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Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangladesh

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Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangladesh


If you violate any traffic rules in Bangladesh, you will have to pay a fine and a list of them is mentioned here. The fine will be doubled, if you are caught by a special traffic police, check post or police patrol car.

137 - General fine – 200 Taka

2nd Time 400 Taka
139 – using Hydrolic horn – 100 Taka
140 (1) - Disobeying police orders, not cooperating - 500 Taka
140 - Disobeying the red light - 500 Taka
140 (2) - Driving on the opposite side of one way road - 200 Taka
142 – For Reckless driving - 300 Taka
2nd Time 500 Taka
148 - Accidental fine - 500 Taka
2nd Time 1000 Taka
149 - Riding a bike without safety - Tk. 300 / - in case of bodily injury or property damage Tk. 1,000 / -
150 - black smoke from the vehicle - 200 Taka
151 - External modification of vehicle and sale without approval – Tk. 2000
152 - If you drive without registration, fitness, or route permit - 1500 Taka
2nd Time 2500 Taka
154 - If overloaded - 1000 Taka
2nd Time 2000 Taka
156 - If you drive without permission - 750 Taka
157 - In case of obstruction of road or public place - 500 Taka
158 - If you use someone else's car without permission - 750 Taka
000 - If you use an illegal lane - 1000 Taka

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