• Why high CC motorcycle needs approval in Bangladesh
    CC stands for the capacity of the engine, in cubic centimeters, which is literally the volume of the cylinders placed inside an engine. A larger cylinder can ingest more air (and more fuel), thus converting more energy per cycle than a smaller one, so making more power is the main purpose of a higher cc engine. Besides, it is assumed that all other factors are the same, and there are many other reasons that affect power output, but one th... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon: Now the Thrill Starts at 125
    Precisely Bajaj is one of the most admired motorcycle manufacturing brands, especially in Asia. They always follow the trend and to cope up with itthey put great efforts as well. Recently To bring on the adventure with one of the most powerful 125cc bikeBajaj has introduced the iconic Pulsar with a modern twist for the first time in 125cc segment. Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon has now officially started its journey in India. By launching this br... English Bangla
  • Buy bikes from Online
    In recent times most of the people has reached that level where E-commerce system has become very popular among them. In every sectors of our day today life we try to buy or sell things online, because it is easier, no physical tasks, we can do it sitting inside home and many other facilities. Nowadays that trend has also touched the motorcycle market as well. Talking about the foreign countries this process has started many years back, but t... English Bangla
  • Possibility to come upto 250cc bikes in Bangladesh if permit
    It now established that motorcycles are one of the most demandable vehicles all over the world. Talking about Bangladeshi perception it goes the same. Every single day not only the youth riders but also the aged peoples are realizing the importance of motorcycles and they are getting interested to have one for them. On regular basis new bikes are arriving to fulfill the demand of the users and not only that our cc limitation is also getting i... English Bangla
  • Popular 160/165cc bikes in 2018
    Bangladesh Government granted the power limit of the motorcycle as 165cc from 150cc and by considering this matter Motorcycle Production Company’s presented 160cc bikes in the local market for the root level users. All the bikes of 150cc was replete with the exciting Design, Engine as well as the features but for those who were looking for better then 150cc’s Engine performance, Features and other parts, they will have everything in these... English Bangla
  • Top 10 150cc bikes in Bangladesh 2018
    At local motorcycle market of Bangladesh we can see a big rivalry is running through the different motorcycle companies to establish their position and to provide all segments of bike which has permission in our country. Every motorcycle company is trying to provide well featured bikes for their customers. And talking about the entire segments 150cc segment is one of the popular one because starting from young age riders to old bike user eve... English Bangla
  • Top 125cc bikes in Bangladesh 2018
    Talking about Bangladeshi perception people wants to have more powerful engine, better design, latest features and stronger build quality than 100 cc bike are interested into 125cc commuter bikes. At local motorcycle market a big competition is running through the Indian, Chinese and Japanese motorcycle companies and they are trying to provide well featured 125cc bike for their customers. Comparing to 100cc segment bikes 125cc segment motorcy... English Bangla
  • Top 10 100/110cc bikes in Bangladesh 2018
    Demand of motorcycles is increasing day by day in Bangladesh same time, competition among the companies are becoming higher and higher in the whole market. Companies are preparing their bikes by considering the matter of customers Choice, Demand, Ability and others so many matters. By measuring the year 2018, it is quite clear that Commuter segment bikes are in the top by ignoring others segment motorcycles. From this point of view, we have c... English Bangla
  • 10 Best Motorcycle Related Business Ideas
    Bangladesh is the place where each day more than 10 thousands Crore business is been done centering the Motorcycles and it is better to uphold in the same time that, its number is upgrading each of the year. As because Bangladesh is acutely populated by which Motorcycle business has positive future. Along with the importing and producing motorcycles, there are lot more chances to enhance the business of motorcycles. The idea we are going ... English Bangla
  • To make scooters popular among women in Bangladesh
    Vespa! This is one of the most popular names in vehicle world. In Bangladesh we passed a time when we all consider scooters as Vespa. On the other hand we still think that scooters are only for female. But most interesting thing is not only in foreign countries but also in our country most of the scooter users are male. However if we leave this male female argument about scooters we will see that the demand of this vehicle is rising in or... English Bangla
  • Advantages of motorcycle 4 valve engine
    We all know that, to power up a vehicle “engine” is necessary unless it runs with another technology. These engines are many in types. Motorcycle engines are typically two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engines, few other engine types are also seen, such as Wankels and electric motors, but those are small in number that people uses. Every combustion engines contains cylinder inside the engine for exhaust system and to fire up t... English Bangla
  • Due to this, the newer model bike parts can not be found
    Due to this, the newer model bike parts can not be found Yamaha and Honda reigned the Bangladeshi Motorbikes market in the time of 80 and 90 decades where Yamaha 100, Yamaha Deluxe, Honda 100, Honda CG125, Honda CD80 were in the hearts of the bikers and the most amazing matter is, still now those are seen in the roads. Those bikes parts seems like available in the shop of daily commodities. But now the technology is improving very frequent... English Bangla
  • Biker Couple Alamgir & Depali about to travel SAARC
    The first biker couple of Bangladesh “Alamgir Ahmed Chowdhury” and “Chowdurani Depali Ahmed” made their plan to travel 8 countries of SAARC just after they had finished their tour on 64 district of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Last 26th of March they detailed their plan to “Team MotorcycleValley” : Tourism is the only sector which can afford better foreign currency than the Garments. Recently Bangladesh Bank move the... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle CC limitation in Bangladesh
    Forget the other countries, watching high CC motorcycles of the neighbor country our youth only takes deep breath and cannot do anything else. Every year the cc limitation is increasing 5-10 cc from the previous stoppage 150cc. most of the youngsters wants no CC limitation, and the others want at least 200-300 CC permission. Peoples put logic against these demands, they says the more higher CC limitation, the more accidents will take place ... English Bangla
  • Top 5 80cc motorcycles in 2017
    Motorcycle has made the way easy of the general people to communicate. Wherever a biker is, he/she never has to wait for anyone to commute some where. It is quite easy to travel a long road by dint of a motorbike. As the governments policy and the company's endeavor, motorcycle become easy for the bikers in the recent time. Its no more a aristocratic thing for the specific some people. There are lots of bike in the 80cc segment which have t... English Bangla
  • Which Motorcycle you should buy to ride share?
