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Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle chain cover


Motorcycle is now become one of the most important vehicle for transportation among all. We have been introduced with motorcycles many years back. We are also familiar with different parts of motorcycles. Motorcycle chain is one of the most important pieces among all. Chain connects the engine and the rear tire of a motorcycle for speed and to run the bike. We all use motorcycles for better transportation and communication. And without chain a motorcycle can’t even run at the roads so it has a great importance because chain is linked directly with the engine. Core work of the motorcycle chain is to provide speed and run the bike after ignition.

This piece of motorcycle requires a great take care at its usage. During bike riding because of extra oil or other lubricants used over the chain it gets dirty and that dirt spread to rider or pillions body. In fact that dirt is also deadly for the chain. To get rid of this problem chain cover is invented. From the 80s motorcycle chain covers are in use. It is mainly necessary for the safety of chains. But nowadays we saw chain covers are used for the safety, few motorbikes didn’t even have chain covers, and few have half covers (only the front part) etc.
For ensuring the safety of both motorcycle and the rider chain covers are used. Now from bellow the lines let us know about advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle chain cover.



1. At the 80s motorcycle users used chain cover to get rid of dirt and to remain their clothes neat and clean. To protect clothes from oil and dirt which spread from the chain by using it, chain covers were made.

2. In our country chain covers are massively seen at commuter bikes because in our country dust, muds, water at the road side are common things because of the weather. To get relieve of them and to constant the effectiveness of the chain covers are necessary at our country basis.

3. Extra oils and lubricants which are used over the chain for smoothness can be make the tire, rim, riders clothes grimy in this type of situation chain cover gives the protection.

4. Without these legs can be cut if it gets closer to the chain during the bike is running, pillion shoes can be stuck with the chain, clothes can be trapped with the chain uncertainly etc problems can be created. That’s why chain cover is used.

5. Because commuter bikes can carry pillions on it, that’s why chain cover is needed for the safety.


1. Because of the chain cover clean the chain after a certain time is very bothering. Sometimes it is really difficult to take of the cover.

2. Those bikes which are used regularly and rapidly require checking the chain regularly. But for the chain cover sometimes it is not possible and accidents took place.

3. During riding if the bike holds chain cover and if the chain is broken then it will bend on to the rear tire and tire will be locked. As a result accident might occur.

4. On sports bike or speedy bikes chain cover is not required. At this type of bike chain requires checking regularly and to be taking cared. Because of the chain cover that will not going to happen and if the chain got broken at high speed then dangerous mishap will take place.

Roads like ours which is full of dusts, here chain cover is essential and sometimes it can cause problems. For that type of situation half chain covers are used. As a result it will provide protection and necessary tests for the safety can also be done easily.

For ensuring the safety try two check the condition of your motorbikes chain twice in a month and to clean it up at least once in a month.
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