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Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud


Tasslock user review by Rimon Mahmud


Assalamualikum, I am Rimon Mahmud, I have to use bike for daily routine work and I have installed Tasslock security system on my bike for safety, and have been using it for almost 4 years, I will share my opinion with you about its pros and cons.

Good side:
• I like all its features, especially if someone puts the bike away or sits on the bike, its alarm sounds and if necessary, the bike can be started without the bike key.

• The remote has various functions which are quite useful.

• Its speaker also works as indicator sound of the bike.

• Customer service is quite good.

• 24 hours call center service available.

• After 4 years of using it I have no problem, once there was a problem they fixed it, I am satisfied with their service.

• Many people say that installing it on the bike causes a lot of problems in the bike, even many bike manufacturers discourage the use of these locks in their bikes, but I have not faced any problem after using this bike for so long.

• The best thing is that it completely ensures the safety of the bike, there is no fear of bike theft.

Bad side:
• Some bike models have battery issues, using it on those bikes may cause battery issues on the bike.

• The battery of the remote runs out very quickly and at that time the bike does not start easily, also causing various problems.

• The bike does not start if someone does something to its wearing by mistake.

• If the bike is soaked in rain for a long time and water gets inside the lock, it does not work well.

This was the detail about my usage experience, hope you like it.

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