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Famous Travel Destinations in Bangladesh:


Famous Travel Destinations in Bangladesh:


1) Boga Lake:
Among the three hill tracts in Bangladesh, Bandarban is probably the most mystical and beautiful. Boga Lake is in Bandarban. It is situated in Ruma upazila, which is 70 km from the main city. Just beside the enormous Keokradong mountain, this lake is almost 1246 feet or 380 meters above sea level. This lake looks a bit like the mouth of a volcano. It is 38 meters deep. There is also a fountain named Boga Chora there, which is 153 meters under where the lake is.

One specialty of this lake is that it has different scenes in the morning, afternoon, and night. The night view of Boga Lake is stunning. You can see different views of the full moon and the new moon. When it's dark, you can get lost in the lights of the star. And if the sky is clear and you're lucky, you can even enjoy the Milky Way galaxy.

2) Sajek Valley:
Sajek Valley is a famous tourist spot belonging to the Sajek Union of Baghaichhari Upazila in the southeastern district of Rangamati, Bangladesh. This valley at a height of about 1800 feet from the surface is like a natural paradise. Nature changes its color here in the morning and afternoon. There are wide mountain ranges like sea waves around, and clouds like white and blue cotton, in the meantime, the heavenly Sajek Valley stands tall in its glory. Clouds, mountains, and greenery are scattered everywhere in Sajek. Both sunrise and sunset can be seen from here. One has to trek from Rui-Lui Para in Sajek and then go to Kanglak Hill. The highest peak of Sajek is Kanglak. On the way to Kangla, the big mountains of the Mizoram border can be seen. Along with the living of the tribals, the movement of clouds can be seen all around. Various tribal festivals are held here at certain times of the year. Various things about their culture can be enjoyed here.

3) Tindu:
Tindu is called the heaven of Bangladesh. It is located in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district of the country. Sangu River flows through Tindur. Here mountains, clouds, rivers, springs, mystery, and romance meet. Tindu is very attractive to people as all of these are available together. The clear water of the Shankh river is flowing with rocks all the time. You can forget the tiredness of the city by immersing yourself in the river and chatting with the fish all day long. You'll be impressed by the simplicity and hospitality of the local tribal people. In the morning and afternoon, the mountains are surrounded by clouds. You won't feel the time passing by looking at the clouds. Tindur's awesomeness cannot be overstated.

4) Kanchenjunga:
Kanchenjunga is the main attraction of the rock city of Darjeeling or Kalimpong in India. Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world located to the east-southeast of Mount Everest.
Without going to India, you can see the amazing Kanchenjunga from some districts of North Bengal, Bangladesh. You can go to Thakurgaon or Panchagarh to see Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. From here you can see the white snow-covered mountains. Even the houses, lights, and traffic of some cities below the mountains can be seen from some places.

5) Thanchi:
Thanchi is the largest upazila of Bandarban district in terms of area. Thanchi upazila has many attractions, including Saka Haphong, Nafakhum Falls, the Big Stone or Raja Stone, Baklai Falls, and the Small Stone (Tindu).

6) White Stone Sylhet:
The embrace of clouds in the mountains, white rocks on both sides, and clear blue water in the middle makes white stone of syhlet a wonderful paradise. All in all, Bholaganj Sada Pathar tourist center of Companyganj upazila of Sylhet is the canvas of natural beauty. The place called 'Sada Pathar' is famous as the paradise of stones in Sylhet. Here, during the monsoons, nature is adorned with a soft cover of greenery. The turbulent cold water of the spring comes down from the green mirage surrounded by the high mountains and the clear blue water and the green of the mountains are united together. Tourists flock here from all over the country to get rid of the mechanics of city life.

7) Gadkhali Flower Market:
Gadkhali is called the flower capital of Bangladesh. Gadkhali market is 18 km away from Jessore district town towards Benapole. The flowers that come to Gadkhali come from Jhikargacha and Sharsha thanas which is about 25 km from Jessore. Flowers are cultivated in about 4 thousand bighas of 90 villages. In the villages of Jhikargacha and Sharsha thana, one must be mesmerized by seeing the red, blue, yellow, purple, and white flowers on the land on both sides of the road. Besides, the fragrance of flowers, the buzzing of bees, and the wings of butterflies come full of messages of eternal beauty. The beauty of the wildflowers here is bound to captivate the visitors.

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Famous Travel Destinations in Bangladesh:

1) Boga Lake: Among the three hill tracts in Bangladesh, Bandarban is probably the most mystical and beautiful. Boga Lake i...

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