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Motorcycle digital number plate


Nowadays in our country every motorcycle is containing digital number plates after the announcement of our government. To prevent motorcycle theft and for the easy tracking this new step has been taken by the road transport authority and our government. New purchaser and old user both can have digital number plates and for this reason they must have to follow some procedures. Those procedures are given bellow for the motorcycles users who want to have digital number plate.

Required papers
1. Deposited money receipt of obligatory money.
2. Attested photocopy of registration certificate of the motorcycle.
3. Attested photocopy of fitness certificate.
4. Attested photocopy of tax token papers.

RFID number plate (digital number plate)
To have the digital number plate you must follow these guidelines:
- You have to collect an assessment slip (money deposit slip) from BRTA and fill that up according to the existing blue book.
- Take the sign and seal of the BRTA authority at the assessment slip for the required fees and charges.
- Deposit the suggested money to the required bank and give an active mobile number. After the money will be deposited the bank will provide two computer printed money receipt.
-after you pay the money within few days you will get a SMS for giving your biometrics for the registration and number plate.
- According to the SMS date you must be there at the BRTA office for giving the biometrics.
- After providing your own biometrics BRTA authority will let you know after the plate and registration will be done through another SMS.
- Generally they inform within one month and if they didn’t inform you about the number plate then you can took an appointment by your own.To get the appointment for adding the digital number plate user must have to follow the given system for sending a message by his phone

NPADate and send it to 6969 number.
Example: For getting the appointment at 15.05.17, type-
NP A 15 and send it to 6969 number.

At the return SMS the sender will be notified the appointment date and time for adding the digital number plate. Then with the return SMS, money receipt and other suggested paper user must bring his bike at the recommended circle office of BRTA for adding the number plate.

Digital Number plate and smart registration card is related to each other that’s why both are necessary and need to be done. At present the smart registration card fee is TK 555 and the RFID number plate fee is TK 2260. So the total amount will be paid is TK 2815.

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