    There is nothing new to introduce about share ride on motorcycle rather this sharing is something like a gaining freedom from the captivation from the Bus/CNG. Specially the people who live in Dhaka can sense better about the difference. “Uber”, “SAM”, “Pathao”, “EzzyR”, “Move” and some others riding sharing app like these gaining popularity day by day. Some are earning money by sharing their ride same time, he/she helpi... English Bangla
  • Top 10 150cc motorcycles in 2017
    Nowadays people are trying to catch the modernity and when it comes to modernity one of the great element of modern age is motorcycles. In Bangladesh motorcycle market is rising gradually and hopefully in near future it will increase faster. Different segments bikes are available now. Passed days people did not give that much priority to 150cc segment in our country and reasons are also behind. But these days’ peoples are selecting 150cc ... English Bangla
  • Top 5 125cc motorcycles in 2017
    Attractiveness over motorcycle is getting higher and higher day after in our country. Motorcycles are seen almost in everywhere because of different kind of offers and reduction of price from the motorcycle companies. That is why different segments and categories of motorcycles are fulfilling the demand of the users. For free time riding, office works and to keep own self out of traffic people are giving priority to this small size and com... English Bangla
  • Top 10 100cc motorcycles in 2017
    Based on Bangladeshi road conditions, and overall economic and social perception motorcycle demands are getting higher day after day as a better transport. Both the government and motorcycle companies are taking steps to offer motorcycles within very reasonable price which a rider can afford. And because of that reason motorcycle is no more a showoff product but it is now required thing for better transportation. That is why different segme... English Bangla
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 or v2. Which one should buy?
    Keeway is one of the emerging motorcycle brand of this time and they serving their customer in a large number. From the starting of its journey, this brand always charmed their customers with the attractive design. Keeway has so many stylish bike and one of the most stylish of the 100cc segment is the “Keeway RKS 100” which is already gain a huge fame in the whole country. This one has 3 versions including “Version 2” and “Version... English Bangla
  • Popular 10 motorcycles within Taka 1 Lakh
    At present most of the people like motorcycle as it is one of the most easy transportation system of all. Once upon a time motorcycle was known as the luxury ride but now people use it for their need in different purpose. Those who often travel to villages for their different work purposes, motorcycle’s demands are increasing among them. The price of the motorcycles were much higher than our neighbor country India and it was tough to buy ... English Bangla
  • Runner motorcycle in Nepal
    Runner automobile limited is one of the well known and rising domestic motorcycle brands. Their main motive is to provide motorcycles for all kind of people in our society and to do that they provide good featured bikes with in very reasonable price which can buyers afford. Along with other trusted brand runner had also fixed their spot at the local market and not only that they started importing their products outside of our country. ... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle engine cooling system: Air cooled Vs Liquid cooled
    Nowadays we all know about the rising popularity of motorcycles across the world. And for better performance manufacturing companies offers better engine along with every spare parts. Because we can say engine is considered as the heart of a vehicle, so it better be good. Reason behind the popularity of motorbikes is mostly because of their engine performance. Different categories and segments of bikes are available currently and for them ... English Bangla
  • Pathao: On the destination through bike
    As we all known with the traffic jam of the Dhaka and major cities of our countries and the most horrible matter about the jam is, there is hardly any solution to make it easy and from this point of view “Pathao” could play a vital role on this matter. According to the modern age smartphones are pretty much available to all the persons of our countries specially to those who lives in the mega cities like Dhaka or a like. When the transp... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle Tube type tire Vs Tubeless tire
    Tyres were invented in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop, and they were in common use on Bicycles and some early motorcycle prototype in 1895. Since then usage of tyre began to amplify and now one of the most important thing for riding bicycles, motorbike or any other vehicles is to ensure the best condition of the tyre. Tyres plays very important role for riding properly at different road conditions and it also provides safety. At past when bicycl... English Bangla
  • Is AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) effective for Bangladesh?
