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Motorcycle ownership transfer process

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Motorcycle ownership transfer process


Purchasing range of motorcycles is rising day after day in our country. It is very important to have the legal ownership of any kind of vehicle whether it is motorcycle or other transport. These days we often buy used motorcycles from others but we frequently make a mistake of not to change the ownership. It is very important to have the ownership papers of your motorcycle on your own name. Because if something goes wrong and that occurrence is connected with your bike then both the buyer and seller must have to face harassment and big difficulties by the law enforcement. There is another problem, without the ownership papers on your name cannot do anything if your motorcycle been stolen. So it is important to change the ownership papers after the bike being sold. Following the BRTA process changing the ownership of a motorcycle is not that tough at all. Bellow the lines we will discuss about the changing procedures of motorcycle ownership and see what things we are going to need to get the job done.

Necessary papers and objects
T.O Form.
T.T.O Form.
Payments recite of the recommended Bank.(TK 3665 )
Owner particular & specimen signature form with three copy stamp size picture.
Original Blue book copy.
NID Photocopy of the Buyer.
NID Photocopy of the retailer.
At last affidavit paper and the agreement papers on 300 TK stamp with both seller and purchaser photo.

Changing procedures
Changing motorcycle ownership or any kind of vehicle ownership is a two way process both buyer and the seller is involved at this process. Before they get started few thing must be done by both the buyers by the seller.

Purchaser activities
First things first buyer must put their own signature at the T.O form and at the T.T.O from. After that they have to submit the main copy payment recite of the bank. Buyer must have to submit attested photocopies of T.I.N certificate, NID Photocopy, and depending on the present address telephone bill/ electricity bill. Purchasers also have to give the attested photocopies of original registration certificate (blue book) , tax token, fitness certificate, root permit. Affidavit papers on no judicial stamp and if the buyer is an organization then they have to provide a latter on their official papers pad. Buyer must fill up the form with English BLOCK LETTER along with three copies of color stamp size pictures. Buyer must have BRTA inspection certificate and there must be no complains. If the signature went wrong of retailer then he must have to present at the BRTA office by himself. These all things must be done properly by the buyer before changing papers at the BRTA required office.

Seller activities
Seller has to give their signature at the T.T.O form and at the payment voucher along with the witness and government stamp. After that they need to prepare non judicial affidavit fixed by the government.

If the seller is a company or organization then they have to provide intimation latter on their pad, Board regulation and authorization papers. If the motorcycle is contract bound to any company or organization then the responsible person must have to give clearance of payment, loan adjustment statement, application to the director (engineer) of BRTA and non judicial affidavit set by the government. At last buyer has to be there if the signature of his went wrong while changing ownership and must bring an attested photocopy of NID.

After all these work being done BRTA authority will provide a n issue date and they will notify the owner through SMS. Don’t forget to put the cell phone number at the form.

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