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GPX Bike Price in BD 2021

This is GPX brand over view page. In this page you will get GPX bikes update price in bd, GPX bikes user reviews, GPX offer news, latest video of GPX and all GPX showrooms.

GPX Bike Price in BD 2021

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GPX Bike price in BD 2021

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S.N. Bike Name Engine CC Price in Bangladesh
1 GPX Demon GR165R 164.6cc Tk. 324900 Details

Why GPX?

Features of GPX
01. Brand of Thailand
02. Eye catchy look
03. Extra Ordinary Performance
04. Aggressive price in this class
05. Speed of Demon

GPX Bikes (Presently Not Available)

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Bike Name Engine CC
GPX CR5 EFI 197cc View Details
GPX DEMON 150 GN 149cc View Details
GPX DEMON 150 GR 149cc View Details
GPX DEMON GR 200R 198cc View Details
GPX DEMON X 125 125cc View Details
Gpx Drone 150 149.6cc View Details
GPX LEGEND 250 TWIN 234cc View Details
GPX MAD 300 292.4cc View Details
GPX MAD 300 MAX 292.4cc View Details
GPX POPz 125cc View Details
GPX RAPTOR 180 180.8cc View Details
GPX RAZER 220 223cc View Details
GPX ROCK 109cc View Details

GPX News

GPX Demon GR165R Test Ride Event
GPX Demon GR165R Test Ride Event
MotorcycleValley 2021-09-28
GPX brought a test ride event with their popular bike GPX Demon GR165R bike. Anyone can participate in this test ride. To test rid...
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GPX Bike Price in BD September 2021
GPX Bike Price in BD September 2021
MotorcycleValley 2021-09-13
GPX was known as “ATV Panthers” at the very first time, when they founded themselves in 2007. Since they started their journey...
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GPX Bike Reviews

GPX Demon GR165R user review by Rahmat Ullah

When the GPX Demon was first seenin the Bangladesh market, my attraction towards this bike was different, because when I decided...

English Bangla
Suzuki GSX-R 150R or GPX Demon GR 165R, which one is the real Demon?

Near around same budget, both comes with premium sports look and DNA, mated with almost similar features, one has ABS advantage ...

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Latest Video of GPX

জিপিএক্স ডিমোন জিআর ১৬৫ আর বাংলাদেশের বাজারে থাকা অন্যতম পিওর স্পোর্টস সেগ্মেন্টেড বাইকগুলোর একটি। আকর্ষনীয় ফুল ফেয়ারিং স্পোর্টস ডিজাইনের সাথে অত্যাধুনিক ফিচারস এই বাইককে যেকোন স্পোর্টস বাইকের প্রতিদন্দ্বী হিসেবে দাড় করিয়েছে। যুগপোযোগী এফ আই ইঞ্জিন, সেভেন স্টেপ মনোশক, আপসাইড ডাউন সাসপেনশন, সম্পুর্ণ এলইডি লাইটিং, ডুয়াল ডিস্ক, সম্পুর্ন স্পোর্টি রাইডিং পজিশন এবং কম্প্যাক্ট মিটার ক্লাস্টার বাইকটিকে রাইডারদের জন্য করে সহজেই ব্যাবহারযোগ্য।
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GPX Showrooms Bangladesh

About GPX
The brand “GPX” was founded in 2007. Back then this company was known as “ATV Panthers” and their major intentions were to be a manufacturer and operator of ATV and motocross in Thailand. After they started their journey in Thailand, they succeeded intensely. ATV panther was growing in sales and got attention from specific bunch of customers. After a certain period, watching the achievements they continued their development process widely and entered into the motorcycle registration market with variety of motorcycles items. Nowadays, GPX continues growing in Thailand as third places in the market and givestheir product to more than 300 distributors countrywide. That’s not all actually, GPX extended their business to other countries as well.

If we look into the early history of GPX,ChaiyotRuamchaiphattanakun was the man who was behind the startup. At the age of only 21, in 2007 he founded the ATV Panther Company, which was the beginning of GPX. GPX formerly known as ATV Panther hired a small factory on an area of approximately 150 square meters, to enter their products into the market in Thailand. In addition, by the year 2008, this company has done research in the business to be able to meet the requirements of consumers in the market. 'Motocross motorcycles' known as 'Off-road motorcycle' was the very first product that came into company list for the motorcycle consumers. At the year 2009, GPX started to think different and introduced their first motocross race track bike, namely “Panther Jumper”. The manufacturing company established standards for the service center team, spare parts and equipment for customer service to the off-road motorcycle group and promoted the management of 10 motocross races nationwide.

It was only the beginning of GPX, the destination they set was not far away. However, from the year 2012 GPX become fully forward to the creation of the company's product standard. They invested more than 100 million baht to expand company’s production. Furthermore, from the year 2012 to 2016 they strengthen their base. For instance, launched a new GPX Racing motorcycle model DP125, which is a registered vehicle in the Enduro motorcycle category, continue to enter the market with products that meet market needs and differences, continually soaring with strength to the Thai motorcycle market, respectively. The year 2016 was the golden year for GPX, because GPX not only manufactures motorcycles, they were producing cars as well. At 2016 they launched a variety of new cars besides their numerous motorcycles and received No. 1 reservation at Motor Expo 2016. Meanwhile, they introduced their products to Thailand’s neighbor countries and expanded their selling values.

A few years back GPX products were seen in Bangladeshi market, thus due to some reasons they were discontinued. In recent days, GPX gets into a collaboration with Speedoz limited for Bangladeshi market. Consequently, Speedozlimited is now the official importer of GPX in Bangladesh.
Best of GPX

Best of GPX