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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tire Gel

2017-06-14 Views: 15594

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tire Gel


Mainly tyres are two in kind and they are tube tyres and tubeless tyres. Between these two tubeless tyres are getting popular for their vast usage and extra facilities over tube tyres. One of the major advantages of tubeless tyre is, this tyre doesn’t get punctured that easily and if it does then it can easily be solved. Without removing the tyre from the rim or even from the vehicle leakage can be fixed and that thing which fixed the leakage is called sealant(Gel).

Tubeless tyres have the benefit to be filled with liquid sealants at the inner potion of the tyre. If any kind of sharp object harms the tubeless tyre and leakage occurs, the liquid sealant immediately sealing the hole of leakage. Using sealants for preventing the leakage can save time and allows you to ride without changing the tyre.

These products come in a pressurized can, and it is very easy to use. While there are numerous advantages to using such a product like this, alongside that there are also some negative consequences that you should be aware of using this product. Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sealants and how to use it.


How to Use tyre Puncture Sealant
Tyre sealants are made only to help the rider out in an emergency situation. Once you start moving again, you must check the tyre as soon as possible from the professional. Tyre puncture sealant is easy to apply and it works at high-speed. You just have to attach the nozzle of the sealant can to the tire valve, press and release the contents of the can into the tire. The contents will be pushed to the puncture and subsequently seal it. Using an applicator tip onto the tyre valve stem can make sure the sealant will not leak out of the tyre if it is placed perfectly. Though it is faster and easier than changing a puncture tyre but you have to make sure your safety during of the use of sealants. When you are doing it at the road side make sure that your bike is well off the roadway, and watch out for passing traffic. You're not going to save any time if get hurt completing this process. Also, don't smoke during the process because many sealants are extremely flammable. Read the instructions on the sealant can before you start so you know exactly how the product is meant to be used.

Advantages of Tire Puncture Sealant
- Sealants are fast, suitable and affordable solution for all. Within a few minutes of inserting the sealant it start working
- Sealants allow the riders to drive away without removing the tyre. This entire process takes only a minute or two to fill the puncture gap.
- After inserting the sealant when the vehicle gets started, because of the tire's heat the gel consistently spread around the inside of the tyre and start working. That means no you do not have to find the leakage it will automatically be blocked up.
- This is especially interesting for people who do not have the time to change the tyre whether it is punctured and it also costs less than patch repairing of the tyre.

Disadvantages of Tire Puncture Sealant
- Usage of sealants is not the permanent solution for repair the tyre. For long term use traditional patch or replacement are required.
- These sealants contain harmful chemicals and removing it from the inside of the tire can be a time consuming process.
- Improperly applying, tire puncture sealant can ruin the tyre. If the tyre with the sealant does not move properly and warm up quickly inside the tyre, the sealant will get together at the lowest point of the tire. It may cause the tyre wrinkle and this can lead to an accident and possible injuries
- The use of a canned sealant can create a high pressure environment inside of the tyre that can be dangerous for the person repairing the tyre and most of the tyre sealants are not designed to be used with high-performance tyres, which mean using a tyre puncture sealant is not permanent option for the driver.

Choosing the best and sufficient sealant for your own bike is also very important because you have to make sure that your tyre is containing the required air pressure it need to run properly.

After using tyre sealants as soon as you can, it's important to check your pressure and make sure you're at the right level. Also, remember that sealants have a very limited repair life. You should have the tire well repaired as soon as possible to make sure you don't have any problems in future and you can ride safe.

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