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Important tips for bike riding at highway

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Important tips for bike riding at highway


I know that most of the bikers ride their bike for a long time being but my bike riding carrier has started only one year and two months back from now. So it is very true that I am a baby biker who started bike riding one year back. Within this one year I have traveled 10700 kilometers with my loving motorbike. I visited Maymensingh, Shremangal, and Comilla within these 10700 kilometers and I thinking to visit Sajek valley and Cox’s Bazar in future. When I started bike riding highways were the other name of fear to me but I have overcome this fear after I made my first ride to Maymansing. It was the first FCB voyage to Maymansing tour. By the grace of almighty Allah I have no fair about the highways now but I am always afraid not because of me for my family, because one mistake at the highways can be the last one as well. My loving brother Sabuz Vai just pointed out the common mistakes at the highways the bikers do, and he does so for preventing us from those mistakes. If we can maintain those things we might get back to our home safely from the highways. So today I am going to share some of my experiences and information which you are going to need at the highways for riding safely and I hope this will surely be at help for you all.


Few words based on my experience:

1. Mental preparation- For riding at the highways every rider need mental preparation because riding at the city roads and at the highways is totally different things.
2. Be focused- One of the first rules for riding bike at the highways is to be focused. We cannot be distracted on the highways and for that a rider need sound sleep. For riding a long ride and fresh mentality sleeping is necessary.
3. Watch around- we have to be conscious about the surroundings of ours at the highways. We have to watch the both side of the roads, because at the highways from nowhere the three wheeler like CNG and Battery rickshaws came in front. Without that passerby also arrived at the highways sometimes and we have to be careful about that.
4. Bike checkup- it is required to ride a well tuned bike at the highways for the riders own safety. If it is possible then the rider must check all the things by their own and if not then check out the bike from the mechanic.
5. Safety gears- riders must ride with full safety gears. Good quality helmet, body amour or riding jacket, hand or knee gourd, riding boot or good quality shoe and hand gloves will increase the riding confidence of the rider.

Ridding with confidence is really necessary and these gears will help to prevent serious injuries, so no compromise with the safety.
6. Being visible- It is really important to make ourselves visible at the highways. Use reflective vest or light colored T-shirt and never go through the big vehicles like bus or trucks. If you are visible then you might not be seen by the girls but the drivers will see you for sure.
7. Looking glass- use looking mirrors always. Many people use their bikes without looking glasses which is not required. If you are a conscious rider then you must use this thing. It is also under the traffic rules. People don’t use looking glasses for style but it is not that using it will reduce the style of your bike. Many riders use this looking glasses to watch the girls on road, please stop because doing that may cause you to an accident and you will be find underneath a bus or trucks.
8. Indicators- use indicators while changing the lane or turnings. Doing that ensures your presence to the behind riders. If you don’t use the turn lamps then other transports which are behind you might give you a big hug and by pressing you they will leave.
9. Speed up: highway is not a place for speed riding; you want to taste the speed or your bike then go to the racing tracks. Highway is not the place for racing. You need to speed up the bike depending on the road condition and your situations. It is also a symbol of quality biker. If your are riding at speed at the highways then it creates tunnel vision and because of that other small or big vehicles may offer you the shortcut way to the angels. So if speeding is necessary then you must do it carefully. Don’t ever speed up the bike watching the road angels.
10. Brake- you have to use the brake according to your speed. Sudden braking may cause accidents. Use the brakes tougher I mean both front and rear one wisely. Using engine brakes are more effective then hitting the brakes holding the clutch. Using the engine brakes stop the bike instantly. If you hit the brakes all of a sudden by watching the road angels then you might be found at the road side or at the hospitals. So you must know how to speed up your bike and also how to use the brakes into sudden situations as well, or else you will have the ticket to heaven or hell on the highway surely.
11. Overtaking- use passes light, horn, indicators while overtaking at the highways. Never overtake other vehicles from the middle or left side. Some MOTO GP racers are seen at the highways who tries to over takes underneath the vehicles and as the result they are found at the heaven.
12. Tail follow- never rides your bike following a vehicle. Always prefer one side while riding. Always maintain a safe distance from the bus or trucks at the highways and never go through in the middle of them.
13. Turnings- reduce the speed while turning and use horn or indicators or pass lights when you have to take blind turnings.
14. Horn: Always use loud and good disabled horns; like the Yamaha FAZER has double horn, p-70 is also a good quality horn, shocker, pop-pop horn etc.
15. Headlight- use quality headlamp for the bike. Always try to ride your bike turning on the headlamps at the highways. Because of doing that other bikes or vehicles which will came from the front will easily detect you, because of this reason AHO technology has been introduced. It is a safety issue by the way.
16. Back light- Make sure that after hitting the rear brakes you tail light is glowing. Sometimes it is seen that rear lamp is not working which is not good for a bike. if the tail lamp do not work then other vehicles which are behind you can hit you from you back and make sleep at the hospital or you can also fly like a bird.
17. Take rest (refreshing)- after a certain time riding take rest. It will raise your confidence and concentration both, you will also feel fresh. Drink water as much as possible to avoid dehydration. And your bike also need some rest as well, think how much pain we give to our bikes but they cannot tell us. So refreshing is required and good for both the rider and bike.

No compromise with the safety that I learned from my brothers Sabuz, Saif, shaown. Matter of fact is that we all need to be careful about our safety. Most of the accidents we saw at the highways are occurred because of unconsciousness of the rider. No safety gears are seen with them and that happens also because of the unconsciousness about their own safety. I have never heard that a real moto traveler gone through an accident because they are real biker and they are really aware about their safety. And I always want that they remain safe by the grace of Allah. I like the way FCB works about the riding safety because they never allow a rider without their safety is ensured. It is really appreciative. If the new bikers like me follow the guide lines and make sure your own safety then we might prevent accidents lot more than before.

Few things need to be bear in mind:
- Never ride your bike at high speed.
- avoid riding your bike at the footpaths,
- Follow the traffic rules and guides.
- Never stop your bike at the zebra crossing.

Written by-
Kazi Shahed Ahmed
Fuel injection Club BD – FCB
Bikers are Brothers

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