Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?
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Why use nitrogen instead of air in tires?


In general we use air for motorcycle tires. The air contains various gases as well as flammable vapors and other components. In this case, the tire pressure increases slightly on a hot weather and in the winter the pressure gets slightly reduced. Also in every month, the normal tire pressure is reduced by about 1 psi. Therefore it is required to see the tire pressure measure regularly; it lasts longer and saves less fuel. Now the question is why do I use nitrogen instead of air in the tire? Before getting an answer, let's know what nitrogen really is?

What is nitrogen?
Nitrogen is basically a chemical element. The air around us includes 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% other elements.

Why use nitrogen instead of air in motorcycle tires?
The oxygen and flammable vapors in the air sometimes causes damage to the tire. On hot situations tires get stretched and tires get pressurized and compressed into cold in winter because of the normal air pressure. Also, the oxygen tends to get out of the tire gradually as it has smaller protons in size. As a result, it is necessary to fill air regularly inside the tires. Nitrogen, on the other hand has the larger form of particles than the oxygen and due to that reason it takes more time get out of the tires. It does not easily stretch to heat or compress in cold, so it also increases the durability of the tires.

Benefits of using nitrogen in tires
- It can be used for a long time because the possibility of being expanded or being compressed is lesser reduced.
- Reduces tire maintenance cost of the tire
- Saves small fuel costs
- The tire becomes long lasting

Difficulties using nitrogen in tires
The first disadvantage is that the cost is higher than at least free air. Not available in all places. Even after using nitrogen, the tire should be protected and maintained well regularly.

So what is the decision?
The use of nitrogen instead of air for the tire is expensive and not available in the context of Bangladesh. However, there are some benefits using nitrogen instead of air in tires. Therefore, if you are willing to pay extra for the extra care of your favorite bike, you can use nitrogen. Otherwise, you stay as you are.

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