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Common Mistakes we do Buying Old Bikes

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Common Mistakes we do Buying Old Bikes


It cannot be denied that buying a bike is kind of dream come true for every biker. This moment becomes more even more enjoyable when you start the engine of your very own motorcycle by your own hands. Generally, old bikes are a good option for those who have low budget, but it has to be quality bikes. Since, many people sell their favorite bike in need of money, so if the potential buyer is lucky enough will get a very worthy bike at a low price. On the other hand, if the luck doesn’t go right then you have to go through different kinds of troubles.

Today, we Team Motorcycle Valley will be discussing with you some of the common mistakes we do buying old bikes.

We usually make two kinds of mistakes:

  1. Bike related

  2. Documents related

The mistakes we do when it comes to buying old bikes are discussed below the lines.

Too much excitement, or interest:

When we buy a bike, it is seen that an extra excitement works for everyone, meanwhile you just ignore different things that you should notice.

Not taking two keys:

We all know that a bike has two keys by default, but if you do not take the spare keys for any reason, it is your fault. If that is lost or any problem occurred by the real own that’s the different case.

Night time Buying:

If you are buying a bike at night, then please don’t. You will not be able to identify many things. Especially not being able to identify the real color and defects exactly.

Buy or sell bikes alone, or in a secluded place:

Avoid buying or selling bikes alone or in a secluded place. You might go there for a good deal and with a good mindset, but there are many who can cheat with you.

A skilled technician must be with you:

A skilled technician knows or understands the issues of bikes a much better than ordinary people. So, if you take a skilled technician with you while you are buying a bike, you can take a good look at the bike.

Not looking at the paperwork properly:

Looking at the paperwork properly is essential. For example, to know whether the acknowledgment paper has expired, whether the tax token money has been deposited or not, whether the 2-year paper has expired, whether the digital number plate has been issued or not, all of these are very important issues to taken care off.

Not observing the end of the handlebars and brake levers properly:

If a bike had an accidental record then that bike will have some stains, such as scratches on the end of the handlebars, scratches on the ends of the brake levers, scratches on the leg guards, many more. You may be deceived by these things by the seller. The handlebars of accidental bikes are a little less free which is why many people fail to identify the problem of handlebars.

Not identifying the tire grip or the condition of the tire properly:

The old bike often has a new meter count, which makes it difficult to check exactly how many kilometers it has traveled, but you can easily see the condition of the tire and how old it is by looking at the tire grip.

Checking nut-bolts and spare parts:

While riding the bike, some of the nut screws are loosened and later on the road you can be misled if you don't see if them properly and placed in the right place while buying the bike.

Unable to detect key dwindling:

If you fail to identify the bike by other factors, you can easily understand the condition of the bike by checking the key dwindling.

Can't figure out how much the disk plate has been eroded:

How many kilometers a bike has traveled can be easily estimated by looking at the erosion of the disc plate.

Related to documents:

There are many of us who have bought old bikes, but have not changed name yet. The owner who sold the bike may not have the time to change the name due to his personal work pressure or the person who bought the bike may not get the opportunity to change the name due to busy schedule. However, no matter how busy you are, riding a bike without changing the name is a criminal offense.

Let's take a look at the excuses or reasons we give usually when it comes to change names over time.

- Money problem

- The mentality to change bike faster

- The excuse of time

- Buying bikes among acquaintances

- Time consuming BRTA process

If the documents are not precise or the name change has not been done, then you can read the problems bellow:

- If your bike documents are not right and you ride the bike without changing the name, then you will have to face a case given by the traffic rule. According to the prevailing law of our country, you may have to face various legal complications including a fine of TK 5,000.


- Most of the time it is seen that the person who sold the bike cannot be found, or he has moved somewhere else. In this case, the original owner could not be found for the name transfer process. So as soon as you buy a bike, debit the AP with the original owner and apply for a name change. How to change the owner name? Click here to find the process.

- Meanwhile if you bought an old bike from someone, but did not change the name you cannot sell the bike by your own. In that case you will need the first owner of your bike whenever you want to sell, because you did not change the name after buying the bike. So you are not legally the owner of the bike.

- There are currently various crime cases and if the person to whom you sold the bike commits a crime without transferring the name, then you will be involved in that case as well. So, no matter how familiar you are to the buyer or seller, you must change the name.

We hope that you will be very careful while buying or selling the bike and will make sure all the valid documents comes with the bike are precise and you are having them right as well.  

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