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Why accurate tire pressure is essential?


Why accurate tire pressure is essential?


Accurate tire pressure plays an important role while riding a bike. Different tire companies in the market have different types of tires according to our road conditions in Bangladesh and the required tire pressure for any road is clearly mentioned on the tire body. Today we are going to discuss with you Why accurate tire pressure is essential? So let’s start the discussion.

For Better Mileage
The mileage of the bike is directly or indirectly controlled by the tire pressure. As like If the bike's tire pressure is low, the engine will try to produce more power for this reason the mileage will decrease. So you must maintain tire pressure to get proper mileage.

Better Suspension
Sometimes if tire pressure is low, it is often seen that the stock rim is damaged the bike by riding, while if the tire pressure is too high, the tire cannot show its proper performance due to which the bike starts jumping a lot even on small broken roads.

Better Breaking and Gripping
Low tire pressure creates pressure on the rim and the side wall of the tire is high, on the other hand, high tire pressure is not good enough in terms of braking and gripping. Many times it is seen that due to high tire pressure, braking, and gripping do not provide good feedback which leads to accidents. So it is important to keep proper tire pressure to get good braking and gripping.

Smooth Riding
We often notice that it feels jerkier on bad roads or broken roads and the tire cannot give its proper performance on these roads. If the tire pressure is kept right, you can ride smoothly even on bad roads. So try to keep the tire pressure right to get smooth riding.

We hope that we check the tire pressure of our bike regularly and try to keep the correct tire pressure and ensure good performance from the bike. Thank you

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