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How to Re new Driving Licence?

2022-02-26 Views: 2814

How to Re new Driving Licence?


Those of who use bikes in daily life Driving Licence is very important to them. It is a legally punishable offense to drive a motorbike without a driving license. All of us who have driving licenses have licenses for a certain period of time. We know that in our country perspective motorcycle driving license is valid for 10 years. After these 10 years, we have to renew our license which we call Driving License Re-New in English. Today we Team Motorcycle Valley, will discuss How to Re-New your driving license. So let's discuss today's topic.

First, we should know what happens if we do not renew our driving license?

We know that a driving license is a very important and mandatory thing so we all should Re-New our driving license. If your driving license expires and it is not renewed, you will have to pay a fine of Tk 230 per year.

On the other hand, you will have up to 15 days from the date of expiration of the license to renew. In this case, no penalty has to be counted.

Now let's know how to complete the renewal of your driving license?

Step 1:- Required documents for renewal of driving license

  • Driving license photocopy

  • National ID Card (NID) photocopy

  • Citizenship Certificate (Must be collected from the ward councilor's office in the City Corporation area) photocopy and Attested.

  • Passport size picture 4 copies.

  • Original driving license card.


To make a bank deposit you need to get a photocopy of the driving license attested by the renewal officer of the BRTA office which must be submitted along with the bank deposit form at the time of depositing money in the bank. Bank deposit amount Taka 2427. After depositing this money, you have to collect the bank receipt paper and keep it carefully.

Step 2:- Here you have to fill up 2 types of forms.

1:- Re-New form. 2:- Medical certificate form

1:- Re-New form:- In case of filling up the renewal form you have to notice that- if you are married then you should mention your Wife/Husband's name and contact number. If you are unmarried In that case you have to give your father's name or mother's name. You can fill this form online if you want.

2:- Medical form:- As per the check-up list of the medical form after checking all the items, the form has to be submitted after getting the medical test attested by an MBBS doctor. You can find this form in photocopy shops around the BRTA.

1 copy of these two forms should be attested. After filling out the renewal form and medical form, a photocopy of the National Identity Card, Photocopy of Driving License, Photocopy of Bank Slip, Photocopy Citizen Certificate, Original Copy of Medical Certificate should be submitted together.


For Professional Driving Licence

The police investigation report must be attested with all the above documents. In this case, 3 copies of passport size and 1 copy of stamp size photo and practical test will have to be given again.

If your all documents are correct then on that day or the next day you will get a duplicate driving license which you can temporarily ride the motorcycle till your biometric SMS arrives.

Step 3:- If the biometric SMS you have been given a specific date, you have to go there according to that date and provide your fingerprints and pictures. On the same day, you will get a computer copy.

Step 4:- After 3 months of fingerprinting and taking pictures, you can collect the smart card of your driving license by taking that computer copy.

Following the above steps, you can easily renew your driving license and again you can ride on the road with your favorite vehicle. These were the processes of how to renew our driving license.

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