Top 10 100/110cc bikes in Bangladesh 2018
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Top 10 100/110cc bikes in Bangladesh 2018


Demand of motorcycles is increasing day by day in Bangladesh same time, competition among the companies are becoming higher and higher in the whole market. Companies are preparing their bikes by considering the matter of customers Choice, Demand, Ability and others so many matters. By measuring the year 2018, it is quite clear that Commuter segment bikes are in the top by ignoring others segment motorcycles. From this point of view, we have closely measured the market of 2018 along with the sell and by indicating the parts of bikes Brand Value, Performance, Price, Market Position, Resell Value and ours (MotorcycleValley) opinion, we have selected Top 10 100cc segment Motorcycle in the starting of 2019.

So let’s take a look over the motorcycles positions in the year of 2018.


01. Bajaj Discover 100
This one is excitingly popular in the market of Bangladesh because of its Gentle and Clean Design, Over Excellent Engine performance and for its strong structure. Bajaj serving their bikes in Bangladeshi market from more than a decade and spread their servicing center and dealer point on the whole country. By counting the matter of customer’s satisfaction, spare parts availability and also the bikes quality, this motorcycle is in the top of 2018.

NB: Although Bajaj Discover 100cc has dominated the market with its proud air in the time of 2018 but this model is not available right now but considering the customers demand and to make this more attractive Bajaj representing this model in whole new way of 110cc from the last few months. We will present the position of 110cc in the next part.


02. TVS Metro 100
Customers don’t have any doubt on the product of TVS as because they always keep ready tiny parts to Engine from their own. This motorcycle is in second position in 2018 by considering its Over Excellent Mileage, Strong Build Quality, less price in the compare with others 100cc bikes and by having servicing center and dealer point all over the country.


03. Hero Splendor Plus
When this one starts, it was jointly making their business with Honda jointly they represented Hero Honda Splendor Plus. Not only this motorcycle rather Hero and Honda jointly presented so many bikes which were accepted by the customers positively. When Hero separated from Honda, they consider the customers demand on the top of their responsibility same way they keep holding the good will of Hero by presenting Hero Splendor Plus 100cc which still has remarkable demand in Bangladeshi market. Hero Splendor Plus gained the hearts of bikers of Bangladesh by its Clean Design, Strong Structure, Extra ordinary mileage scale and remarkable Engine performance. This motorcycle is mostly seen to the people who work in the corporate level. By considering its most of the features, this is in the 3rd position in the year of 2018.


04. TVS Metro Plus
This one is the update version of previous TVS Metro 100 which has the improved features on Design, Engine and many more and by these all this motorcycle is different in look from the previous one as well. As because this bike is an update version of the previous Metro 100 that is why this one attracts the customers easily. There is hardly any controversy among the bikers of Bangladesh when the question is about the bikes/products of TVS. TVS Metro Plus is in the 4th position in 2018 by considering its whole features and performance.


05. Honda Livo
We don’t think it is necessary to introduce Honda newly to the Bangladeshi bikers. In the Bangladeshi motorcycles market Honda is a bike that owned the time flow and now they are with their proud air with remarkable number of stylish bikes which are well enough to compete with any brands. One of the exciting motorcycles of Honda is “Honda Livo”. Maximum of the first viewers made the mistake by thinking this one as a 150cc motorcycle why because; Honda is presenting this one as a perfect package to the commuter bikers by decorating this one especially with Cool Design, attractive design and features. This one is in the 5th by measuring its Brand Value, Performance, Price, Market Position and ours view (MotorcycleValley).


06. Bajaj Platina
Bajaj is the topmost bike brand in Bangladesh. By considering the demand of commuter bikers of Bangladesh, a few models of 100cc presented by Bajaj. We already have mentioned Bajaj Discover 100cc in the top and Bajaj Platina 100cc is another one. Very simple design, excellent engine performance, exciting mileage scale and also for its strong build quality this motorcycle has a good will in Bangladesh, with thee all this motorcycle holding the place of 6th in 2018.


07. Hero HF Deluxe
Actually there is a huge difference in the choice of commuter bikers in Bangladesh and from this point of view, those who consider Gentle Design, Better Engine Performance and Remarkable Mileage they prefer Hero HF Deluxe in the top. As because, Hero is in the Bangladeshi market from the so many years so they considered the customers demand at first. Hero HF Deluxe is the result of their observation. This motorcycle holding the 7th mark in 2018.


08. Hero iSmart 110
Hero Splendor i-Smart 110cc is made with i3s technology, modern graphics an also with exciting fuel saving technology. Combining with the old one, new one is pretty excellent and by having all these, Hero i-smart was in 8th position to among the customer’s choice.


09. Runner Bullet
As a domestic brand, Runner is always looking forward to enhance their way from the previous process. Runner Bullet is one of the key products of Runner. This one is a 100cc bike with ultra modern features and also with powerful Engine. So this one is in the mark of 9th in the year of 2018.


10. Keeway RKS 100
Well known Italian brand Benelli designed this motorcycle “Keeway RKS 100cc” and it is good to mention that maximum of the people like this one by the first sight. This is in the 10th position considering its all well decorated outlook in among the 110cc/100cc bikes.

There are so many bikes in the market on the same segment but these are in the top by selling rate, customer’s satisfaction, brand value, resell value, products quality, MotorcycleValley’s observation and many more points. Next time we will represent our ranking with further information and observation.

Thanks a lot.

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