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How to wash your motorcycle?

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How to wash your motorcycle?

Bike Wash

It is very difficult to get net and clean road in our country. In our road we usually found lot of garbage and wastes those are not good for our bike and in rainy season its become so hard for the biker to run their bike smoothly. So, after ridding your motorbike on a unclean road you should clean it well to keep your motorbike in order. you can wash your bike from motorbike servicing center or you can wash it in your own house. Motorbike has lot of little parts ,so you need to give more concentration to wash your bike nicely.

Some instruction are given below which will help you to wash your bike efficiently.

For washing your motorbike nicely following things are important-
01. Shampoo or bike shower gel.
02. Toothbrush, paint brush, 100% cotton cloth or tissue paper and Lube.
03. Water pipe ( and hand shower ) or full bucket of water.

Procedure of washing-

First step
If possible then choose down slop place and set your bike on double stand, then shower your full bike slowly and through extra water to mud become soft. After that weight for 10 minutes. Following that clean your bike through hand shower or water pipe line. you can also use bucket and mug to clean your motorbike.

Second step
Put 2 mug of water into bucket and mixed two mini packet shampoo and use this mix with the help of brush and cloth to wet your full bike. Then wait for 10 minutes after that rub your full bike softly and use toothbrush or paint brush to clean difficult parts like engine, tyre, chain, chain cover, mudguard etc of the bike. Now it's time to wash your full bike with clean water and wait for five minutes and use dry cloth or tissue paper to make your bike dryer .If possible then keep your bike into the sun for few minutes. Finally clean your bike with soft and clean cloth.

After washing your bike give lube in chain and keep your bike on start mode for five minutes.

Some important advice are given bellow
01. Do not wet the hot engine
02. Avoid highly acidic detergent and shampoo to protect your original bike color.
03. Protect your ignition key hole and meter display from water in the time of washing.
04. You have to give more concentration during the time of washing brake. You should remove all oil from disk brake and keep safe your drum brake from water.
05. Do not ride your bike just after washing.
06. Do not use any object during the time of washing your motorbike that can make scratch on your bike. Always use soft and clean cloth.

If you follow the above instruction .Then you can wash your motorbike efficiently in your own house and your favorite bike will provide you long service.

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