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Bangladesh Traffic Signs

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Bangladesh Traffic Signs


Any kind of sign give information, an instruction, or a warning to others. Traffic signs or road signs are signs placed at the side or above the roads to give instructions, prohibition or information to road users. Persons who frequently use highways must have seen these kinds of signs or symbols.

For example we see a sign like “40 KM”, “No entry”, sometime special signs indicates “turning” etc. Today through this article we will try to be familiar with the conventional traffic signs of our country.

Five types of traffic signs are seen in Bangladesh, and they are,
01. Mandatory positive sign.
02. Mandatory negative sign.
03. Warning sign.
04. Informative sign.
05. Special warning sign.


Mandatory positive signs
Few traffic signs are remaining at the roads along with them riders are instructed to do that movement and those signs are known as “Mandatory positive sign”. For instance, “Stick to the left”, “drive straight”, “left side turning”, “Minimum speed limits 30 KM” etc. Blue color circular shape sings are use as Mandatory positive signs. Sometimes it can be square or rectangular, such as “This way”.


Mandatory negative signs
Those signs which restricts rider to do some activities and they are known as “Mandatory negative sign”. Such as “No Entry”, Overtaking prohibited”, “Stop”, “Maximum Speed Limit 50 KM” etc. Mandatory negative signs are Red circular in Shape but sometimes it can be different, for example Octagonal signs are used for ”Stop and Give Way” though these symbols are used in special situation.


Warning signs
To inform the riders about risk few signs are used and they are called “Warning sign”. For example “Narrow Road”, “Take Left”, “take right” etc. Triangular symbols stand for Warning signs.


Informative signs
Not compulsory but for the betterment of riders few information’s are placed at the traffic signs. Like “Hospital”, “Mosque”,”Restaurant”, “Parking” etc. In our country Blue or green Rectangle signs are known as the “Informative signs”.


Special warning signs
For particular situation and variable conditions few traffic signs are used and they are special warning sign. Such as “sudden turning”, “Alternative Path”, “Road blocked” etc.

Given types of traffic signs are common traffic signs in our country. Time to time these signs may contain explanation underneath it which expresses the meaning of that sign or instruction.

Ride your way with safety and always go behind the traffic rules for your own safety.

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