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Two important Tips for bike riding

2021-04-18 Views: 390

Two important Tips for bike riding

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These days motorcycle has now become a vehicle of choice for many and a daily commuting partner. In Bangladeshi context, there are many people who perform their daily tasks with bikes. Special safety measures have to be taken in case of bike ride every day. There are many of us who ride bikes, but do not know the exact rules for riding. Today we will discuss two important tips for bike riding and they are
1. The proper rules of using looking glass
2. The right way for overtaking.

Most of the bikers in our country are now using bike for long rides and in this case they have to ride more on the highway. The highways of our country are not so safe enough to ride motorcycles. As a result of the reckless speed of the big vehicles, they don't care about the motorcycles. It is very important to know the rules of overtaking and the use of looking glass when riding on highways as well as riding at the city roads. So let's discuss below about overtaking rules and proper rules of using looking glasses.

1. The right way for overtaking.

Overtaking is often risky. The speed of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction and the speed of the vehicle you are overtaking have to be balanced. All over again, overtaking on an empty road can also be risky as if you are overtaking the vehicle in front of you and he presses you without understanding your position then it is very difficult to deal with that situation. Here are some tips for over taking safely.

- The rider should never stay in the same lane for too long while overtaking.
- Come along the looking glass of the vehicle in front and use the passing light to the vehicle coming from the opposite direction. It is better to give this passing light at least 5 to 6 times when you decided to overtake.
- Stay at least 100 yards away from the vehicle you are overtaking. If he is too close, see his movement, what kind of driver he is, then understand and take the step of overtaking.
- Look in the looking glass to see if any vehicle is coming from behind faster than you.
- Go some distance away from the overtaking lane and return to your correct lane as faster as you can.
- Never overtake at any turning, or where you see a road signal that indicates "overtaking is prohibited".
- Do not overtake with wrong direction or lane.
- Be careful when overtaking on foggy roads or in torrential rains.
- When overtaking large vehicles in our country, especially buses, make sure that their windows are open are not, and if they are open, make sure that no one is throwing out anything from the windows. If you notice someone throwing something or vomiting out of the window, stay at a safe distance without overtaking.
- If excessive black smoke comes out of the front vehicle, be careful while overtaking.
- Overtake while maintaining a safe distance from vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
- It is often seen that there is a truck with sand, or soil on the road and you are going to overtake it. In this case, if sand or soil falls on your body it can be a complete disaster, stay away from the truck and keep an eye on when you overtake. You can safely overtake that truck as best you can

2. The proper rules of using looking glass:

Looking glass is an essential element for bikes or any vehicle. If the looking glass is not attached with any vehicle or bike, it is a criminal offense and the traffic police is obliged to fine for it. Looking glasses play a very helpful role in everyday biking. What kind of vehicle is in the back, its position is exactly in which direction, in which direction the vehicle is coming, these can be easily determined through looking glass. As a rule, the looking glass should be noticed at least 5 times per minute while driving any vehicle. In the context of our country, looking glass is essential for a bike ride, because the roads in our country are not so convenient for bike ride. It has been observed many times that if a person rides a bike slowly on the highway for any reason, then the large vehicles coming from the rear side collide and cause death. This is happening in different countries of the world including our country. So we need to know the use of looking glass. So let's highlight the requirements and uses of looking glass below.
- A rider must look at the looking glass 5 times or more per minute.
- Special care must be taken on two-lane roads using looking glass. In our country, two lane roads are more accidental for reckless riding. Meanwhile, before looking at the looking glass on a four-lane road, make sure that no vehicle is coming in the opposite direction.
- Adjust the position of the looking glass before riding the bike. When starting the ride, especially when riding at high speed on the highway, do not adjust the position of the looking glass because any vehicle can come from any direction on the roads of Bangladesh, so reduce the speed of the bike, or stop the bike to adjust the position of the looking glass.
- Check the looking glass when changing your street lane.
- Before overtaking, look in the looking glass to see if any other vehicle is approaching at a higher speed than you, and even after overtaking, look at the looking glass in a blink.
- Keep an eye on the looking glass when turning right or left. On the other hand, if you want to take a U-turn, hold your position and go backwards, keep a close eye on the looking glass.
- Dirty or wet looking glass is one of the causes of accidents, so keep the looking glass clean and prevent water clotting white coating.
- When slowing down or stopping, look in the looking glass to see if any vehicles are coming from behind.
- After stopping the bike, notice the direction of the looking glass and get off the bike.
- You must look in the looking glass at these important points - at the junction of the road, in the place of curved path or pedestrian crossing, in the place where the road work is going on, in the place where you have to ride slowly, while overtaking, rail crossing, sudden stoppage etc.
- Use a wide angle looking glass if you need to modify your looking glass according to the visibility of the looking glass. It can be seen from a distance.


We need to know both the rules of overtaking and the use of looking glass for our bike rides. There are many bikers in our country who ride bikes in name only and they are ignorant about the rules of looking glass and overtaking. All riders must know the rules of these two for bike riding at any type of road. Then and then only accidents can be prevented.

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