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Reasons behind your driving license can be revoked


Reasons behind your driving license can be revoked


A driving license is mandatory for any motor vehicle as per the Motor Vehicle Act. A bike rider should have a driving license while bike riding. To get a driving license, we have to complete many processes, but in some cases or through some functioning, the driving license may be considered canceled. Today we are going to discuss with you what causes your driving license to be canceled. So let's take a look at the reasons:

Road Transport Act 2018
(Act No 47 of 2018)

12| (1) the person with a driving license may declare, withdraw, or cancel his driving license If a person who is authorized by the authorities or authority has a reasonable reason to believe that a person with a driving license is ineligible, unprotected, physically or mentally disabled, alcoholic, habitual offender or any other reason if the authority or the authorized person authorized by the authority is prescribed in the prescribed manner.

(2) If a driving license person violates any provisions of any order, circular, or policy issued by the Government or the authority, from the Government or Authority to any provision or license of this Act, Rules or Regulations or License, the authority suspends his driving license in the prescribed manner. Or cancel.

(3) If a person's driving license is suspended, withdrawn, or canceled, he will not be able to drive a motor vehicle.

(4) If a driving license under this section is suspended, withdrawn, or canceled, the person with the concerned driving license may apply to the authorities to reconsider it in the time and manner prescribed by the rules.

(5) After receiving the application under sub-section (4), the authority shall settle it in the procedure and time prescribed by the Rules, and if the application is granted, the previous license shall be revived.

(6) The driving license shall be determined by the discard and the point of the driving license due to the discount of the driving license and the suspension of the driving license and the other issues related to the other issues.

(7) If a suitable court sentences a person for committing offenses under this Act, the person who the court has sentenced to the court is the person who is convicted of the law or a specific class or category of a motor vehicle. Including the driver or, as in the field, may suspend, withdraw or cancel the driving license of the person.

(8) An ineligible declaration of a person with a driving license under this section, or if his driving license is suspended, withdrawn, or canceled, it shall be recorded by the authority in the prescribed manner.

For which the driving license point can be deducted.

On the other hand, according to the law, the driving license may be considered canceled for 5 reasons. A driving license has 12 points and these points can be canceled for 5 reasons, but its implementation in our country is not yet seen or we do not see such a matter. The 5 reasons that can be canceled by the driving license is:-
1- Right to drive a motor vehicle disobeying the red light;
2- Overtakes at a specific location of the pedestrian crossing or near or overtaking.
3- Entering the main road directly without stopping the motor vehicle.
4- Violation of the speed limit indicated on the road.
5- Increasing the path of the motor vehicle in a deliberate way or in any other way.
6- Righting a motor vehicle in the opposite direction on one -a way road.
7- Reckless and dangerous motor vehicles in violation and weight limit.
8- Driving motor vehicles while alcoholic or intoxicated.
9- In any other matter determined by the rules.

Source _ BRTA website

Source - https://www.newsbangla24.com/news/180410/There-are-no-rules-so-the-driver-is-not-afraid-of-revoking-the-license

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