajMymensinghDetails
Jashim Uddin Joy MotorsDhakaDetails
Jessore AutoKhulnaDetails
JMG BAJAJDhakaDetails
Joaddar EnterpriseNilphamariDetails
Joti MotorsNaogaonDetails
Joy MotorsTangailDetails
Joya EnterpriseSirajganjDetails
Joya MotorsJamalpurDetails
JR MotorsTangailDetails
Juai AutoKushtiaDetails
Junied MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Kabir MotorsSatkhiraDetails
Kachua MotorsChandpurDetails
Kaj TardingNarailDetails
Karnaphuli AutosDhakaDetails
Karnaphuli MotorsDhakaDetails
Kazi MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Khadija EnterpriseKhulnaDetails
Khaja MotorsChandpurDetails
Khan Bajaj CentreChuadangaDetails
Krishi ProgotiBograDetails
Kuakata MotorsPatuakhaliDetails
Lalmohon BajajBholaDetails
Lili MotorsJamalpurDetails
Lipu MotorsFaridpurDetails
Lucky MotorsRajshahiDetails
M A Hamid MotorsBrahmanbariaDetails
M M MotorsKurigramDetails
M. R. MotorsDinajpurDetails
M.M MotorsKurigramDetails
M/S Chittagong BajaChittagongDetails
M/S Chowdhury EnterpriseBrahmanbariaDetails
M/S NK MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
M/s Sonargaon MotorsDhakaDetails
M/s The Atlas TradersDhakaDetails
M/s Universe MotorsDhakaDetails
M/S. Idrish AutosNatoreDetails
M/S. Sabuz MotorsFaridpurDetails
M/S. Sarder EnterpriseMadaripurDetails
M/S. Siddique MotorsKurigramDetails
Ma MotorsPirojpurDetails
Maahi InternationalMymensinghDetails
Madhabpur BajajHabiganjDetails
Mahabub Bajaj MotorsPabnaDetails
Mahima MotorsChittagongDetails
Master Bike CentreChapai NawabganjDetails
Meghla EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Megla EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Mithila TradersDinajpurDetails
Modina Bajaj MotorsJessoreDetails
Mohima BajajJamalpurDetails
Mohon MotorsKishoreganjDetails
Mollah & SonsPabnaDetails
Mom EnterpriseSirajganjDetails
Momit Motors LtdRajbariDetails
Momo BajajDhakaDetails
Monsur TradingPabnaDetails
Motorcycle GardenSylhetDetails
MR MotorsMeherpurDetails
Mridha MotorsPatuakhaliDetails
MS Ripon MotorsJessoreDetails
Muna EnterpriseRangamatiDetails
Nabayon Motors & Bajaj CentreChapai NawabganjDetails
Nabil MotorsNarsingdiDetails
Nagorpur BajajTangailDetails
Najim Uddin MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Nandi Trading CorporationKhulnaDetails
Naogaon PalaceNaogaonDetails
Nasir MotorsPabnaDetails
Nawgaon PlaceNaogaonDetails
Nazrul Bajaj CentreManikganjDetails
Nazrul EnterpriseBograDetails
Needs AutoRangpurDetails
Neel MotorsNilphamariDetails
New Electro FairBrahmanbariaDetails
New Perk BanglaBarisalDetails
New Sharif AutosJessoreDetails
Newzen Bajaj MotorsKushtiaDetails
Nila MotorsChittagongDetails
NK MotorsLalmonirhatDetails
Nondi Trading CorporationKhulnaDetails
Noor Auto TradingNarayanganjDetails
Noor MotorsDinajpurDetails
Nova BajajRangpurDetails
Nowrin MotorsChittagongDetails
Nur Bajaj PalaceRajshahiDetails
Onit MotorsChittagongDetails
Orchi BajajMymensinghDetails
Orthee Bajaj MartJoypurhatDetails
Ovi MotorsDhakaDetails
Pabna Bajaj CenterPabnaDetails
Pallab EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Panchayet MotorsBargunaDetails
Pathan MotorsGazipurDetails
Piplu MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Pollob EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Potit MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Prime BajajMaulvibazarDetails
priya EnterpriseMaulvibazarDetails
Prothoma MotorsPabnaDetails
R R MotorsNatoreDetails
Rabbi EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Rafi TradersKhulnaDetails
Rahman EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Rahman MotorsMadaripurDetails
Raj MotorsPabnaDetails
Rajib MotorsRajshahiDetails
