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What you should do after having a new bike?


You are a new biker and just started to ride a new bike and it seems that engine is over heating or its making a odd sound, engine turned off suddenly on the road, gear is not working properly. These are the very common problem in the new bike which is very irritating cause for the new bikers. Its better to know the problems and solution before you face it. Same time, there are some tasks you have to do as a new biker which will be beneficiary for both the rider and the biker.

Check the bike completely
When you are purchasing a bike, you must to take a close look on the bike about the matter any spot, bursting or any broken thing you are noticing or not. If you found any, you better let it know.

Check out the regulation of the warranty
Warranty is an important matter for the bike as it is applied differently on the different parts. Take a look which parts have what short of life line on warranty and what are the conditions of warranty.

Take a close look on the manual
Most of us neglect this matter very seriously where this is one of the most important thing that will help you to know about the matter of maintain a healthy bike. As like what you should use, “Petrol” or “Octen”? How often you should change the engine oil? Or what grade engine you should use for your bike and many more things will be clear to you by the user manual.

Bike Safety
As a new bike is one of most important asset for the bikers and thats why it good to think about the safety of it. If the disk brake is on the bike then better to use a good quality disk brake. Better to use chain lock or security alarm. When you are thinking about electronics security device then you have one thing in your mind that, if the device is not build in good quality then there is chance of face problem in the starting of the bike.

Follow the break in period
It is better not compete like racing with friends just after purchasing the bike. There is a time in which you have to follow some rules after having the bike and this is the break in period.

Motorcycle Break in period

Service your bike in the right time
Don't forget to serve your bike as the company recommend. At least the new bikes have serve in the right time in the emergency basis and this will help your bike later to perform it perfectly.

Engine is over heating, what can I do?
This is very normal in the new bike. As each of the biker have to ride in low RPM in the new condition rather it good to be hot. If you feel that the engines heating is not normal then you better inform the service center.

Fuel expense is out of limit, what to do?
It is pretty normal in the new condition. When the break in period is over that means 1500-2000 kilometers already ridden then this will be normal. If still your bikes fuel expense is out of limit then you better remember the service center.

How often I should change the engine oil?
At first in the new condition you have to change the engine oil in 300-400 kilometer then each 900-1000 kilometers. If you are using synthetic engine oil then you should change it after using more then 1000 kilometer. You will have better information from the servicing center on this matter.

Engine is not starting, What should I do?
There are so many reason to not getting the start. As a new biker, so many things are unknown to you and thats why just a small problem seems like big to you.

Check this points out when engine is not starting:
- Key is on or not?
- If there is engine kill switch? Then what is the position of it?
- Neutral light is on or not?
- Is there enough fuel on the fuel tank?
- Plug is clear or not?
- What is the setting position of the spark plug?
- Hold the choke then try to start if necessary.
If it still disturbing then you better pay a visit to the technician.

Engine turned off in running, what to do?
There are so many reason to happen this. As on the new bike and new rider complain about this very frequently. Carburetor tuning is not in the right position, fuel is not clear, plug is not clear or the air filter is not clear and many more reason should be behind it. At the same time, there are so many new bikers who cannot make the combination of gear, clutch and pick up by which engine turned off on the road. Not having the ideal RPM is another reason behind this problem and for this you better check your bike to the servicing center.

Daily care
There is a proverb “ Care is Cure”. It is not about the brand rather it is all about the care and sincerity which gives a durable bike. On the other hand, if you left it on its condition and use it as your wish then this will fall anytime. So better be careful about this one from the begging.

Breaking system of bike
For the safety of your life, you have to keep it safe
- Don't let any water inside the drum brake.
- Wash the disk brake whenever you see dust or anything on it.
- Keep free the pedal on the drum brake. Never make it over tight, it could be locked.
- Check the condition of the of the pad of disk brake regularly.

Problem in the gear
New bikers often fall in problem to shift the gear in the new bike. Hard to change the gear, its feeling so hard and others things. This problem could be solved by adjusting the clutch. If the problem is serious you feel then you better took it to the servicing center. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that, this is take time to have the smoothness of the gear.

At the last
Its take time to adjust with a new thing and it is good to pass this time with patient and smartly. As the new bikers face the problems, most of them are very little to uphold and due to unknown and new thing on the hand, they feel like a big problem they are on. Yes, it is true that bike could have some problems and for this, one should take ones bike on the servicing center. On the other hand, there are some problems which gone with the time.

Stay safe and keep safe, Happy biking.
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