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Important maintenance tips for a bike


Important maintenance tips for a bike


Maintenance is very important for long-term use of a bike, because if you do not take care of the bike, you will not get good performance from the bike, and every part of the bike needs regular maintenance and replacement, it needs to be changed from time to time, if your bike is regularly maintained, to get better mileage and better performance your bike needs good maintenance, today we will share some maintenance tips with you.

Engine oil: Engine Oil is one of the most important maintenance in a bike and engine oil plays an important role in the good performance and engine smoothness of the bike, and there are several rules for engine oil drain, like 500 km from the showroom after purchase in a new bike. If a bike is left in one place for a long time, a kind of layer or silt is worn on its engine oil, then the performance of the engine oil is reduced compared to before.

Because of this we suggest to change the engine oil after 300 km in new bike, after that every 500 km, and of course use good quality/brand engine oil according to engine oil grade, and break in period and After that, you must use mineral engine oil.

You can use mineral engine oil for the first 5-6 thousand km, then semi-synthetic for 10-12 thousand and then synthetic engine oil, or you can always use mineral engine oil if you want, or only for the break in period if you want. Later you can use semi-synthetic or synthetic engine oil.

A mineral engine oil can last about 800-1000 km, a semi-synthetic can last 1500-1800 km, and a synthetic engine oil can last you 2000-3000+ km depending on the brand.

*Tire: Recommended tire pressure should be used regularly on the bike, because the manufacturer company has determined a specific tire pressure for their bike after doing various researches, if you ride the bike using this recommended tire pressure, you will get better grip and braking from the bike, besides, a tire has a specific lifespan. , using more than that will reduce the grip of that tire, so change the bike tire periodically.

Chain sprocket: The power reaches the wheels from the engine through the bike chain, so its maintenance is very important, for this, you can use chain lube and gear oil to the bike chain from time to time, as a result, there will be no unnecessary noise from the bike chain, besides, if the chain is loose in time, tighten it. After a certain period of time the bike chain starts making noise and in many cases the chain falls and it can cause accident, so change it on time for proper performance.

*Ball Racer: The need of ball racer is immense to maintain the movement of the bike handle, it needs to be greased during servicing, as a result the bike handle is smooth and does not make any kind of sound, and usually it needs to be changed after 10000-15000 km depending on the bike. If not changed at the right time, problems arise in the movement of the handle.

*Air Filter: Since the air filter is inside the bike, we cannot see it, and due to this, many people do not know about its maintenance due to lack of proper knowledge about it, as a result, the air filter of the bike gets dirty and does not pass air properly, and the bike does not get proper performance and mileage. , the maintenance is different for air filters of different bikes, many air filters cannot be cleaned with air, it has to be changed from time to time, And many air filters are cleaned with air pressure during servicing, which cleans dirt and gives better performance, but must be changed periodically.

*Brake: Brake is very important in terms of safety, and if its maintenance is not done properly, you will not get good braking from the bike, there are several things in brake maintenance such as brake oil change, brake pad change, brake bucket greasing and brake caliper maintenance, all these are a It has to be done at regular intervals and also needs to be changed after some time, otherwise you may not get good braking from the bike.

*Others parts: Regularly check that all nuts and bolts of the bike are properly tight, such as clutch, pick-up cable, and freeplay. Other nuts such as back chassis and wheel nuts should be checked during servicing and nuts and bearings should be checked regularly.

Clutch: The clutch is used for gear shifting and starting the bike, besides, it has other functions, maintenance od clutch is such as maintaining the freeplay and washing and greasing the clutch cable, and if the clutch plate is damaged or burnt, as soon as possible. It is better to change it if possible, because if it is not changed at the right time, the performance of the bike will not be good, you will not get the expected performance, mileage, speed from the bike.

Accelerator cable: The work of throttle or pick-up or accelerator cable is basically the same, because it gives the acceleration of the bike and the speed can be increased or decreased, its maintenance is to fix the freeplay and wash and grease the accelerator cable etc., after a certain period of time. Change, otherwise there is a possibility of tearing.

Overall looks: No matter how expensive or less expensive a bike is, the most important thing is its looks and to keep these looks good for a long time, it is necessary to clean or wash the bike regularly if it gets dirty and dirty, but do not give water with excess pressure and do not give too much water on the wearing side.

These were some important bike maintenance tips, hope you find them useful, and visit our website for more such tips, thanks.

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