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How to increase your motorcycle performance

2021-05-31 Views: 352

How to increase your motorcycle performance

Previously we shared tips on how to increase the mileage of your motorcycle, or to save Fuel, here is the link - Useful tips to save fuel cost of your motorbike. Now we will share with you some simple tips on how you can increase the performance of your motorcycle.

We all use motorcycles to meet our needs. Some of us prefermotorcycles outings, some for office work, some for personal work, and some of us for motorcycle racing and many other purposes. For those who want to race with motorcycle, or don’t want others to overtake easily, have to follow some of tricks for the bike and some for the rider as well. But the most important thing is to maintain the bike. There are a lot of activities like how you modified your bike, whether you connected something to strengthen the engine / not. Today we Team Motorcycle Valley will share with you some simple tips to increase the performance of your bike, through which you can increase the performance of your bike at least a little more than other bikes you saw in a regular basis. Let us start our discussion.

Increase air intake system of your bike:

Air intake system is very important to keep the engine of the bike running and to produce the power of the engine perfectly. Power is generated from the engine by burning air and fuel. To further accelerate this engine power, the air intake system needs to be increased and this will allow the engine to produce more power according to its efficiency which we will realize while riding our motorcycle. If we share a simple example, you will notice that we often forget to change the air filter of our favorite motorcycle, or extreme dirt accumulates in the air filter due to which we do not get proper acceleration from our motorcycle. Consequently, whenever we change or clean the air filter we notice we are getting the correct power output from the bike. Increasing this air intake system is very important to increase the performance of the bike. To increase the air intake system, you need to buy a good quality air filter from the market and make sure that it is more than the air intake system of your bike.
Install extra exhaust system

In addition to increasing the air intake system to get more performance from the motorcycle, another thing that you need do, is to install the new exhaust system. You must use a good quality aftermarket exhaust system as the stock exhaust that comes with your bike will not give proper performance as a result of increasing the air intake system of the bike. Keep in mind that the amount of input on the bike will be the amount of output as well, otherwise your bike will lose performance and you will not get the performance you want. So increase the air intake system and use good quality exhaust on your bike.

Modified ignition is necessary:

There is no substitute for modified ignition if you want to get optimum performance from your bike. Modified ignition will enable your engine to produce more power. Increasing the amount of fuel and air in the ignition system will help the engine produce more power. Installing NGK Gold Plated, or Platinum Plated Spark Plug will further increase the engine ignition of your motorcycle and you will be assured of better performance. That is why you need to install modified ignition as well as stock ignition. On the other hand, if you want, you can improve the low resistant voltage cap and carbon core ignition wire, which will give you better power feedback.

Change Fuel filter:

Fuel filter works to refine the fuel before it enters the engine and this activity results in a very good ignition of the bike's engine. You can get better performance from the engine if you use a good quality fuel filter and take good care of it. Meanwhile, the oil quality of the fuel pump from which you will take fuel must be good, if you want to get good performance by using bad quality oil, then it is your stupidity or ignorance. If you want, you can use premium gasoline which is available from good quality octane. If we notice one thing, the bikes that are used for race on the racing track do not use ordinary fuel like us. Since they use premium fuel, the engine does not lose its performance until the end of the race. So we should also use good quality fuel filters and fuels to get good performance.

Using lightweight parts

In the context of our country, the weight of a bike coming from 150 or 160 cc is a little less than 150 kg or a little more, it depends on the bike, but we can see that the weight of a bike of 1000 cc or more don’t have that much weight. The company always tries to make the parts of the bike strong and light and as a result there is no shortage in the performance of the bike. If we keep good quality low weight parts in our bikes, or do not put any extra parts unnecessarily then we can also get good performance from our bikes. So, to get good performance of the bike, you also need to make sure that no extra parts of the bike are used.

ECU chip replacement or mapping:

Many bikes today have an engine control unit (ECU) that is a small computer chip and can be used to control various parts of the bike as well as electrical and gauge control. Replacing or mapping this ECU chip can increase the performance of the engine, but the problems that can occur with this mapping are- engine overheating, reduced mileage, and reduced engine life. There are also various limitations for this part. If you want to increase the performance of your bike, you can increase it with all these things in mind.
There are also few things you can do to increase your bike's performance:
- Install adjustable suspension. By installing this adjustable suspension you will get better controlling from your bike and it will help you get more speed. This suspension has the ability to resist high pressures. Make sure you place this adjustable suspension by a skilled technician.
- Use sports tires and lightweight rims. Sports tires are very well adjusted with the road and the gripping of these tires is very good. The lighter weight rim on the other hand will help you get more speed.
- Use good quality aftermarket brake pads. There are different types of aftermarket brake pads such as centered brake pads, organic brake pads, and composite brake pads. It is often seen that the brake pads grip to the disc and those pads get jammed, however this does not happen if you use good quality brake pads and the performance of the bike remains intact.
- Maintain tire pressure and monitor tire condition. If the tire pressure of the bike is low then you will get less speed from that bike and if there is more tire pressure then at high speed you will not be able to balance, which will cause disruption to ride at higher speed. If the condition of the tire is worse, then it is better to change the tire.
- Check all the things on your bike time to time like- whether the clutch adjustment is perfect or not, the throttle adjustment, the chain is too loose or too tight, check these all regularly and maintain things properly. By checking up or taking care of all these things, you will get better performance from your bike and you will also get peace of mind while riding.

Final words:

Remember one thing, increasing the performance of a bike does not cause immediate problems for that bike, but it does happen later. But if you want to increase the performance and strengthen your bike, you can apply the above points. We hope you have found the answers of, how to increase the performance of your bike. Stay with Team Motorcycle Valley for some more tips and tricks.

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