Raju EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Rakhi Bajaj BhubanSylhetDetails
Rakib MotorbikeMeherpurDetails
Rawan BajajMymensinghDetails
Razib MotorsChapai NawabganjDetails
Reaz EnterpriseKhulnaDetails
Reza EnterpriseDinajpurDetails
Riman MotorsManikganjDetails
Riyad MotorsKhulnaDetails
RJ Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
Rose MotorsFaridpurDetails
RS Royal MotorsManikganjDetails
RSR TradersSatkhiraDetails
Rubel MotorsRangamatiDetails
Ruhin EnterpriseBograDetails
Rumpa Mony Auto BitanGaibandhaDetails
Rupali Bajaj AutosTangailDetails
Rupchaya EnterprizeBholaDetails
S M AutoJessoreDetails
S. A. EnterprisePanchagarhDetails
S. Rahman MC AgencyKhulnaDetails
S.A MotorsBholaDetails
S.K. TradersDhakaDetails
Sabbir MotorBagerhatDetails
Sabiul EnterpriseChapai NawabganjDetails
Sabuj EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Sabuj MotorsKurigramDetails
Sadia EnterpriseGaibandhaDetails
Safa MotorsDinajpurDetails
Saif MotorsComillaDetails
Saikat MotorsKhagrachhariDetails
Samia BajajComillaDetails
Samin MotorsKushtiaDetails
Sanu Motor MelaRangpurDetails
Sardar MotorsRajshahiDetails
Sarder EnterpriseMadaripurDetails
Sarkar EnterpriseRajshahiDetails
Sarkar Motors LimitedSirajganjDetails
Satata MotorsPatuakhaliDetails
Sathi MotorsChapai NawabganjDetails
SB EnterpriseThakurgaonDetails
Shaban BajajBograDetails
Shah Pir Auto MobilesChittagongDetails
Shah Pir AutomobileChittagongDetails
Shahed MotorsFeniDetails
Shaheda BajajNarsingdiDetails
Shaheen EnterpriseSatkhiraDetails
Shakil MotorsNilphamariDetails
Shanaz Bajaj CentreManikganjDetails
Shaon MotorsGopalganjDetails
Sheikh Machinery & Motor Cycle AgencyKhulnaDetails
Shekh EnterpriseSirajganjDetails
Sherpur BajajSherpurDetails
Sherpur Bajaj CentreBograDetails
Showkat MotorsNatoreDetails
Shrea MotorsDinajpurDetails
Shrea MotorsDinajpurDetails
Shruti MotorsDhakaDetails
Shuvecha BajajGazipurDetails
Shuvecha Bajaj ShreepurGazipurDetails
Shuvo BajajManikganjDetails
SHUVO MotorsMaguraDetails
Sikder AutosPatuakhaliDetails
Sikder EnterpriseMadaripurDetails
Sinha BajajKushtiaDetails
SK MotorsDinajpurDetails
Sohel BajajComillaDetails
Sohel MotorsRangpurDetails
Soikat MotorsKhagrachhariDetails
Solar AutosDhakaDetails
Solar MotorTangailDetails
Soujanna EnterpriseGaibandhaDetails
South Bengal MotorsJhalokatiDetails
SR MotorsManikganjDetails
SS BajajJamalpurDetails
Sufia MotorsNoakhaliDetails
Suprava EnterpriseSunamganjDetails
Suprova EnterpriseSunamganjDetails
Surma BajajMymensinghDetails
Tahia BajajNilphamariDetails
Taj InternationalFaridpurDetails
Taj MotorsChuadangaDetails
Takdir AutoNoakhaliDetails
Tamanna BajajRangpurDetails
Tangail Bajaj MotorsTangailDetails
Tanim BajajMymensinghDetails
Tanim BajajMymensinghDetails
Tarafder EnterpriseNaogaonDetails
Tareq EnterpriseBagerhatDetails
Tayef BajajChittagongDetails
Tipu Bajaj MotorsSylhetDetails
Tokdir AutoNoakhaliDetails
Top RidersBargunaDetails
Tuba TradingDinajpurDetails
Tushar EnterpriseBograDetails
Urbi MotorsGopalganjDetails
Uttara MotorsFeniDetails
Uttara MotorsKhulnaDetails
Uttara MotorsRajshahiDetails
Uttara MotorsFaridpurDetails
Uttara MotorsChuadangaDetails
Uttara MotorsBarisalDetails
Uttara MotorsSylhetDetails
Uttara MotorsGazipurDetails
Uttara Motors LtdNoakhaliDetails
Uttara Motors LtdChittagongDetails
Uttara Motors Ltd.LakshmipurDetails
Vhai Vhai AutosBograDetails
Zahid MotorsTangailDetails
Zannati MotorsGaibandhaDetails
Zarif MotorsDinajpurDetails
Zeshan Bajaj MotorsHabiganjDetails
Zeshan EnterpriseDhakaDetails
Zim Bajaj CenterJessoreDetails
Zinna MotorsChuadangaDetails

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