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Bike tour guidelines
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Bike tour guidelines


Many of us are new in biking community and for this reason most of us don't know what to do in the bike tour or what is the preparation in bike bike tour, what should we avoid and make a successful tour. Today I am here to introduce some ideas from my short experience and observation on the matter of tour through motorcycles. I urge to all the readers if you notice any mistake in my writing then please throw your pardon eyes on it.

Lets come to the point.

This is hard to find out a person who never made a tour when he is a member of biking community. Same time, bikes are now one of the best media of entertainment on touring and traveling that is why it is something like part and parcel to made long tour with bikes.

There mainly 3 types of tours:
1. Personal tour
2. Short tour
3. Long tour

To make the readers advance on this matter here below, I am going to mention all information in details.

1. Personal tour:
This is totally based on the wish of the bike owner where he/she made a travel any where he/she wants. Bike is the only companion on this type of tour.

- Biker don't never have to wait or follow others
- Biker can wait or take rest anywhere he/she wish to
- Biker can ride his/her bike according to ones wish

- This is hard to find a person when you need any help
- Biker never can feel 100% safe.
- Seems like way become very long

Awareness and precautions:
- It is better to avoid this type of tour
- Biker must have to know the way or have to use (google map)
- Biker never should strop unless it is market place or local area of people.
- As preparation of this short of tour, you better check the fitness of your bike by professional mechanic.
- Collect local police stations phone number same way some nearest peoples phone number in the speed dial list.

2. Short tour:
In this short of tour a group of people those may be friends or brothers made a tour in which they return in a day before night or so. Recently this type of tour is very much popular among the young people. Maximum of the bikers took part in this types of tour happily
- You can meet with so many bikers
- This tour is just for one day by which regular works are all remain ok.
- You never have to spend too much money to make such tour.

- Some new bikers often join this types of tour by which there is chance of indiscipline.
- As the tour is not so long and from this point of view many of biker don't willing to take the helmet.
- An irritation always work in mind to maintain the time.

Awareness and precautions:
- Whatever the length of the is, always keep fit with the safety gears.
- In the front and even in the back, an experience person has to made their appearance.
- Alert all the rider before starting the tour that they never can over take any of the member.

3. Long tour:
This is exactly what you are thinking. This type travel is long travel with the motorbike and this may took 5 – 7 days or more.

- You can understand any place very closely
- Lots of fun
- As because no one have to do any work so each other become close they ever been.

- Because of riding bikes for a long time, each biker have go with the pain of waist, wrist even on the back.
- Its become difficult match with others on the road and speed
- Chance of loosing others on the road
- Biker have to follow some strict rules wherever they are
- This type tour cost a handsome amount of money

Awareness and precautions:
- You never should made this short of tours unless you have proper safety
- You have to follow each other, no way you can stay behind
- Never try to compete within the group
- Keep GPRS on in your cell phone, don't forget to take the power bank
- Take some emergency medicine with you including gastric, some anti biotic, stomach pain is one of the important one. Don't forget to take the bandage for any emergency.
- Each of the biker should keep water bottle along with saline.
- Stay fit mentally.

There are some rules to make a successful tours. Anyone can be successful if he/she or they follow these rules. Here I upholding those rules in serial basis:

1. Always follow the instructions of the leader. Never try to force them to listen yours.
2. Check your bikes fitness properly and re fill the fuel tank.
3. You must sleep before the night of tour.
4. You better avoid to eat something heavy before on the journey.
5. Make the exact plan of the tour before starting the tour. Where you are actually going, what will be the food, where to stay and others matter related with your tour.
6. keep your sense with the traffic rules and stick with it.
7. Completely stay out of over taking and over speed.
8. Keep in each others looking glass
9. Don't talk with the unknown person while on the tour and always keep secret your personal information.
10. Stay connected with each others, an experience rider has keep his position in the front of the group same way in the back.
11. Never ever keep anything less in the safety.
12. You have to understand all the signals and motions of the biker in your front.

There is a non regulated proverb something in this way “There is no other rules to win the take tiger with you, if you have the exact unity”.

I mentioned this line only to remind you that, it is far better to make long tour or any tour as a group. You will feel free and safe from all the side. So stay with the community and try to strict with the team and enjoy your ride.

Writer: Oli Ahad Khan

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