Tyre Tips

Does the bike's mileage decrease because of tyres?

At present, a question arises among many people if the bike tyres are heavy or if the size is changed a little does it affects mileage? Yes, it does, but very slight. Bike Tyres cannot contribute more than 5% to mileage drop. Logically, if you use tyres that is slightly thicker or off-road t...

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What is the Difference between Bias and Radial Tyres:

There are two types of tyres we see around; they are Radial and Bias. People becomes quercous about the difference before starting using them, they want to know whether the only difference is only between outlook and compound? Or the real differences are in other matters? Actually, the real diff...

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MRF Revz Series- Differences between Revz M, Revz Y, Revz S and Revz MG

Nowadays many of us are looking for radial tyres. Users know the benefits of these tyres and several brands bring these radial tyres in the market, among which MRF Revz series radial tire is one of the best. But again 4 variants of this MRF Revz series are available. Bikers have a question in...

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What important Features are given on a tire?

The tire is a very necessary thing for a vehicle because without it a vehicle cannot run. In this tire, there are remain many variants, qualities, sizes, etc and the vehicle carries various importance. In the motorcycle segment, there have different types of tires and the body of these tires con...

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Why you should change tyres every three or four years

Hundreds of body-parts available in your bike, but none of them touches the road.Good quality tyres can provide excellent balance, grip and control over the bike and bad tyre can be considered as the reason behindmajor road accidents. Although most riders aren't that careful about their tyres, hen...

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Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance Tips

The tyres on your bike go through a lot to get you to your destination. But do you go the extra mile for them? In an ideal world, you should always check your tyres before starting your bike ride. This, however, does not occur on a regular basis.   If you continue to ride your bike with a fault...

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Reasons why New Tires have Thorny Parts Outside

New tires usually have thorny parts. But why are they there or for some reason they are kept out. The thorny rubber parts on the outside of the tire are called vent spray. Which can be seen in the new tires. They are not made intentionally or they do not enhance the performance of a tire. These...

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Why Use Nitrogen as Tyre Pressure?

Basically we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. Research have shown that, in every month, the normal tire pressure is reduced by about 1 PSI. We all know that, on a hot weather the tire pressure increases slightly and gets...

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Tube vs Tubeless Tyre

There is no alternative of good quality tires for full control of a vehicle while it is running and keeping it on track properly. There are many types of tires in modern times due to which many people are hesitant to find the right tire for their vehicle. One of the most talked topics at the mome...

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