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Safety tips for motorcycle riding at night
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Safety tips for motorcycle riding at night

Safety tips for motorcycle riding at nightNight time is very special for the bikers. Specially when you are thinking about a long journey then very often you are going to choose the night for a traffic free road. Whatever the need is, some precaution can made your journey safe and joyous. Lets take a look what matter you have to care about in the night.

Never ride alone
Always try to avoid drive alone in the night time. Take a pillion who can drive the bike. If you can make a team that will be the best thing. Stay away from the heavy vehicle.

Never show the road of ride unless anyone ask
This can save you from the unexpected danger. Keep the necessary and emergency phone numbers with you.

Enough light
Check the headlight before you start. You better not start your journey with the low light. Always try to keep a powerful headlight whenever you wish to ride at night.

Store necessary fuel
measure the distance where you want to go. Just keep remember that don't stop on the middle of your journey for the fuel.

Don't take the unknown path
Never ride on the unknown way. You can use the Google map to measure the right way or you ask the native before you take such way. Specially on the matter about speed breaker, broken road/bridge, bad turning etc.

Use tubeless tire
This will keep you worry free in the night. You never have to think about the matter of puncture.

Use safety gears
Just remember, you are driving your bike in the night and anything could be happen to you meanwhile, you never going to have normal people like day time. From this point of view you better use full face helmet, gloves, body armor, knee guard etc. same time, you have to dress yourself with the colorful dress by which you will be visualize by the other drivers. Keep looking your looking glass to ensure your safety.

Keep easy to use spare parts
You are never going to have any help in the night and for this reason you have to keep accelerator cable, spark plug. Always stop in a place where some people are available. Keep a little torch as well.

The more the speed, the more the damage
Bike is well known for its speed and when you riding bike in the night, the pick up will automatically rise in the top. Always try to keep the speed in the limit.

Never lift unknown person
this is strongly recommended to all the riders. You already can guess why we suggesting you this point. If you see anyone in danger then you inform the nearest police. Never take risk of your life.

Don't stop in a solitary place
whatever the cause is, you never should stop in the place where no one is for help you. If you are sure about on the matter that something has stuck in your tire then you must leave the place as soon as possible. There is a risk of hijack.

Never eat anything given by an unknown person
If you want to give a break then never eat anything which given by unknown person. Choose a shop where many customers are available.

If hijacker attack on you
never argue with them, just hand over your bike to them. This is a matter of your life. If they take away your bike then don't be late to file a “General diary” to the nearest police station. At least you will be safe from the crime that caused by the hijacker.

In the last
Danger never come with the call. If you are serious enough then you can save your lot from this. Thats why, you have to keep yourself focused on the night journey.

Stay safe, keep safe.
Happy Journey.

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