What to do to keep the bike off for a long time
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What to do to keep the bike off for a long time


Every machine has its own expiry and it is also admired that without using them they become damaged earlier. Bike is also in that lineup and that is why it requires proper care and use. Thus, sometimes for different circumstances we are not able to ride our most loving vehicle. As a result, our bike becomes damaged and performance gets downwards our expectation. So, what we can to do overcome this problem? As we all know our world faces different disasters and so does we, and currently the same problem is going on, consequently, how we will be able to save our bike unless storing it. Today we team motorcycle valley has prepared a few tips or guideline to save our bike while we do not use them for long time.

Things to do for the security:
- Make sure your bike is in a safe place. First things first, we all have a place where we store our bike regularly but when it about long period of time we must ensure the location is safe and that place has moderate temperature.
- Use good quality lock to prevent theft. Sometimes, that place where you are storing your bike can be unlocked and your most precious thing can be stolen.
- Cover-up your bike properly. It is really very important to protect your bike from dust and another air polluters, because it will damage the bikes color and glaze. If you can mage to use your own bike cover then it is the best way, but if that is not possible then find a larger piece of fabric and cover the whole bike properly.
- Try to wash your bike and clean it whenever you get time to uncover your bike. In case of state emergency or this kind of issues prepare all the necessary stuff and store them to do it by your own.

Technical things to be done:
- If you are placing your bike for long time inside a garage then try to take out all the liquid inside, such as, Fuel and Engine oil. You don’t have to refill the fuel tanker but change the engine oil and replace it with a new one according to your weather and user guide.
- You can also unplug the battery line, because those bikes which has no kick starting option will need a charged battery to startup. Whenever you store your bike for a long time batter health gets damaged and you will have to face difficulty.
- Use proper lubricants like grease and others to overlap your bikes cable and nut-bolts. Doing that will make sure that your bike is protected from different small creatures like rats and insects and ready for use whenever you start it up. You will not have to hear wired noises from your machine joints at least.

Stay safe, ride safe and maintain your bikes safety.

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