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What is engine brake?


What is engine brake?


When talking about brakes or braking on a bike, one thing must be talked about, that is the engine brake and it is a very important thing in terms of safe bike riding, because various bike manufacturers recommend the use of engine brakes. However, a common misconception among many in the biking community is that engine braking is bad for the bike which is totally wrong, because engine brake is not harmful to bike but it is a safe braking system, today we will discuss about it in detail.

• Engine brake is mainly intended to reduce the speed of the bike by using the front and rear brakes of the bike without using the clutch while braking the bike.

• Using the bike's brake and clutch together while braking at high speed can disconnect the engine from the bike's wheels and cause the bike to lose balance and cause the wheel to skid, leading to an accident.

• According to many people, engine brake can cause problems in the bike engine, but many bike manufacturers advise engine brake and as a result there is no problem in the bike engine, but if the engine brake is used constantly, the chain sprocket of the bike can wear out in a relatively short time. For example, if under normal conditions it could be used for 12 thousand km, then by using the engine brake, you can use that chain sprocket for 10 thousand km.

• By using the engine brake you will slow the bike down and then downshift the bike as needed, this will improve braking and save you from an accident.

• But many of us brake by pressing the clutch of the bike and in many cases the wheels of the bike get locked, if you practice the engine brake regularly, you can do safe braking without problems.

• Many people have a misconception that downshifting the bike without pressing the clutch is called engine braking, but this misconception can cause damage to the bike's engine.

This was the details about engine brake, hope you find it useful, thanks.

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