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Motorcycle care in winter

2014-11-15 Views: 4397

Motorcycle care in winter

Weather of Bangladesh is mainly hot and humid. In our country in the time of winter is very short, its only remain for two months December and January. During the time of winter people of our country may be face some problem but it has such a no harm for the bike. So you don not need to be worry in winter session about your bike. you should follow the same maintenance procedure of summer in winter session but for the betterment of your bike you can take some extra steps.

Following instruction will help you to look after your bike in winter session-

Start your bike in one Kick
Common problem of motorbike in winter session is it's become difficult to start in early morning. In the time of winter fuel become viscous so fuel does not burn easily in the engine as a result it create problem in the time of starting your bike. To avoid this type of problem you can use a technique, pull of bike choke and start your engine and give some time to become your engine hot, then start your journey. Which bike has no Kick starting system should charge their battery that will prevent your bike battery from damage and make your bike easier to start. You can also pull the choke in the time of starting.

Use octane with fuel
We can run our bike both in octane and petrol. octane is more lighter than petrol that's why octane can easily reach to the engine in the time of winter. In winter session you can use stabilizer or octane with fuel. You can mix octane and petrol in proportion of 1:10. This mixed will help your fuel to burn easily in the engine. Those bike run less then one thousand kilometers in a month can use octane instead of petrol.

Keep your plug clean
We all know plug is a very important parts of a bike. Plug helps the engine to start by creating spark in the engine. Spark depends on the correct gap of the plug but gap can be reduce for following reason

Carbon Deposits: Because of carbon it's makes the plug dry and create problem in sparking.

Oil Deposits: It is happened because of poor oil control system. In this situation oil leaking past piston rings into the combustion chamber as a result it creates problem in sparking.

Pre Ignition: This type of problem occurs because of misfiring and it can damage your bikes engine.

So it is very important to Clean your bike's plug regularly. Net and clean plug will reduce your fuel cost.

In winter session you can use cold plug. Advantages of cold plug are given below:
-It has shorter insulator nose length
-It can store more heat
-It can operate in low temperature

At the end of the day
Clean your bike carefully and make it dry. Dew can damage your bike's metal parts so choose a safe place that protect your bike from dew in night .If possible then cover your bike full.

Maintain your bike properly and enjoy your ride.

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