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Motorbike tour to Patul, Natore

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Motorbike tour to Patul, Natore

Motorbike tour to Patul NatoreOnly nature can make your heart and mind enlarge like itself. Same time nature and its beauty is always a favorite thing for all. Specially the ocean. It is good to introduce “Patul, Natore” which is an outstanding place for the nature lover. Its bearing the memory of a great poet “Jibonanondo Das” and his famous poem “Bonolota Sen”. You will be happy to know about this place that it has a huge water place which can give you the taste of the sea. At the same time, people of this region can see a sea near by their home. Where real sea is so far away from their home. This place is just 10 kilometer away from the Natore city. As you can see its name is patul, but its real name is “Haltir bil” which complete by the water in the rainy season. The blue sky and the water so far you can see, never let you feel that you are watching anything less then the sea. Thats why its known as the “Mini cox'sbazar”

It just 10 kilometer away from the Natore city. One edge of the “Halti bil” started from the “Patul” and there are many villages in the bil. There is a road from the Patul which connect all these villages. But the most important matter about this road is, it is 7 kilometer long, constructed in the year of 2004 and whole the road get under water in the rainy season. Meanwhile, the whole scenario reminds and let you feel like ocean where water and water every where. Many of the bikers often pay visit to this place from the neighbor districts. Its an excellent place to travel by boat as well. Whole the road remain under water till the winter.

Water starts to reduce in the starting of the winter and the road come to see very slowly. When the water gets its position just 3-5 inch over the road. You can walk or ride your bike over the road. This seems far away like you are running on the road.

The whole thing will look like to you as the haven if you pay a visit last of the winter or in the total summer. This place turned into green in this time.

Motorbike tour to Patul NatoreHow you can go
“Nichabazar” is the central point of the Natore city, you have to go north side from this place and this will take 15-20 minutes. The road is very good in condition. Same time, there is also a road just beside the “Dighapotia Rajbari (Uttora gonovobon). You also can reach their by using auto riksa or three wheeler.

There almost all sort of foods are available in the in the Patul market. Food, medicine and bike servicing all are available in this place. If you want to spend night then you should stay at the Natore city. You don't have to spend big amount of money for this. “Kachagolla” from Natore is world famous food.

Safety measures
If you can't swim then you better not travel on the boat. When the road come to see in the starting of the winter, it is very slippery in this time. We suggest not to walk or ride on the road. You can do but very careful about the safety.

At the last
Patul is known as the “Mini coxbazar” and this can give you the natural pleasure. You can make a trip by a day in this place but always safety is the first thing which you have to remember.

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