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What mileage which motorcycle provides?


Not only in Bangladesh but also in almost every south Asian country motorcycles are getting popularity in terms of vehicle with the flow of time. Countries likes ours have lots of traffic issues and rural areas are also a bigger part, so the motorbikes are really helpful for this kind of road conditions. Whenever a new rider wants to have a bike alongside the speed, engine performance, over all things they must talk about the mileage issue and they want it to be good. But it is important to know that a bikes mileage is not a fixed thing, no matters what the company is claiming? Your use is responsible for the mileage what you will get from the bike. Definitely a manufacturing company will claim an ideal mileage but based on different conditions and user, mileage will differ surely. This mileage also varies with different cc engine power output, maintenance, and road conditions and lot more things which a rider must be conscious about to have a better mileage output from their bike.

Talking about our country people always wants better mileage from every segments and categories of bike but that is not going to work they don’t understand. It is very obvious that a 150cc bike will not offer the same mileage like a 100cc bike because of the body weight; tyres, engine power, speed etc are not the same or powerful as 150cc. for example let us talk about a well reputed bike in our country which named Yamaha FZ-s 150. After the arrival of this bike till 2016 every single side of this bike was appreciated by the users and viewer but their only complain was the mileage was really low. So the manufacturing company solves this problem by upgrading the technology in Fuel injunction (FI) and every user is pleased by the mileage but the speed gets reduced. So as we can see one thing is related to others if you are asking for a good mileage then you cannot ask for speed and if you want all the things together then you have to make you own vehicle by your own.

To make everyone clear we team motorcycle valley reached to an approximate mileage range which the real user are getting and informing us based on the segments and categories of motorcycles. As we said before company claims an ideal mileage but that mileage is checked under special conditions which a rider will not get always. From bellow the lines we will uphold those mileage ranges which can consider as the approximate mileage range of our country users.

100cc segment:
In our country 100cc motorcycles are consider as a pure commuter motorcycle. On average users of this segments get at 55-70 Km/L mileage. We cannot say the exact mileage because mileage varies on different companies, users and features. But all the available bikers provide the mileage within 55-70 Km/L range. Another segment 110cc is close enough with this segment as well. There are very few bikes available and they offer almost the same mileage like the 100cc. For example at this segment we can talk about Bajaj Discover 100, Hero i-smart, Keeway RKS 100 and TVS Metro ETC.

125cc segment:
As we see the cc limit gets higher that means the engine quality and its performance will be more powerful and the mileage range will also be changed. According to the users saying in our country 125cc motorcycles offer approximate 50-65 Km/L mileage. At this segment ideal bikes are Bajaj Discover 125, Keeway RKS 125 and TVS Stryker ETC.

150cc segments:
Among this segment there are few categories based on them the mileage surely varies and that the users sometimes don’t understand. That is why they complain about the bike but that are not required. In our country we can see several types motorcycles in this segment and they are,

150cc Commuter:
The engine might be 150cc but they are purely commuter bike but people assume them as a sports category. This type of bikes offers 45-55 Km/L mileage. Among these bikes we have Hero Achiever, Bajaj Pulsar.

150cc Sports type:
Few bikes are available at 150cc segment which looks like a sports bike but they are not by their features. This kind of bike offers lesser mileage then the pure commuters and that range is 35-45 KM/L. These bikes have heavier body and engine performance than the pure commuters so the mileage range differs even both are 150cc. for example Yamaha FZ-S, Suzuki Gixxer

150cc Cruiser:
No doubt that the cruiser bikes are really different then the other bikes. These are made for long rides and so the engine is placed very powerful. Body weight and other parts are much heavier than a normal 150cc bike, so the mileage must be vary. Based on our country users they get almost 30-35 Km/L mileage from Bajaj Avenger, Keeway superlight 150, Haojue TR ETC kind of bikes.

150cc Sports:
Though the real definition of a sports bike doesn’t match with the available bikes of our country but they are much similar so we must know that mileage is not the thing for a sports bike it’s all about speed and the engine performance. So the mileage range of this category motorcycles are around 25-35 Km/L. Among those bikes we can specially see Honda CBR, Lifan KPR, and Yamaha R15 ETC.

This is the last available segment of our country and very few motorcycles are present currently in our country but the craze goes on and peoples are using those few bikes regularly. Based on the users they are getting approximate 30-35 Km/L mileage from CB Hornet, TVS Apache RTR160 and others.

Depending on the special technology or special bikes these mileage range may vary but they are rare case. So now we can say based on CC, power, personal use, road condition and features mileage varies. Manufacturing brand also is a matter of fact because different manufacturer uses different technology to increase the overall performance and mileage. Among them Indian motorcycle are at the top for offering good mileage range. On the other hand Japanese bikes are better for durability and performance and last but not the least Chinese motorcycles are well features within reasonable prices. After watching this article we can assume that people will understand why the mileage range varies and we have ask for a better mileage from mileage providing bike not from a bike which is special for speed or other side.
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