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How to clean motorcycle chain

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How to clean motorcycle chain

How to clean motorcycle chainChain is one of the parts of motorcycle which you can clean by yourself. This is one of important part of the motorbike as well. If you are not sincere about the chain then you can face a serious trouble trouble for this. A biker can clean this easily at home, so lets take a look how you can do this:

As you can see, most of the bikes in our country made with a chain cover specially 50cc – 125cc but the sports category bikes have no chain cover and for this reason its Gris, lubricant never stay away from the dust or mud of the road. If you are well known with the sports category bikes then you can understand the problem, your bike is not going to perform normally for the bad condition of the chain. Sometime the condition goes so bad that it going to take you on the death serious trouble. That why it need to clean by maintaining routine. Check out whether it becomes loose or not. Change it if you think necessary.

Your bikes chain need to clean at least for 1 time in every 500-1000 kilometer. Specially for those bike which don't have any chain cover. You can clean by yourself if you have enough time in your hand or you can left it for the experience technician.

Necessary tools:
1. Toothbrush
2. Kerosene
3. Soft wasted cloth
4. Chain oil/gear oil/thin engine oil
5. Mobil
(You also can use chain cleaner and chain lubricant )

At first take your bike in a level place, remove the chain cover at least the lower part. Some bike has no chain cover at all those bikers don't have to do this. Now start to wash the chain with kerosene using the toothbrush. Move the rear wheel and wet the whole chain by the following way. Wait at least for the 10 minutes and you will see the chain and its outer part becoming softer then as it was. Now you can move the dust from your chain by using chain cleaner brush which have 3 way brushing ability.

This time you can see your bikes chain clean and less weight. One more time you have to wet your chain by the kerosene. And this time you should use the soft wasted cloth to clean the chain completely. Round the rear wheel and check one more time whether anything left in the chain to clean or not.

You never should use Gris for the chain as this material grab dust very quickly which is not good for the chain. You are going to feel trouble in the winter if you use Gris cause it becomes hard in the winter and lock the normal move of the chain. That why we suggest Lubricant or Engine oil for the chain because both these are soft for the chain. Use toothbrush to wet your chain by the lubricant. If you feel uneasy by the toothbrush then use siring and this will be done smoothly just round the rear wheel. When you have done this, wait for the 10 minutes and then close the chain cover.

How to clean motorcycle chainHope your bike is ready for ride. You check the tightness of your chain by using finger downside to hold it up. If you feel your chain is not properly tight then take your bike to the technician. Same time, if you are not satisfied with the condition of the chain then you better change it right now. Otherwise you may have to face serious trouble on the road.

1. Always be sincere when you are cleaning your chain, often your hand could be stuck in side it.
2. Clean the tire if Mobil/kerosene stick with it somehow.
3. Some chain joints with the O ring, you have to use specific cleaner for these short of chain.

At last
Change the chain according to the suggestion of the manufacturer company. If you feel your chain is becoming thin early then you should not waste any time to change it.

If you clean your chain in time then your bike will perform better and you use the chain for a long time.

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