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Most Common Problems of bikes during winter and its solutions

2021-11-29 Views: 637

Most Common Problems of bikes during winter and its solutions


The winter is knocking at our door and the amusement has already begun all over the country that’s why there is a tendency among us to be extra careful centering the winter. To save ourselves from the cold, we buy winter cloths and re-use our old one. We must be extra careful during cold in the term of bike as well. With the change of the weather, most often some technical errors take place in our bikes but our early preparation can prevent those problems from happening.

Today my team, Motorcycle valley is going to describe the problems briefly and their solution as well of our beloved bikes. I hope this article will corporate a biker to understand the problems of a bike during winter season and its particular reasons and solutions as well. Let’s jump straight to it.

Battery Issue and Solution

We all know that, battery is one of the most important subjects of a bike and it contains energy to run all the technical features of a bike. If the battery falls down, or if the power supply gets poor, you might get in trouble.

Problems that occur if the battery falls down:

  • Electrical or self start method doesn’t work. During winter, this problem seems to occur the most on our bike because our motorcycles are mostly made of steels and those steels get colder rapidly and it takes time to get warm during winter period. Consequently, it has some effect on the battery and those who have electric or self starting bike suffer the most with this problem.

  • Due to falling down battery efficiency, some electrical parts and subjects related to battery doesn’t work properly


Those of us, who use bikes, should keep the bike engine turn on for at least 5 minutes on every morning in winter season. This technique will prevent you from bike starting problem. Besides, if the engine fails to turn on with the help of the battery, you rather manage to charge your battery completely. There are many battery servicing shops around the local area. We can fully charge our battery with a cheaper rate (20tk only).

Engine doesn’t start:

Apparently, we face this problem the most in the winter morning. Even sometimes, the engine does the same behavior after keeping the bike in the rain for a long period.

Reasons why the engine doesn’t start on winter days:

  • Sometimes non-recommended engine oil grade can be a great cause of this problem.

  • Beside the engine oil, if the fuel of a bike is polluted, the engine of that bike will not act natural.

During Cold, the engine usually gets colder. Therefore these tiny problems become key reasons behind any major problems like these.

Solutions of the engine doesn’t start on winter days

If the engine of our bike doesn’t start in winter, a better quality fuel is always recommended in this condition. A little mixture of octane with the petrol can boost the performance level and also a very effective way to prevent engine starting issue because; octane is more flammable than petrol. On the other hand, always use the exact engine oil which is mentioned in the manual book of your bike.

Shrunken of tire pressure rapidly:

We all know that, every substance gets shrunken on winter days. As there are mostly nitrogen gasses in the air so in the general sense the substances inside the air gets compressed. On the other side, the air pressure naturally becomes high comparatively during summer as the air molecules get expanded. So, there is a chance to reduce the air pressure during winter after riding a bike frequently.

Solutions of Reducing tire pressure frequently:

Since, tire’s air pressure frequently reduces relatively short period in winter, we should check the air pressure regularly after a week and must refill the air pressure according to tire’s capability.

Color loss:

We all are familiar with the fog of winter and if we keep our beloved bike on an open space in winter, the fog weakens the temper and quality of the bike’s color. Consequently our bike’s color gets faded away rapidly in the winter.

Solutions of Color loss:

Those who keep their bike on an open space should protect their favorite bike with a cover from the fog. Therefore, the bike color will be protected from early loss. It would be the best for you if you try not to keep the bike on an open space.

We are expecting that, those of us who ride bike in the winter can fix these common problems ourselves and able to avoid unexpected troubles easily.


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