MRF Tyre Price in BD 2024

MRF Tyre Price in BD 2024

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Why MRF?

Features of MRF
- Value for money
- Perfect for any road application
- Advanced materials and technology
- Wide range of products to choose in between

MRF Tyre Price in Bangladesh 2024

S.N. Tyre Name Price in Bangladesh
1 MRF Masseter FX 100/80-17 52P Tk. 4500 View Details
2 MRF Masseter FX 110/70-17 54H Tk. 3650 View Details
3 MRF Masseter FX 90/90-17 49P Tk. 3800 View Details
4 MRF Masseter X 100/90-17 55P Tk. 4500 View Details
5 MRF Masseter X 100/90-18 M/C 56P Tk. 4100 View Details
6 MRF Masseter X 120/80-17 61P Tk. 4900 View Details
7 MRF Masseter X 140/70-17 66H Tk. 6300 View Details
8 MRF Masseter-FX 80/90-17 44P Tk. 3100 View Details
9 MRF Masseter-FX 80/90-18 45P Tk. 3150 View Details
10 MRF Masseter-X 130/70-17 62P Tk. 5800 View Details
11 MRF Mogrip 100/90-17 55P TL Tk. 4200 View Details
12 MRF Mogrip FM1+ 80/100-18 47P Tk. 2950 View Details
13 MRF Mogrip Meteor 120/80-17 61P Tk. 4600 View Details
14 MRF Mogrip Meteor FG 100/80-17 52P Tk. 4000 View Details
15 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 110/80-17 57P Tk. 4300 View Details
16 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 3.00-17 N6 TT Tk. 3225 View Details
17 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 3.00-18 N6 TT Tk. 3475 View Details
18 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 80/100-18 54P Tk. 3400 View Details
19 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 90/100-10 53J Tk. 2700 View Details
20 MRF Mogrip Meteor-M 90/90-12 54J Tk. 2800 View Details
21 MRF Mogrip MOTO-D 110/90-16 59P TL Tk. 3975 View Details
22 MRF Mogrip-M 140/70-17 66S TL Tk. 6200 View Details
23 MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.00-17 50P + V2 N5 TL Tk. 3100 View Details
24 MRF NYLOGRIP ZAPPER 110/70-11 45L Tk. 3500 View Details
25 MRF NYLOGRIP ZAPPER 120-70-10 54L Tk. 4200 View Details
26 MRF NYLOGRIP ZAPPER FS 100/80-17 52P Tk. 3200 View Details
27 MRF Nylogrip Zapper FX-1 100/80-17 Tk. 3500 View Details
28 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-C1 100/90-17 55P Tk. 3800 View Details
29 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-E 110/90-18 61P TL Tk. 4200 View Details
30 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-Q 130/70-17 62P TL Tk. 4700 View Details
31 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-S1 140/70-17 66S Tk. 5100 View Details
32 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-X 100/80-17 52P TL Tk. 3400 View Details
33 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-Y 100/90-18 56P TL Tk. 4100 View Details
34 MRF Nylogrip Zapper-Y 130/90-15 66P Tk. 5000 View Details
35 MRF Revz 110/70 R17 54H - FD TL Tk. 5100 View Details
36 MRF REVZ 140/60-17 66H MG TL Tk. 6300 View Details
37 MRF REVZ C2 150/60 R17 66S TL Tk. 6600 View Details
38 MRF REVZ-D 150/60 R17 66H Tk. 7000 View Details
39 MRF Revz-H 160/60 R17 69H Tk. 8500 View Details
40 MRF REVZ-M 140/60 R17 TL Tk. 5800 View Details
41 MRF REVZ-S 130/70-17 62P TL Tk. 5600 View Details
42 MRF REVZ-Y 140/60 R17 63P TL Tk. 5900 View Details
43 MRF Zapper 130/90-15 66P NGP ZRY TL Tk. 5000 View Details
44 MRF Zapper 140/70-17 66S ZRS1 TL Tk. 5200 View Details
45 MRF Zapper 140/70-17 66S ZRS2 TL Tk. 5100 View Details
46 MRF Zapper 80/100-17 46P NGP ZFQ TL Tk. 2800 View Details
47 MRF Zapper 80/100-17 46P NGP ZFS1 Tk. 2900 View Details
48 MRF Zapper 80/100-18 54P NGP ZRY Tk. 3100 View Details
49 MRF Zapper 90/90-17 49P ZFS TL EXP Tk. 3300 View Details
50 MRF Zapper 90/90-18 51P NGP ZRP TL Tk. 3400 View Details
51 MRF Zapper FN 100/80-12 56L Tk. 3500 View Details
52 MRF Zapper KURVE 120/80-16 60P TL Tk. 4600 View Details
53 MRF Zapper N 110/80-12 61L Tk. 4000 View Details
54 MRF Zapper-C 110/80-17 57P Tk. 4200 View Details
55 MRF Zapper-C 120/80-18 62P TL Tk. 4800 View Details

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MRF Tyre Reviews

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MRF Shops Bangladesh

About MRF
MRF stands for Madras Rubber Factory! It is an Indian Multinational tyre manufacturing company and the largest manufacturer of tyres in India, likewise the sixth largest manufacturer in the world. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. In terms of Bangladesh MRF tyres are doing business holding the hands of Royal Enterprise.
In 1973, MRF started manufacturing Nylon tyres for the first time. The company entered into with a technical know-how collaboration with B. F. Goodrich in 1978. The Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co sold out its share in 1979 and the name of the company was changed to MRF Ltd in the year. The company finalized a technical collaboration agreement with Marangoni TRS SPA, Italy for the manufacture of pre-cured tread rubber for retreading industry. MRF tyres supplied tyres to Maruti 800, India's first modern small car. In 1989, the company collaborated with Hasbro International, the world's largest toy maker and launched Funskool India. Also, they entered into a pact with Vapocure of Australia to manufacture polyurethane paint formulations and with Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli for conveyor and elevator belt manufacture. During the year 2004–05, the product range of the company expanded with Go-kart & rally tyres and tyres for two/three wheeler.
Royal Enterprise, distributes premium MRF tyres for two wheeler and three wheeler all over the Bangladesh via more than 300 of dealers. Royal enterprise introduced several MRF tyre series of various sizes for Two wheeler in BD. One of the most revolutionary Tyre series Royal enterprise introduced in our local market was MRF Masseter