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How to Practice Motorcycle Braking

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How to Practice Motorcycle Braking

How to Practice Motorcycle BrakingA biker should know this clearly that, a new bike means a new experience. You have to practice and the read the bike when ever you have a new bike to ride. Its something like making a bond with your bike by which you can read your bike and your bike can read you as well.

And the proper practice is the only thing by which you can make this understanding. You have to understand the weight balance, weight transfer in the braking process and many more thing, otherwise you can fall in a serious trouble.

With or without the rear brake?
We advice you not to use the rear wheel in the emergency situation with the concern about your nerve. If you are man of strong nerve then you can keep your head cool and handle the situation perfectly by using the rear brake. You are going to have more information about the braking practice in this article:

if you can make a bond with your bike then the braking practice is going to be easy for you to understand as well as the bike. Just keep try to use the rear brake in the practice season by which it can sealed in your nerves and become an automatic action.

At first push the clutch to neutral the engine then push the rear brake lightly. This push is going to start the braking process and you have keep the balance of weight by using both the brakes. Never ever push the whole braking system at once, do it slowly and your bike will come under control.

Wheel lock
Most of the bikers are very well known with this term and this is mostly associated with the braking. If the front wheel get locked in the heavy speed then it can throw you out over the handle bar.

If the rear wheel get locked then the rear side of your bike is going to shake heavily by which you are going to lost the control of your bike and this situation is known as the “fish tailing” all this matter never going to result anything pleasant rather you may face doom of your life. So, to avoid all these you have practice your bikes braking system properly.

A locked on rear wheel
Lets take a look how we can make a safe practice to avoid these shorts of situations. You have to start your practice by locking the by yourself and you have to perform this in the morning on a grassy field (wet by the dew drops), push the rear brake hard in the light speed and you can feel the shake of the bike.

Now the question is how you can avoid or control this situation?
You have to change your “Center of gravity” quickly otherwise you will see yourself lying on the field.

Lock the front wheel
Front wheel is very easy to lock, just start your bike and pull the brake same time release the throttle and you are in the mood of front wheel lock.

Braking on the turn
Never take this thing easy about the braking when you are turning your bike. At first, slow down your bike and push the rear brake gently . This time your bike is not going stay at 90 degree angle. By the centripetal force you and your bike is going to the down wards. To help your bike on the turn you can take your body on the side that bike is.

When you have any obstacle on the turning like any animal dog, cow or something else, what you are going to do then?

Use the front brake
Never be nervous. You are not participating in the race and for this reason your bikes speed have to slow in the turning, as slow in which you can brake hard your bike. You can remember the synchronization of rear and front brake which we have mentioned in the top.

Use that technique, this will be very much effective in this kind of situation.

Perform your practice in various weather condition
If you can do this, then this will be very effective in your daily activity with your bike. Why because you don't know the situation you are going to face in an unknown place. Thats why try to practice in different weather condition.

At the last, we recommend practice of all sort of situation as like in the muddy road slippery road, wet road as well as what way your bike is acting in these roads when you brake it hard.

Just believe me this will help you most to know your bike completely.

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