    Technology has now become blessings for our mankind and with the flow of time technology is developing. For example we all are familiar with the headlights of two wheelers and three wheelers but modern technology has discovered one kind of technology or system for the headlights, which can ensure a great safety. That system is the headlamp will not be shut down until the engine does. That’s what we are calling Automatic Headlamp ON (AHO) fe... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle Stunt in Bangladesh
    The title you can see in the headline mainly “Motorcycle Stunt” is one of the best sports event in the whole world. Specially in the western countries this one has a heavy craze but not half of it in Bangladesh. But so what? Stunt is running in Bangladesh with its proud air for a long time without any sponsorship. There is nothing to be amaze about it why because, in the villages of Bangladesh stunt show displayed in the regular basis wit... English Bangla
  • Motorcycle market is rising in Bangladesh
    nowadays Bangladeshi motorcycle market is rising rapidly and for this it is in afloat condition. Due to tax reducing cause motorcycle provider companies also reduced their motorcycle prices. On the other side registration fee is now in reasonable condition. Because of both changes 30-40% extra profit is added for the sole distributors through 2016 motorcycle sell. They are also expecting the same this year because to avoid traffic jam and... English Bangla
  • 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World
    Some of the people of our country always consider bike as the main reason of accident same time, all the bad activities on the are done by this bike. There is a common sentiment in our country that 150cc bike is heavy terrible when in developed world bike is consider as the 250cc which is often gone to the thousand or more. You just have to take a look on our neighbor country India, how they are running with high power bike with happy mood.... English Bangla
  • Bajaj Avenger: Behind the story
    This is very important to keep your product focused to your customers by any means. If you think that your product automatically get the attention of the customers then you have to lost yourself due to the low quality marketing policy. Who knows it better then the “Bajaj motor corporation” there was a time when Indian bikes only known by the name of this company. With the flow of time for the less advertisement they almost lost themselves in ... English Bangla
  • Runner Motorcycle Driving Training Centers
    Most of the rider in our country learn to bike ride from their father relative friend or close one to them. Just a little practice and then on the road. You can learn to ride but not that way which you should. If you want to learn bike ride lawfully then you have gain driving license. If you want to gain driving license then you have to keep clear knowledge about the traffic law along with excellent driving ability. Some people cannot learn t... English Bangla
  • The reasons to see bikers in negative way
    There is common proverb in our society that Honda or motorbike is only used by the bad people. Bike is known as the death vehicle and all of these reasons make a negative image top the bike among the common people although whole the environment, road transport, road condition of the Bangladesh is very suitable for the motorbike. Demand of the bike is increasing day by day and each of the year a huge number of bike is been sold each of the day. Bu... English Bangla
  • Top 10 Best Motorcycle Brands in the World
    There are so many bike brands in the world and each of them different from each other. This is not so easy to choose as the better one from them. Each of the brand ahead from each other by somehow or someway. Some of them forward in the technology, some of them in best selling, or trust or in fuel efficiency or in the design or style. Which one you are going to ignore? The brands given below we have prefer them by considering 4 qualities and thos... English Bangla
  • Hero and Hunk: Wind of change
    At the year 1984 no one knows that the joint venture which was signed between Hero and Japanese Honda Motors will be crowned as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers within 2001. In 1984 this joint venture was started with only 16 crore Rupees and Honda has a share of only 4 crore rupees. A point was mentioned in this joint venture which is, their products will only be sold in India. It could not be exported to any other countries in t... English Bangla
  • Lady on Bike
    It is something like that the speed and motorbike is only the asset of the boys. Girls have no permission to enter in these things. Most often the conservative countries are such like. Village girls sometime uses cycle to run a long distance, and it is a matter of great sorrow that some people never consider this matter normally. Meanwhile, on the matter of motorbike? This is something like a loosing honor in the open field. It was merely or ... English Bangla
  • Facebook Motorcycle Groups in Bangladesh
    Motorcycle is a vehicle which is used by the youngsters to fulfill their desperateness at the roads. Hot-blood, speed, desperateness, fun, riding whatever we talk about of the youth, it is motorbike which is their favorite vehicle. If you need for speed at your riding two wheelers cannot be compared with others that easily. No matters it is city or village quantity of motorbikes are mounting day after day. At the past our country needs to import ... English Bangla
  • Top 10 100cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh
    In Bangladesh demand of motorcycles are increasing very rapidly at present. To provide various types of motorcycles in this country numerous motorcycle manufacturing companies are available. Different categories and segments of motorcycle are at the local motorcycle market from these companies. In them commuter category motorcycles are loved by all and at the commuter category 100cc motorcycles are very user-friendly and reasonable in price. Fro... English Bangla

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