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Positive and negative side of installing wider tire


Positive and negative side of installing wider tire


Bike manufacturer spend a lot of time for the research and development, because they use the best parts and accessories according to the bike category, engine CC, and budget, as like bike tire, company choose the best tire for the bike, but it depends on the bike category and price, because a commuter bike has to be a decent mileage, and that’s why we got a non-wider tire on the commuter bike, also sports bike had a wider front and rear tire in the bike, but for some reason, many of us change their stock tire size and increase a wider tire, but there is some negative and positive side of this, today we will be discuss about this topic in details.

Positive things:

*By installing a wider rear tire you will get a lower mileage but a great braking and balance from your bike.

*Cornering ability and confidence will increase

*Riding experience will be good and also you will get good grip from road.

Negative thing:

*There is some negative thing when you install a wider rear tire, first of all your bike become heavier and that’s why mileage will fall down.

*You feel less power, acceleration and throttle response from your bike.

*Tire pressure change a little bit so there is a chance to get less grip.

*Installing wider rear tire it may increase your bike overall height because of the new tire size.

So these happen when you install a wider tire on your bike.

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