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Yamaha Aerox 155 Feature review


Yamaha Aerox 155 Feature review


When it comes down to Scooter, we always prefer handy maneuver, comfort, storage, sometimes speed. what if the concept gets down to, Speed, Power, Comfort, Technology and mesmerizing graphics? Yes! it can be very jaw dropping to get all these together and we are receiving all the features together in Yamaha Aerox 155.

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is the newest addition to the Yamaha scooter lineup and one of the most premium scooters by Yamaha. Regarding the first glance of the features of Yamaha Aerox 155 it has resemblance with sports bikes like R15 and others, just in a smaller case. The AEROX 155 has been designed with three focus points - Proud Body Size, Athletic Proportions and the X Centre Motif, under the design concept of a “Heart-Shaking Speedster”. Powered by 155cc Blue Core, LC4V SOHC FI ENGINE WITH VVA.

What we are getting new from Yamaha Aerox 155:

Looks and dimension that impressed all:

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is a bulky and sophisticated scooter launched for Bangladeshi market. the graphics and color combination seems so elegant and cheering that both female and male riders can have to full freedom to ride inside city and carry their regular lives in style. Excellent saddle height of 790mm, which allows riders of any height to comfortably ride the scooter. There is no leg rest at the front, as it has a spine through the middle which also contains the fuel cap. However, this scooter contains a fuel tank of 5.5liters, which is quite smaller, but for city riding it is perfect. The length, width, height, and weight of the Yamaha Aerox 155 are 1980mm, 700mm, 1150mm, and 126kg, respectively. The scooter is not the lightest, but it is light enough to be easily controlled in heavy traffic. The scooter also has a relatively average wheelbase of 1350mm, the Ground clearance with full tank, and oil is about 145mm, which is good enough for our Bangladeshi roads.

New Engine of Yamaha Aerox 155:

Yamaha Aerox 155 comes with liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, 155 cc, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine with VVA, which can produce maximum horse power of 14.80 Bhp @ 8000.00 RPM and a maximum torque of 13.9N.m @ 6500 RPM. The bore x stroke delivers excellent power and torque characteristics. The cylinder head along with a compact combustion chamber achieves a higher compression ratio that boosts combustion efficiency.

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
The engine adopts a Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that subsidizes to linear acceleration features and an enjoyable feeling when accelerating. It works via a device that shifts between two intake cam lobes, one for the low rev range and one for the mid- to high rev range, with 6,000 rpm as the shifting point. This accompaniment the torque curve for excellent torque throughout the rev range.

Smart Motor Generator System:
NO extra sounds anymore! The Smart Motor Generator eliminates the sound of meshing gears, achieving a silent start every time. When starting the engine, the Starter Generator Assembly turns the crankshaft directly without having to drive it through gears, thus eliminating the sound of the meshing gears for quieter starts.
Traction Control System
The Aerox 155 comes with Traction Control System. This is a dedicated electronic system that has the remarkable ability of reducing the chances of a wheelspin (slippage due to loss of traction)

Automatic Stop & Start System
When the Aerox stand still, the Automatic Stop & Start System automatically stops the engine thereby saving fuel. The rider can easily re-start the engine by simply twisting the throttle.

Illumination power for dark night rides:

The new headlight landscapes a single bi-functional LED unit releasing both the low and high beam. Considered by increased brightness (Class-D), the unit’s light weight and density has allowed the new highly aerodynamic fairing (cowling) design.

LED Headlight with LED Position Lights
The LED headlight delivers outstanding prominence over a wide range with very little roughness and gives a more lively and urbane look. The LED position lights with light-guides, creates a highly three-D look.

Yamaha Aerox 155 upgraded features for safety and comfort:

Two-Level Seat
Users will now get the two-level seat like bikes, which gives a steady and comfortable ride for both the rider and pillion. The Aerox 155’s side covers were designed to improve the comfort of the passenger and bring greater freedom of movement while also presenting a slimmer, more compact view.

Front Pocket with Power Socket
everyone likes to be connected., that’s why Yamaha gives a power socket is located within easy reach of the rider for charging digital accessories. The front pocket gives easy access to a smartphone, wallet or camera and other necessary stuff.

24.5 L Under-Seat Storage
The first of its kind in this category, the under-seat storage has an enormous 24.5 L capacity. The smart seat opening system makes it simple to put in or take out items.

ABS brakes for complete safety:
Braking capacity enhanced means safety, now on users get to enjoy great performance with superior control. Aerox 155 comes with a 230 mm disc brake with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which is not so usual for scooters running in Bangladesh.

Motorcycle Type Twin Shock Absorbers
Motorcycle Type Twin Shock Absorbers is now featured on Yamaha Aerox 155, this makes rides extremely smooth and lets users cruise through anything!

Large Alloy Wheel and wider tyre fitment:
The large alloy wheels mated with 140/70-14 Tubeless tyres at the back makes the maneuver more precise and increases confidence level. At the front 110/80-14 tyres and wheels aligned with the rear one gives supes traction and handling efficiency.

Side stand engine cut-off switch
With the in-built side stand engine cut-off switch, users do not forget to remove the side stand during those immediate rides and gets back home without any unwanted incidents.

Newly designed Meter console:
The Yamaha Aerox 155 is a scooter with quite some features, boasting a 5.8-inch LCD cluster, equipped with Bluetooth connectivity through Yamaha Y-Connect app. The instrument console displays Call/SMS alerts and phone battery level. Through the Y-connect app you also get to know the last parking location, rev counter, malfunction/maintenance alert and daily/monthly fuel consumption data.

Final words:

The Aerox 155 is something that would have your attention the moment to set eyes on it. It is something that would appeal to users if someone wants to standout in a crowd. Yes, the lack of floorboard space might concern a few, but the scooter makes up for it with massive boot space. Now it is up to its performance and user’s feedback.

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Yamaha Aerox 155 Feature review

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