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10 things you should know about your bike
2018-03-05 Views: 2562

10 things you should know about your bike


Riding motorcycle is always pleasurable and especially for those who not only ride motorcycle for their need but also for their passion about it. This small size vehicle not only solves our transportation problem but also it provides relaxed and enjoyable riding for the users. We all know that every mechanical instrument comes with few problems and that is why it also required servicing. Now it is up the user whether they chose the servicing center or to solve those problems by their own. Yes! Sometimes few difficulties take place which can only be fixed by an expert technician but there are few which can be solved by the rider themselves if they figure out what is the crisis. Today we are going to discuss about those few things which a rider must know about their own bike and if they do then they can easily solve those if a bad circumstance creates on road or before starting the engine.

Before we start one thing we have to make sure that every rider must carry the provided tool box with their motorcycles. Because any kind of difficulty can took place at any time.


01. Spark plug cleaning or changing
Sometimes we don’t ride our bike for a while and because of that when we want to start up the engine after log time it won’t get started. Without that rush riding, dusts and for many other reasons a bikes spark plug required cleaning and sometimes need to be changed as well. To get rid of this kind of difficulty a rider must know how to change this thing or how to clean this thing. It can save time and money both if you can fix the thing by your own.

02. Braking adjustment
Because of rough kind of roads and conditions, after long ride and lack of checking sometimes bikes brake got loosen or start to perform slowly. On that kind of situation fixing it is really important and it can be done by the rider themselves. You just need to know how to do it.

03. Chain cleaning and adjustment
Chain set is one of the important motorcycle parts which require regular cleaning and adjustment. Lose or broken chain can cause life taking accidents and that’s why regular checking and adjust or cleaning is necessary. And for this work rider don’t need o visit the servicing center it can be done at home.

04. Changing the clutch or pickup wire
Clutch and pickup wire are very sensitive and required to be adjusted perfectly for smooth riding or prohibit accident. They both need regular observation or else they could breakdown or create difficulty any time. So if the ride knows how to fix it or change it it can save him from bigger problems.

05. Changing the engine oil
We all know that for better performance of the engine after a certain time changing the engine oil is necessary. And this work can be done very easily by the rider own self if the process is known.

06. Air filter cleaning or replacement
Another small thing but very important part of a motorcycle which needs to be change after a certain time and required usual observing. Polluted airfilter causes hi fuel consumption and lack of performance. Rider can do it by themselves and that’s why they must know how to do it for their betterment and for good performance of the bike.

07. Battery maintenance
Though nowadays companies are using maintenance free batteries but still many bikes batteries are not maintenance free. A bikes battery is the power source of that motorcycle and that’s why good caring is required. Low headlamp power, electrical problems, self start won’t work properly etc problem are created because of bad battery condition so it must be maintained well. And a rider can easily fix this problem without visiting the service center just they have to know the exact way to maintain.

08. Horn tuning
If the rider carries the tool box always with them then the horn tuning is not a big work to be done. It can be done easily if the rider wants.

09. Carburetor tuning
At different situation carburetor need to be cleaned or tuned so if the rider knows how to do it then it becomes easier and time saving for them.

10. Know about the tires
Though the tire pressure or maintenance differs with different brand and tyre size but at least every rider can know about their bike tires. If the rider knows about the tire pressure and maintenance then they can ride safe and performance will be up to the mark.

On the whole these few things are really important to for the bike users. Because at any situations you need to change these things or need to fix it and sometimes you will not be able to make it to the servicing center, on that kind of conditions if you know how to fix the problem then you can ride your way and be safe. As it is said before few problems will take place which need to be check and fix by the expert technicians but if you can solve the problem buy your own at least for a while then you can repair it properly from the technicians some other time.

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